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Monday, December 29, 2008


The below post WOULD have worked well...if we would of checked the dates on the Target ad!!! GRRRRRR LAST week the bundle was on sale for $77. This week it's the regular one on sale. So it was a no go at Walmart. We are so behind from the holidays I didn't get last weeks ad thrown out & that was what we were looking at tonight.

Oh well, he still returned the one & saved about $10.

In other news......we are getting the flu here. Zander complained of a belly ache for a good hour or two tonight...and then finally pooped. Still hurt. Then he threw up & got a bloody nose at the SAME time. Then he was on the toilet having it come out of both ends. This all happened while Phil was at wrestling practice w/ Nick so lucky me (that gets sick herself when dealing w/ this) had to clean up the carpet mess.

Then he finally fell asleep on the couch. Then Zach felt like he was getting sick & wanted to go to bed w/ a bowl. So he did......then about 90 mins later he was up in the bathroom w/ his bowl. Nothing. Came to the couch w/ me & he ends up getting sick.

So you wanna guess who gets sick next?? At least we made it through Christmas. I'm blaming the Myers this year.

The kid is taking after me.

You all know how I like a good deal. Well, I guess it's rubbed off on Nick. Knowing we were getting a Wii for Xmas, Nick wanted to use his bday/xmas money & buy Guitar Hero. So we found it at Target for 99.99 & was also able to save 10% when I used my Target card. So thinking, we got a good deal at $95 w/ tax we were happy. Well then the ads start coming out w/ the double pack (2 guitars) for $120. So we were thinking, we could take the one back & get the other for $20 more. Well, of COURSE everytime it was advertised on sale.....for $90 or $100 or even less they NEVER had it in stock. And it was an item you couldn't get a raincheck for either of course.

So......being the patient kid he is....he didn't open it after we opened the Wii cause he wanted to wait & see if it'd go on sale after Xmas to see if he could get some money back. So he waited & this weeks ad we see it advertised for $88 at Target & $80 at Kmart. NONE at Target, we found Kmart had a few....so we could take the first back & save about $10. For Nick, $10 is $10. So we got it at Kmart today.

Then we are out at Walmart & I see this lady with the Target ad & the Guitar Hero in her cart...except she had the bundle pack which is what Walmart has for $119. I thought about it, but not much.......until I got home. Then I looked at my Target ad once again .......Target was advertising the BUNDLE pack for $88 this week, again quantities limited, no rain checks. SO that lady was doing a price match. Buying it at Walmart w/ Target's ad for $88.!!

So......Phil & Nick are doing some returns as I type this. First back to Target to return the original one for $95.....then to Kmart for today's that we paid $85 (w/ tax) and then out to Walmart to get the BUNDLE pack (2 guitars) for Target's price of $88 w/ tax. I just HOPE they have one left. Neither one of us could remember how many they had. I *think* it was a few.

So....if you are looking to get the Guitar Hero World Tour bundle pack....and your local Target doesn't have it....take their ad to Walmart to price match.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Walter Xmas 2008

Santa was Good To Uncle Eugene!!

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Zachary & Santa

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Can I take your order!?

Lexi got a new Apron & loves to help me in the kitchen!
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Me & my new Cookwear!!

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Zander & his presents!

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It was a CARS Christmas for Zachary!
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Nick & his presents!

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Lexi & all her presents!

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Modeling his new CARS shirt!

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I think he's THRILLED with this one!

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with his MOSS Jersey. Now he has all of them from all the teams Moss has been on.
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X-mas Eve 2008

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As we were heading to New Ulm for the kids' church program on Xmas Eve, we had to wait until a whole line up of horses went by! We thought for sure we'd see a sleigh at the end of it, but nope. No idea where they all came from & where they were going!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wrestling Lamberton

I took Nick to Lamberton last night for a wrestling meet. He didn't do so hot. He took 3rd out of 3. The kid that took 2nd pinned him & he also pinned him last year. Phil said he should of & CAN beat him. I think Nick needs a coach or his dad there telling him what moves to do. I have NO clue when to be yelling...DRIVE...HALF NELSON.....GRAB HIS LEGS...HIS ARMS...etc....I just yell GO NICK, COME ON NICK. LOL

Zander's Winter Celebration

Zander had his winter celebration at school on Thursday. Phil was off work and was able to come too. They had lots of different arts/crafts & then Santa surprised the kids with a visit!

Wrestling Waseca

Last Saturday in Waseca. Nick did well & took first place.

Santa Visit

This was a couple of weeks ago at the Rec Hall in Courtland. Brrr, the sleigh ride was COLD!!