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Monday, March 22, 2004


I don't sleep anymore.....I nap. And it'll probably be this way for another few months. Here's how last night went.

Nick & Lexi were in bed by 9 I suppose. Zander was asleep by 10 pm. I should have taken a *nap* at that point. But I didn't. I had auctions end & Phil was on *my* computer since his wireless card went down & is waiting for the replacement. Anyhow, he was doing some fantasy draft. So I finally got use & had to catch up on emails & such. I was up until 11:30. Figured I'd just doze off for my *nap* & Zander would wake since he's been eating every hour or two.

So I layed down & was waken around 1:00 am by Zan Man. He slept THREE hours! WOW! So I fed him.....and then we hear a blood curling scream from Lexi. I knew it wasn't her usual cry/scream. I thought maybe she wet the bed, but like I said, it wasn't a normal cry. So Phil went upstairs. I then heard the word "mouth". Ewwwww. I knew what that meant.

See this WHITE quilt of hers...........

Let's just say the next thing I heard was Phil coming back downstairs & heading to the washing machine. It's now about 1:30 am. First he does some scrubbing. Ewwww Ewww Ewwww. It was nasty.

Then he comes back to bed. Zander dozes off for a bit. Then I hear "MOMMMMMMM MEEEEE" So I head upstairs to check on Lexi. She told me that she had to do it again. So I QUICKLY take her to the bathroom. Get her by the toilet & she manages to barf some more. NASTY Nasty Nasty.

I get her some water & then bring her downstairs. She tells Daddy "I'm having a bad night" Daddy & her camp out on the mattress in the rec room.

I can't fall asleep. Zander wakes back up. I feed him some more & try to settle him down. Change his diaper too. It's about 2:30 now.....Phil takes Lexi back upstairs. Then about 3 am I get Zander asleep & Phil takes him out on the couch. The kid seems to sleep better on the chest of one of us. I think he likes it on his tummy better than his back.

So I got to sleep from 3 am until 6 AM. Zander wakes up & Phil wakes me up. We tried spots. Phil goes to bed & I head to the couch. Feed Zander & take another NAP. Nick wakes up (I think it was 7 but couldn't peel my eyes open to check) & comes down & snuggles next to me. I take a CAT NAP until about 7:30. It's 11:00 pm now & I think I'm ready to nap, but Zander will probably wake soon (he's been asleep since 9 pm) so I may as well wait a bit & feed him & then hope to get a 3 hr NAP in.

Naps..............that's what it's all about.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Tomorrow is ***THE*** day.....

Since it appears I have a THIRD stubborn child that does not want to come out on it's own, I will be induced tomorrow, March 15th, 2004.

If things go well, hopefully in 24 hrs we will be holding the newest member of the FISCHER family!!

We have to be at the hospital at 7 am.......and if it goes as it did last time, they'll get me hooked up to the pitocin about 9 am. Then we just wait..........and then have some pain here & there............and then some more pain.........and more pain.......and more pain..........and even MORE pain. We keep having that pain until the doctor says the magic number of TEN! Then we can start to PUSH!! And if we are lucky it will be a push or two........or we could push for an hour or more and probably cry at that point. And then FINALLY we will get that baby OUT. And then we finally find out if this watermelon inside of me is a BOY or a GIRL!!

So FINALLY the end we can see. Then the REAL FUN begins and I can't WAIT to be writing about it!!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Anytime now....

Well, I thought I'd be in the hospital about now. I had some contractions last night & maybe got about 3 hours of sleep last night.

But then about 4 am, they stopped.

So maybe I will go in this weekend on my own. Maybe something did get started last night.

We'll see.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


It would just be luck I suppose that I go into labor tonight. Now that I've got some plans/appointments.

My doctor called me earlier & said that he didn't have any luck w/ getting me in to be induced. I thought it was just Mon or Tues, but it sounded like he tried for today & tomorrow too. He asked that I come in tomorrow morning for a non-stress test. So after I drop Nick off at preschool, I'll head to the hospital for that. I'm sure everything will be fine and I'm still on the schedule for Monday.

Then we'll pick Nick up & head to Sleepy Eye. They are having a bag sale (fill a bag for a buck) at the thrift store.

Friday morning I have an appointment to get my hair cut. So now this baby can wait until anytime after Friday morning!!

Matt's New Corvette....

Here is his 2004 Vette.........Phil once had a Vette............a Chevette.

And if you look close here, you can see a couple of heads popping out.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Monday, March ???

I sort of lost track of what day it is now. Once my due date of March 4th came & went......well I quit looking at the calendar!

Well if we don't get a call from the hospital today to come in tomorrow, it looks like it will be Monday, March 15th for a birthday!

I'm not thinking I will go on my own this week. Not with what past history has shown.

Going to enjoy the week off & get lots of stuff done around the house that I can. This morning we are going through the toys & getting things ready for a garage sale that I hope to have in April or May.

Nick is letting lots of his stuff go so he can get more Pokemon cards!! I told him he can keep the money from the sale of his stuff.

Gotta go....someone is crying....bet you can't guess who!?!? Little Miss Drama Queen of course!

Friday, March 05, 2004

The GOOD, the BAD, & the UGLY....the REAL UGLY...............

Ok, so let's start with the UGLY..........and I mean REALLY UGLY........

1. no change in dilation or anything.
2. Scheduled to be induced...........MARCH 15th!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh MY GOD. No way I can wait until then.


I am on the list to be induced for Monday or Tuesday. They already have some scheduled so the ONLY way I can be induced on Mon or Tues is if those ladies would go naturally. I will get a call on Sun to be there by 7 am Mon or a call on Mon to be there Tues 7 am. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray I get a phone call one of those days if nothing happens on it's own. W/T/F scheduling conflicts or no nurses/whatever. And they don't induce on the weekends. Nice.


He gave me a doctor's note that I can be done working. I don't have to go back on Monday if I'm still pregnant. I told him "thanks, that was swell of you"

What do you know.....Grandma & Grandpa will be home in time for the birth of their newest grandchild. Oh, mom, since you haven't really had to *clean* much the last couple of months (just an RV) I'm hoping you'll want to come clean our house. I have been in NO condition to do much lately & let's just say the bathrooms & kitchen need a good scrubbing. Aren't you glad you are home!??!?

Thursday, March 04, 2004

March 4, 2004

Well I've got 14 hours & then I'm official OVER DUE. It's looking like I will once again be overdue........

This is REALLY getting old.

Monday, March 01, 2004

No Leap Year baby......

So my next goal is March 2nd.....then all three kids will have bdays on the 2nd of the month.

Any bets if I make it for the 2nd?? I've got 24+ hrs to go!!

I suppose it would help if some contractions would start...............