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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Good!

I had a nice morning today. I had an appointment for a FREE one hour total body MASSAGE! After that I went & got my hair cut.

I have another $50 to use & I'm thinking of getting a facial with that. I've never had one of those & think it's about time to try it!

I got $100 worth of free Spa Rewards through a special that Walgreen's/Wyeth was running back in November. It was one of those things that sounded too good to be true so I wasn't really counting on being able to use it but it all worked out today! Back in November, Wyeth (makers of Robitussen & other products) said if you bought XX number of items, they'd give you $50 in Spa Rewards. I ended up buying enough to get the $100 in rewards. I think after coupons & all, I spent like $5.00. So that was why I thought, ya, spend $5 (or even $20 if you didn't have coupons) and get $100 in rewards??? Ya right.

So I sent all my stuff in & got the rewards & then had to make the appointments. I had to wait awhile for all the paperwork etc...but it was worth it today as she was massaging my scalp, face, arms, hands, legs, feet, and then my back. That hour went way too fast though!!

Anyone ever have a facial?? How was it?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Ulm Wrestling Meet

Here's from a couple of weeks ago when Nick wrestled in New Ulm (all my videos are saved on my laptop & my A/C cord died so my laptop was out of commission for a while).

Crazy Boys!

This is what we do when Phil is on midnights and is trying to sleep!!!

(I think Zander needs a lesson in recording....shoot the FACE not the BELLY!! LOL)

On to STATE we go!

We were in Fairmont this morning for a State Qualifying Wrestling Meet. We drove an hour & Nick pinned the kid in 21 seconds. That was it, that was all he needed to do to qualify for the STATE Wrestling Meet. That is in Rochester on March 8th/9th.

Nick will need to lose a couple of pounds if he wants to fall into the lower weight bracket. Phil said he'll work with him on that when it gets closer. He weighed in at 105 today.

Here's the nice short video of the take down! (While we were watching the other matches some of the parents were pretty loud, I told Nick he didn't have to worry about that, I wasn't gonna be yelling at all & his dad wasn't there! The one yelling at Nick here is his coach.)

Saturday, January 26, 2008


The weather FINALLY gave us a break today & so while Phil, Nick, & Eric went to Twinsfest at the Dome, Lexi, Zander, Zachary & I hit the hill! This was Zachary's first time going down. He liked it but twice was enough for him. I pulled him in the sled back up the hill, but for some odd reason, that was the part he didn't like.

So I got the camera & taped Zander & I going down. What a ride!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Zander's Screening

I took him yesterday afternoon for the early childhood screening. He had that same question Bodie did.....A door is made of wood, a window is made of.....and he said GLASS. When she was reviewing at the end, she said, wow he got that one right. I think he's the first kid today to get it right!

He passed everything fine but is soooooooooo darn shy. When she'd put something in front of him & say "tell me everything about that", he wouldn't say it word until she asked questions about it. What is it? What color is it? What do you do with it. He'd answer them all right but he would NOT offer anything before that...and that was for each & every item! THe funny part was after every single time he gave an answer to the lady, he'd immediately look over at me with a HUGE grin. After EVERY single answer. It was hard to hold my laugh in!

He's following the others in the 90th/95th percentile for both height & weight.

He did worry me on the hearing test....for a long time he said he didn't hear anything. So then they tested it to make sure it was working & it was & then FINALLY he heard it. It's such a quiet sound I don't think he knew what he was suppose to hear but he did finally catch on & passed that as well as the vision test.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new Record!

Maybe it was the Yoga?!

I had one of those nights at the gym tonight....it was like the one back in November where I started running & just didn't stop! (back in Nov I ran my first ever mile. Not sure why I started to run, must of been a Forrest Gump moment!). So shortly after that I started a running program (called Couch25k & the goal is to get yourself to run for 30 mins or 3 miles. Well I can do the 30 mins but I'm running at a slower pace so I don't hit the 3 miles, I can do just over 2.5. For the last month I've just done the 30 minutes because I'm close to death at that point. I want to get myself to be able to run 3 miles in 30 mins which would be at a 10 min/mile pace. So I've been starting to do one mile runs in 10 mins, which seems to be going alright.

So my other idea is to add a few minutes on to the 30 mins each time I run. So tonight's goal was 33 minutes of running. I felt really good while I was running & death seemed far off....so at 33 minutes I just kept on......I stopped at 3.5 miles!! I couldn't believe it....and I even felt ok when I was done.

I had Yoga class before my work out, so maybe all my stress was taken away during the session & I could just run run run like I was free?!?!?! Or, truth be told, I haven't done any distance running since Sunday....so my body was probably rested thus why I could run easier!!

To switch the topic, I had my annual doctor visit today. Nurse asked if I had a mammogram yet?!? Excuse me?! Am I REALLY getting to THAT age?!!? She said between 35 and 40....ok, I'm only 35, give me a couple years yet!!

Doctor came in & looked over my chart.

Doc: "What have you done to lose weight?"
Me: "Quit having sex & getting pregnant"

ok, so that was really PHIL'S answer. The conversation went more like this.

After he asked me the weight question, I said....what? How much have I lost in the last year. (Cause according to my records, it was only 6 pounds). Well, they had me weighing more a year ago than I thought & so the weight loss was actually 11 pounds from my last visit...which was exactly 1 year ago. But still, would you really notice 11 pounds on someone??

So then I looked at the screen he was looking at & he starts pointing to numbers.....200, 205, 210....I said, THOSE are weights when I was 9 months pregnant!!!!!!! He gave me a good laugh, that's for sure. I did tell him that I joined the gym a few months ago & that I'm work out buddies w/ his co-worker (another doctor at the clinic). I went on to say how I always feel so much better when that doctor is there cause then I know I can push myself harder & a doc will be there in case I pass out or fall off the treadmill & hurt myself!! He got a chuckle out of that.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Survived!!

I had the plasma donation appointment today & happy to say I made it through! I was a little nervous after I got there as I sat down & a nurse came up to the girl next to me & asked if she was alright....and then said she looked a lot better.

Nurse left & I asked her if this was her first time & she said yes but she couldn't do it. She got lightheaded about 10 mins into it and had to stop!

Ok, NOT what you want to see/hear on your first visit!! I later asked the nurse if it was common for people to faint/get sick. She said it happens, but not too often. They see about 1000 people/week & if they have 2 faint, that is a high number. Phew, I felt a little better then!

I got hooked up & everything went fine. The worst part was probably at the end when they give you a bag of saline to replenish the fluids they took in the plasma. The saline is at room temp which is about 25 degrees colder than your body temp & boy could I feel that in the veins! Just a wierd feeling & I was shivering after that!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All About ME!

Ok, so I more or less blog about the kids...this one is all about me! heheheh

Where should I start? How about the new *JOB*. What?! Well....it's been about a year now since I quit selling on Ebay. I liked it as I was my own boss, set my own hours, did as much work as I wanted to etc....I still sell here & there but now it's pretty much our own stuff, I'm not buying to resell anymore. So I wanted to do something that I didn't have to punch a time clock & be here on XXX days. I need something where I still can sort of pick my days/hours.

So I've been hearing this ad on the radio for the last month or so from this business in Mankato called BIOLIFE PLASMA SERVICES. Yep, I decided to start selling MY PLASMA for a little extra money! The goal is 2x/week...which would be easy if it was located in New Ulm but since it's in Mankato it might be harder to get there as often. I'm hoping I can get there 2x/week or at least 2x every other week. They pay you more for the 2nd time so I gotta shoot for that second time in the same week.

So I thought I'd start after the holidays were past us & finally got a chance to make that initial appointment. It was yesterday. Yes they are open Saturday's which will really help with my schedule. They said to allow 3 hours for that first visit/physical. Then I think once you start donating it will take around 1 1/2- 2 hours. So my appointment was at 12:15 yesterday & after an hour they said they wouldn't be able to finish everything so I'd have to come back & finish next week! What?! Well for my inconvenince they said they'd give me $30. Um, ok that works for me! So I go back on Tuesday for the rest of the physical & I will immediately donate after that. I'm a little nervous as I really don't like having blood drawn...BUT after having four kids, I'm thinking this really won't be too bad!! I made it through all those blood tests...four TIMES!!

I also noticed they have a supervised area for kids. I didn't ask about it but will. So I *could* possibly take the boys with me during the day if I needed to. They had certain hours the room was supervised so I'd have to work around that. Maybe the weeks Phil is on midnights & home sleeping that would be a good time to get us out for a few hours?? We'll see. So I'll have to report back after Tuesday to let you know if I survived it!!

Ok, let's see...how about some more on me!?!? I've got two weeks of the Yoga class done. It's going fine. I like everything except when we do the crunches!! Thank goodness we only do a few of those!!

I'm trying to start a separate blog for myself & my fitness/weight loss failures/successes & to keep track of what I'm doing there. It's been 3+ months since I've been working out now & I've been sooooo good at that part. I had them print out a record from October when I started & so now I can keep track of it myself. I go about 5x/week on average. So I feel I'm doing my part on the exercising area. The eating area...well that always needs to be worked on! I've really been good about not eating at night & I hardly drink pop. Maybe one or two cans/week.

I'm actually at a point now where I feel good about how I look. I don't ever recall feeling this way. Ya I still have a roll in my stomach and it's flabby under my arms but for the most part I feel good about how I look....AND I actually enjoy clothes shopping for myself now!!

But there is a downsize to this......it's what the scale says!! I should just quit worrying about it but that is were we all like to see the results too, right?!? I have an appointment this week for my annual physical at the clinic. I looked at what I weighed a year ago & I'm BETTING that there will be only about a 5 pound weight loss from last year to now. I know during the year I put on 10 pounds or so so I did lose that but really not much more. I have gone done a size or two so I know the weight is shifting & I'm building muscle & all....but darn it anyhow, WHY or WHY can't the scale be friendlier to me?!!? I should probably just quit weighing myself every day...sometimes a few times a day!! My weight changes so much it's annoying. Like yesterday....they weighed me at the Plasma place & with shoes & clothes on, I was XXX, then I went to the gym at night & weighed myself there with no shoes on & shorts/tank & was THREE pounds more. Then this morning I weighed myself naked after I got up & I was NINE pounds less than the gym. What the HELL?? I know to get an accurate number you need to weigh yourself at the same time of the day wearing the same thing (which is why I usually weigh myself in the morning naked!). But dang if it doesn't get depressing when you are constantly going up & down & by 5-10 pounds!! One of those scales must be whacked or something!

And after telling my optimistic husband about my three pound gain....he says "way go go, more muscle built!" Ya, FEEL these abs baby!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Ulm Wrestling Meet

Nick took first place at the NU Meet yesterday. He only got to wrestle one other kid as the attendance was way down. Usually they get to go against 2 or 3 other ones. They had over 100 less kids this year. Not sure what the reason why it was so low. Anyhow, I'll post some videos of that later, I got to get ready for my girls card night! Here he is with his trophy & CHAMPION T-shirt!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iowa Pictures....

Go to Phil's blog to read more on our trip & see his pictures.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


We made it to Des Moines around 1:00 yesterday. Dropped Phil, Nick, & Eric off at the convention center & I then checked into the hotel. I did some shopping after that at the mall & a couple of consignment stores. Got back to the hotel & worked out and then got back to the room STARVING. I ordered a Domino's & waited for the guys to get back. They got back just before 8:30 and had some pizza & then we went to the pool. The boys swam & Phil I had enjoyed the hot tub.

Our room is nicer than what we had here last year. Last year we had a room with a king bed & this year I requested two doubles. Well we also got a pull out sleeper couch & the room had not one, but TWO bathrooms! Never been in a room with two full bathrooms!

Phil ended up on the couch, it was too hot in bed & then he heard music that kept him awake. He thought it was the radio but I had to put my MP3 player on cause Eric was snoring & I couldn't fall asleep with that train noise!

So they headed to the show about 9 this morning & I went & worked out & came back & now packing the room up & will have about 5 hours to kill! I wrote the directions down for some thrift stores so will try that & then there are two other malls that I may check out too. One has a Steve & Barry's & I wanted to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line which is only sold at that store.

Oh, hoping Phil sells more of his prints today...he only sold one yesterday. He sold some cards as well so is about half way to break even point on the table costs. He said it seems like most people just come to the show to get autographs, no one was buying much. But they are having a blast.

Kids are doing fine with Ashley. I checked in last night. Hopefully they are good for her today too!!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Neti Pot

So if you haven't heard about these, google it. NETI POT. We bought one today & all tried it out. If you get grossed out easily, you may not want to watch. I don't think it's that bad, but some may think it's gross. We are really hoping this helps with the colds/allergies in this house!

Here is Phil doing it & then Zander did it as well. I tried it but I must be pretty clean because it came through my mouth. Or else I wasn't doing it right? Who knows!

Neti Pot

Here is Zander and the Pot.


I started a YOGA class yesterday. After hearing a comment from one class member, I thought I'd wake up sore today. But nope, feeling fine! It's a one/hour week class for nine weeks. So today I had to go shopping for some new *yoga* clothes. I figure if I won't be able to do all the moves, at least I'll look good trying!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wrestling Match

Nick took 2nd place on Saturday at the meet in St James. Here's the match against a 4th grader that he won.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007...a Blog Review

I've been doing this blog for 4+ years now. Wow. It's funny to go back & read some of the things I've written & see how the kids have changed. I don't think I've ever done a year in review on here so I thought it would be fun to look back at 2007 & highlight some high points....and low ones as well! Take a look back & reminisce with me. (Be sure to click on the links to see the previous posts!)

Phil, Nick, & I went to Cubs Fest in Iowa last January. Phil unloaded some of his sports cards & I loaded the van up with the empty space he left with my shopping bags! We are doing the show again this year & instead of cards, he's gonna try selling his framed artwork he is doing. We are staying at the same hotel which is in walking distance (via the Skywalk) to the convention center. I know one thing that will be different this year. Last year, I WATCHED as Phil & Nick played around in the exercise room. This year, I'll be actually USING the equipment!! heheheh

Nick got the horrible CROUP & we had to go to the ER. That sucked.

Nick managed to get his first 1st place Wrestling win.

Ashley got engaged!

SNOW got in our house!

We had a big snowstorm.....and just a reminder to listen to the WOMAN!

Zander had a RAINBOW of fun when he turned 3!

We got some new PETS for a few days and had a CRAZY story to go with it.

Well he is nearing 41 but I have to say after these incidents last year, things got better for the old Man in this house.

Another new PET for a few hours.

One of my favorite pictures of Zach.........

Hoping we get the boat running this summer so we can do more of THIS

It was the year we said NO MORE and GOODBYE.

Our PRINCESS turned 6....

Two happy kids on their first day of SCHOOL!

We did some PAINTING this year here & HERE.......

We tore off the FRONT deck.

We tried CARVING pumpkins.

Another doctor visit for him this year and then he turned NINE.

BAMBI was killed....and we learned how to make ring bologna & homemade jerky. Thanks Bambi.

Went to a lot of VOLLEYBALL games.

Enjoyed a NIGHT out with my sister & my nieces. Also tells me I'm getting old as they are both legal now!

Our BABY turned TWO and I'm still making them homemade cakes!

Circle full of COUSINS!

After spending months & months in growing her bangs out...we gave a few back!

Someone can see BETTER

The CROUP came for a 2nd time in a year.

Zander was in his first session of gymnastics & I got a new flip video & had fun making this little movie.

We had a Xmas Eve that we'll always remember with the flu bug going from person to person.

Our princess has been taking WONDERFUL care of her new DIAMONDS!

And that's some of the events from our year!

Grandpa & Nana Xmas

Grandpa & Nana came to our house for Xmas this year! We opened up presents on Wednesday......and then Phil got sick and during the night I got the bug. It must be something with opening presents here & THEN getting sick!!

Santa Comes to Sanborn!

Santa made his annual appearance at the Walter Xmas in Sanborn! We were lucky enough to capture it on tape ;-) I did this video in a different format & I don't think I'll use that one again...I got kind of dizzy watching it so be forwarned!

Right Left Game

The Walter's playing the annual Right Left game. I guess I should of stood up when I was taping...oh well...remind me next time.

New Toy

Zander & Zachary trying out their new *exercise* bike! It's called a SMART CYCLE & they play games on it with the TV & get some exercise without knowing it! Great for Minnesota winters!!

Xmas Eve at our House

We went to church & both Nick & Lexi were in the school/church program. Came home & SANTA had been to our house! We opened presents, had a little pizza & shortly after that is when all three of the boys got sick on us. This will sure be a Xmas Eve we won't forget!!

Xmas Eve