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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Look at my piggy bank after I filled the van up with gas. $42.00 to fill it the other day. Yesterday I was smart & filled it when it was down to 1/2 tank....then it was only $25.00!!

Doctor Appointments Update!

Lexi had her 4 yr check up today. She is 39.5 pounds (75th percentile) & 43 inches (90th percentile for height!). She could have had shots today but I opted to wait until next year when she is 5. She is very shy around strangers & just looked at me & smiled when the nurse & doctor were talking to her. I'm hoping she gets over this & TALKS/ANSWERS when people talk to her.

My neighbor told me this story. She said that Lexi came over the other day & rang the bell looking for Nolan. Rachel answered the door & Lexi didn't SAY anything...just looked at her & so Rachel asked "are you looking for Nolan to play with?" She shook her head yes or maybe she said yes & then Rachel told her that he's not here today, he's at his grandma's. And Lexi just stood there....so she started to talk to her, have a little conversation but Lexi wouldn't say ANYTHING!!

I had my 30 week appt today as well. I've gained 10 pounds for a total of just over 30 pounds. Heartbeat was 140.....which I seem to have always had it be 130-140 with all three kids....so no guesses there as to the sex. I'm measuring as I should be. I'll go back in 6 weeks & then it will be weekly after that. November will be here before we know it!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Headed to the lake late Saturday afternoon. Had to wait for Phil to get home from the Golf Tournament he was in. He took 2nd place in his flight!! Way to go Phil!

It was another beautiful weekend weatherwise. Shortly after we got there we got the boat out & did a little tubing. As I was pulling Lexi & Phil around, the boat stopped on me......and it slowed way down & so water came up on Lexi & Phil in the tube. Lexi got scared & Phil starts yelling at me "what are you doing?!?!" It wasn't ME, it was the boat!! Get them back in the boat & the boat wouldn't start. We were stuck out there. Phil thinks we were out of gas. There was a guy on his pontoon fishing nearby & we started floating towards him. He kept looking the other way! LOL Finally as we get closer to him he says "are you stranded" Yep, we are! He tows us back to our dock. Phil heads to town to get some gas & that was what it was, we were out of gas! We had thought the gas gauge was working, but obviously not!! Glad that it was just that & nothing major wrong with the boat. So the boys headed back out to fish. Or try to. No luck.

Today we did a little tubing. Nick & Eric went together & then Eric got thrown off. Then Phil went with Nick & Nick got scared & wanted to be done so then Phil went by himself & had a blast. He was just a flyin'! Then he hit a huge wave & was thrown off & then the cover of the tube came off. So we were done tubing. Once the cover comes off, it's hard to get it back on with out letting some air out of the tube & then blowing it up again. So we headed near our dock & all just floated for quite awhile. Lexi now just LOVES to sit in a tube & float by herself. Phil did get her in the water & she floated w/ the lifejacket for a second or two. We want her to be prepared in case she'd fall off the tube & know how the lifejacket will hold her up in the water. She's learning. So we were all floating & then Phil took Zander in the water with him & swam back to the dock. They got out & went to take a nap. So the rest of us were left out there tied up to the boat. Stranded again? I thought Phil was going to come back & get the boat to the dock. Nope, he never came back. So after awhile, Eric headed to the boat & broke the ladder as he was getting in. Then I headed back & pulled myself up into the boat somehow. Not an easy task at 7 mos pregnant!! Got everyone back in the boat & drove it up to the dock. This was my first time doing that so a big thing for me!! So then I decided I'd take the boat out for a ride. I wanted to see if I could get it in & out from the dock by myself. So we did a little boat ride & then I got it back to the dock with no problems. So now I know I don't need Phil to help, I can take the boat out myself if I want to!!

I should add I did all this with a broken toe too. Well maybe not broken, but badly bruised for sure. As I was packing the cooler yesterday, a frozen pack of meat fell on my toe. It hurts so bad. I have two toes taped together & the bottom of the one toe is really bruised. It felt so good today when Phil accidentally stepped on it & then either Lexi or Zander bumped it as well!!!

The fish weren't biting this weekend (well they did for our neighbors who caught 46 when they were out!), but Nick caught a turtle with his pole off the dock. He was so excited about it....came running to the house "look what I caught!"

Phil's trying to get the hook out of the turtle's mouth.

Very hard to see, but there is Zander & me, Eric, Nick, & Lexi drifting towards shore. Phil had to pull us out into deeper waters. Our anchor came loose.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Zander, Emily, & Lexi playing *house* on the front deck.

They even let Zander play with them ;-)

Nick & Jay....golfing in the yard!! Before they (well I should say NICK) started bugging the girls!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Eric came to the lake with us today & got to do some tubing!! He loved it. This time Nick was more scared for some reason. He didn't like hitting the big waves. After they both got thrown off they were done. Then Nick & Phil went together & something scared Nick & so he wanted to be done. So then Lexi went on with Phil & we went for quite awhile. I was getting scared for her....they kept wanting to go faster & faster. I just drove straight with them but was scared she was gonna fall off so *I* had enough!! LOL She loved it though!! Can't wait until next summer when it's MY turn!! After supper we went back out & did some fishing. With some helpful hints from our neighbors, this time the boys caught some fish!! They had gone out earlier & didn't catch a THING! Forget the minnows.....it was jigs that did the trick. Between crappies & sunnies, a total of 19 fish were caught in about an hour, an hour and 1/2. When Nick was taking ERIC's fish off (Eric doesn't like to TOUCH the fish, so he has his little cousin Nick do it! LOL) I used Nick's pole & caught one crappie. It's fun to fish when they are bitting!! Nick had a big fish on that ended up breaking his line. Not sure what it was...either a northern or walleye....or our friend the dogfish. We know it was something big cause Nick had to pass his pole to Phil! Guess there is always next time for those big ones!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fun at the LAKE!!

Sorry no pictures to share! No one would go back to the cabin to get my camera!! We had fun on the boat today. We took the tube out. First Phil went alone & I put the hammer down!!! He was flyin' on it! Then Nick went on with him & of course was a bit scared at first & didn't want to go as fast as I did with Phil. Phil kept saying faster faster....so I did & Nick loved it! Although I was instructed not to make such sharp corners!! Then Phil wanted Lexi to go with him but she kept on saying NO NO NO. So then he took Zander. We went VERY slow of course & after Lexi saw him on it....well of course then she was ready to go!! So she went on with Phil & we did start out slow but I did speed up a bit (not nearly as fast as w/ Nick but fast enough for her!) She loved it of course!! Just had to get over that initial fear I think.

Then Nick wanted to go back on again with Phil. Phil said they should try to fall off (Nick is still scared of falling off) & of course Nick didn't want to. Well they didn't need to TRY to fall off....I was able to THROW them off this time!! I headed for some big waves & not even sure what happened but I looked back & they were off the tube!! They LOVED it. They both went under & Nick wasn't scared at all!! Well the cover came off the tube & so we called it a day. We had to head back home anyhow so Phil could get a nap in before work tonight.

Next time we need someone with us cause it's hard for me to watch the kids, watch the tubers, watch for other boats, & drive the boat!! I know there won't be too many nice days left to tube so we need to get out as much as we can yet this year!!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Brown County Fair!! Took the kids this afternoon. They both did the tractor pedal pull & got their cans of pop & free shakes for doing that! Neither one pulled enough to place but had fun. Nick wasn't feeling well & it showed. Of course he didn't say anything until AFTER we were there.

Tammi, Grandma, Zander, & Lexi watching Nick on the ride!

Nick was going to go on the BIG ride but changed his mind. Said he was tired & dizzy. Came home & took a nap & he started to feel better by bedtime. Hopefully he'll wake up feeling good in the morning!

Does he look sick or what?!?! Poor kid...and the ride kept going....around & around & around. Not good when they give you extra time & you are feeling sick!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Happy 4th Birthday Lexi Rose!! Don't you love my wrapping job!??! It was Lexi's day so we did whatever she wanted! She had a fun & busy day!!

A new Dollhouse!!! Now we just need to make room for it in her bedroom!!

Just what she wanted from Grandma & Grandpa!! Polly Pockets!! Thank you Grandma!

We ate at Happy Joe's for lunch! It was just Nick, Lexi, & I. Zander was napping at Grandma's & daddy had a 12 hr shift.

Mmmmmm this is good stuff!!!

She wanted to go SWIMMING on her birthday so that's what we did for 2 hours!! She prefers the swimming pool over the lake. There are NO fish in the pool that will get her you know!!

Nick was throwing his ball into these things & catching it when it emptied out. He made it quite a few times. I tried & couldn't get it in at all!! Guess he has better aim than I do!

They had the whole pool to themselves for awhile!

The weather called for an ice cream cake from the Dairy Queen!! MMMMMM