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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Doctor appointments update!

I had two doctor appointments this past week. This past Monday I had my regular OB visit. I've lost 1/2 lb since last month. It would be nice if I could go another month without weight gain. I'm starting to wear maternity clothes now so my weight must be moving around a bit! Everything is looking fine. He said that he could give me something for the cold but by the time it would start working, I'd probably be over this sickness. I'm thinking I should have asked for it cause I STILL have this horrible cold/cough. The last few days the cough has been the worse. I've coughed so hard a couple of times I actually threw up.

My other doctor appointment was yesterday in Edina for my eyes. Not the best news there. With both eyes I am seeing 20/20, with my right eye 20/20, but my left eye has gotten weaker. It was 20/40. I think at the last appointment it was 20/25 or 20/30. This change could be from the pregnancy. Instead of going back in 3 months, I have to go back in 6 weeks & see what the left eye is doing. If there is a need for an enhancement, it would have to be done after the baby is born. Knowing how easy this surgery was, that doesn't bother me at all. So we'll wait it out & see what happens. I can see just fine w/ both eyes. And I believe that legally (for driving) you have to pass the eye exam at 20/40. So I'm fine there ;-)

So, back to the OB doctor in a month (and then a week after that for an ultrasound. I thought the ultrasound would be sooner, but he said around 21 weeks so they can see more of the anatomy & stuff). And back to the eye doctor in 6 weeks. I suppose I am also due to see the dentist during that time too! Doctor, Doctor, Doctor!

Monday, September 22, 2003

Weekend update.....

This past weekend we went to Lewiston to celebrate Marcie's 25 years as a kindergarten teacher. We really had a nice weekend......except for me feeling like crap. I am on day 6 of this horrible cold. Lexi is on day 2. She was in pretty good spirits today, was funny to listen to her horsey sounding voice. Hopefully we both get over this soon. We are both druggin' ourselves up at night to sleep better ;-)

The Fischer house was FULL this weekend. There were 7 adults & 7 kids. Shannon had to work the weekend so she was unable to attend. We thought the kids played really well together. After Nick was mean to Jackson w/ in the first five minutes we were there, he improved.

Here is a picture of all the kids at lunch...Lexi, Nick, Indy, Madison, Kennedy, Savannah, & Jackson.

Saturday afternoon the kids got a surprise.......look what came to the house! Lexi & Nana The kids even got to ride the horses! Here is Madison & Lexi having a great time! Poor Nick missed out on this as he was with the guys doing....you guessed it.......GOLFING!

Sunday was the special service & program aftwards for Marcie. Here are some pictures from Sunday.

Marcie, David, Kennedy.

goofing off as usual. Marcie with her gift from the church & faculty.
See the fish Lexi is standing by?? Isn't that cool?
See the glass candle in front of Lexi? It was on the floor in pieces 5 mins later. JUST when I turned by head for a minute she pulled the tablecloth & broke this. Didn't get hurt, but embarrassed me!

Madison. You never know when Phil is gonna take your picture! He got India!

I look half way decent, the least Lexi could have done was SMILE!

All the grandkids.......Madison (6, 7/Dec), Nick (4, 5/Nov), India (4, 5/TOMORROW!), Jackson (4), Kennedy (2, 3/Oct), Phil (OLD), Savannah (2), Lexi Rose (2).

The Fischer Family........David, Marcie, Angie, Loren, Kennedy, John, Savannah, Lexi, Lisa (LOOK AT THAT BELLY STICKING OUT!), Phil, Madison, Jackson, India, & Nicholas.

My FAVORITE pictures were the drive home.......aren't they just precious???

Oh, I can't decide which of the following is the BEST picture from the weekend.........it's really between the last two, but I threw in the first one just because.

If you want, you can vote in my comment section!




Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Still waiting..........

We had a message on our answering maching yesterday stating that Phil won the *Vacation Package* from the credit union at Kraft. He was told to see the lady this morning & pick it up.

She wasn't there this morning......so he'll try tomorrow morning. We have NO IDEA what he won!!! He said they have a huge sign up at work saying Congrats on winning the *vacation package* but it doesn't say WHAT IT IS!!!

There was talk last night......it could be:

Really, no one had a clue! Someone said to him "I hope it's North Dakota" We don't know if it's one night, two nights, or a week. Whatever it is, we'll take it ;-)

He didn't even know he signed up for it!!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Phil's GOLF Tournament

Our internet was down yesterday & so I was sitting here trying to remember what I wanted to blog about from yesterday. Phil says "phil's golf tournament that he dominated"

Ok, I said I'd give him 2 lines to talk about it ;-) He had his 6th annual (that he has played) Kraft golf tournament. His team took 1st place AGAIN. His team has taken 1st place for 4 of those & 2nd place the other two. Yesterday they had a NU Country Club record score of 61. Our cousin Nate Richter was on his team this year. But it sounded like (from Phil) that PHIL carried the team. Phil also had longest putt. So he got to spend $70 at the club house. Got a new pair of Nike Air golf sandals.

His friend from work lives on the golf course & during the tournament has a table set up & sells golf balls that he finds. Phil said his collection is over 18,000 balls. Phil helped the cause & bought 50 of these balls for $25 - Titleist Pro V 1. I thought that was a LOT of money for golf balls. But he is telling me that the club house sells these balls for $4.50/ ball. And he claims they have helped his game. Ok.

Well, that was more than 2 lines. GOOD JOB PHIL!

WOW, there *are* nice people in the world too!

To follow up on my last post about the garage sale incident. Saturday morning Nick & I went to some garage sales. We stopped at this one sale & they had a bucket of golf balls. $.25/each. Nick is digging through them. He had six picked out. He was heading to the lady to pay for them. The guy there says "little boy, I tell you what, after you give the lady your money for those, you can go back to the bucket & take as many as you want" MADE HIS DAY. (went home & counted them, he had 30 balls :-)

Another sale we stopped at had Sega games. They were $.50 each. He picked out two of them. He is digging in his coin purse for four quarters. He had three out to the lady & she says "that's fine" Then she says "I tell you what, you give me one more quarter & you can go take ALL the games that are over there" So he digs out another quarter & proceeds to get the rest of the games. The lady looks over & says "you forgot one" Nick says "I already have that one" Another person that made his day!

So there ARE nice people out there too!

Friday, September 12, 2003

A little boy's feelings were hurt today.....

As you all know I love to hit the garage sales. On Friday's I usually get to a couple before work, on my lunch hour, & after work! So this morning before dropping the kids off at mom's we stopped at a sale. The kids LOVE to go too. HUGE sign on garage that says "AFTER 4:00 pm, EVERYTHING IS FREE" Ok, so we are there at 8:30 am. Didn't find anything, but Nick saw a baggie of golf balls. Marked $5.00. Way too much. Also had a bucket full, no price. So we left. I told him that we could stop after work & see if they still had them because the sign said they'd be free.

So, of course he remembered this & when I picked them up, says "can we go to that one garage sale?" So we stop there & it's about 4:15pm. They are packing everything up. I told Nick to go ask about the golf balls. Well, no one approached him, so he just came back to the van & said they weren't there. So as I'm turning around, I roll down the window & say to this lady "he was looking for the golf balls. We were here earlier this morning, are they still here?"

"yes, I still have the golf balls, but they aren't free" Um, ok, then WHY does your sign say EVERYTHING is FREE?!?!? So we left. Nick was sad & says "now my feelings are hurt" I told him we will NEVER go to that garage sale again. The sign could have at least said "MOST EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE"

Phil said I should have picked up all the glass items & threw them down. Well, I never got out of the van, which is probably good because maybe I would have done that to the lady that made by boy so sad.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Men *CAN* keep secrets.....

Phil picked up his new wheels tonight. He upgraded his Park Avenue. So if anyone is looking for a good, used, luxury car at a cheap price, we have a 1989 Buick Park Ave for sale. For family/friends, we'll give it to you for $1000. It has 125k miles on it & as you know Buicks can go 200k+ miles. There isn't anything wrong w/ the car, but my boss was selling his. We bought the '89 Park Ave from my boss four years ago & have been very happy with it. So when this deal came up, we took advantage of it. They take very good care of their cars & we know the history on it.

So anyhow, back to the title of my post. We went to their house tonight to pick it up. Tim (my boss) was gone & so just Sandy (his wife) was home. We brought the kids with & she commented at how big they are getting, blah, blah, blah. So then I said to her "you know we are expecting again?" NO, she said she didn't know. I was VERY surprised Tim didn't tell her! I told Tim a LONG time ago....before we went to Alaska. Probably 6 weeks ago or so. It kind of slipped out. I wasn't going to tell him so soon, but when we were talking about my future....well I let him in on it. I asked him not to tell anyone yet since it was so early. Well, I *meant* not anyone at WORK. I certainly didn't mean he couldn't share it with his WIFE!! Anyhow, I found this kind of funny. I share everything w/ Phil. Even stuff my friends tell me not to tell anyone. I just assume *anyone* means anyone besides your husband!

This pregnancy has been so different as far as *sharing the news*. It seems as with the first child, when word got out, word got OUT! I still have days now where I am telling people. I think we lost all of our gossip people during the layoffs at work. I know w/ the one pregnancy, when I told one gal, it was all over before lunch!! I've told a few people at work. One lady asked me the other day if it was common knowledge yet. I told her I have told a few people but it's not like it used to be that's for sure! She was like "I haven't heard anyone talking about it" She works in the production area where she finds out more than I do. Of course I am upstairs pretty much by myself.

Not for too long. Just got the news today that we will be moving downstairs. The four of us that are upstairs. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I like it where I am. Nice & quiet. Moving to be w/ all the other people will just mean I'll probably come home w/ headaches every day. Things are so crazy at work. It's mainly do to the conversion of all new software & basically everyone having to relearn their jobs. It makes people crabby. I will be getting more training in a couple of weeks. We tried over the phone training. That wasn't working, so the gal from CA is coming here to train me. Yee haw.

You talkin' to ME??

Here I am sitting at the computer checking something, Phil is around the corner on his computer & I said something to him about an email I was reading. Lexi says "you talkin' to me mommy?" She comes up with some of the funniest things at time. Like the other day too, she had a runny diaper, so I said something about it being the diaarhea. She says "I got mommy's diaarhea"

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Parent Information Night - Creative Kids

Tonight was Parent Info Night for Nick's preschool. He starts on the 23rd of Sept. He is so ready to go back to school. He came with tonight. He is in the same classroom & has the same teacher. So it was all familiar to him. We saw 1 boy from last year. Quinn. So he will at least know one kid in class. There was another Parent Info night so there could be others from last year in his class yet. Tomorrow his teacher is coming for a home visit. I am pretty sure Nick will get help w/ Speech again this year, but I'll have to ask tomorrow to verify that. Mom will come here tomorrow to watch the kids so I know the house will be clean for the visit at 4:30 ;-) Mom likes to clean & decorate our house when she is here. It's so nice to come home to a clean house after being gone all day. Now if I can just get her to have supper in the oven for us, wouldn't THAT be nice!??!

Back to Parent Night. Nick is almost 5. Some of these kids are 3 1/2 & 4 & this is their 1st year at preschool. Out of the 10 kids that were there tonight (1/2 the class), three of them cried when the parents left the room for our own meeting. Not Nick. One of the boy's just SCREAMED. We left & went down the hall & around the corner to the library. After a few minutes we heard this SCREAMING! I felt so bad for the parents. I don't think this kid was ready yet. Well we'll see what happens on the first day of school.

Nick started mid-year last year. Started in Jan. I remember one day dropping him off & a girl was outside the door CLINGING to her mom & crying. Not sure how I would deal with that. My kid just goes in & barely looks back to say good-bye!

Now we'll see how Lexi is in a couple of years. She cried tonight when I left her w/ grandma. Why does she do that?!?! Once in a while she'll pull that where she will cry when we leave. Most of the time she says "bye mommy" & occassionally she'll hold on & cry. And it's GRANDMA for goodness sakes!

Maybe Grandma didn't give her enough candy today..........

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Golf Golf Golf

As most of you know, my son's absolute FAVORITE thing (besides his daddy) is golf. He is as addicted to golf as my brother Marty is to the MN Vikings.

The other day I took Lexi to the clinic for her 2 yr check-up. What does Nick do? He checks out the magazine rack & comes back w/ all the golf magazines. Golf Digest, etc. He sat down with 3 magazines & paged through ALL of them. I just had to laugh to myself. It's funny too because when Daddy is watching golf on Sat or Sunday, Nick won't watch. He wants to watch PBS Kids instead. BUT, if Phil is not around, Nick will watch golf or baseball or a sports channel. He does this when Daddy isn't around.

So today a tee time was set up for 4 pm for Phil, Nick & Fred (Uncle Mark). Golf day is usually when we can get Nick to take a nap. At 2:00 I told Nick to lay down for awhile & we'd wake him up when it was time to go. He comes about 1/2 hr later & says he can't sleep. Ok, fine, go watch TV for awhile. Then of course the kid falls asleep! He got about 45 mins - 1 hr nap.

The thing with Nick now is that he loves to LOOK for golf balls on the course rather than actual golfing. I'm not sure exactly when this happened. Probably right away this year. Uncle Fred & Aunt Barb got Nick a golf ball retriver last X-mas. So I think that could have been what started it. Fishing those balls out of the water. How fun is that?!?!

I kid you not when I say our spare bedroom is filling up with golf balls. I think they have about 4 or 5 BOXES full in there. Phil thinks they are up to about 1000 balls.

Nick's favorites are the ones with logos on. And this kid remembers where he found what ball. It's insane.

So I saw my sister Barb today. She said that Mark's new hobby now is to *look for golf balls* I guess he doesn't need Nick with him anymore to do it. He goes by HIMSELF to look for balls. We think Fred needs to get a job!! I think he is trying to get a larger collection than us. He thinks he has about 500 balls now & he JUST started this new hobby a couple of weeks ago!! Nick will have a blast the next time he goes to their house. He can spend hours just looking at all his balls & seeing what he got!!

I guess both Phil & Fred did very well golfing today. Sounded like Nick had some great shots too. When he came home he said "mommy, I got a birdie"

What the HELL is this about????

It seems like the thing to do these days is have a BLOG. When I first heard this word, I thought "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" For those of you that are unsure, here is an informational site about what they are......they are also called WEBLOGS. Basically a diary on the web......for everyone (or whoever I give the link to!) read!

So anyhow, after having numerous of my Nov '98 buddies start their own blogs, I have been inspired to do my own too. Our most talented friend Melissa has me laughing everytime I read her blog. I got a chance to meet Melissa this past March in her favorite city ....Las Vegas, NV!! (Before going on this trip, Melissa claimed she would rather "poke her eyeballs out, than go to Las Vegas" Well, after spending the weekend there, she now says she would like to go back someday with her man Logan. Go figure. Anyhow, I LOVE Las Vegas & am ready to go AGAIN! There were 5 of us Nov '98 mommies that met up. It was such a wonderful time....I am hoping we can do it every couple of years. Maybe next time we'll let the husbands come with!!

The name of my blog comes from the user ID I have on Ebay. I am not very creative & of course couldn't think of what to title this blog. My dear husband picked ITS*NOT*CRAP for my ebay user name & I thought I'd just use it here. As I have so many user names, ids, passwords to remember, this will help to keep it the same! LOL That is a another WHOLE topic. User names, passwords & the such. That is the world we are now living in. I have so many different ones at work to remember, I had to tape a couple of them to my screen in case I forgot. How secure is that!?!? When you hit 30, you lose part of your memory. Shoot, I lost 1/2 my brain giving birth to my first child. When the doctor said PUSH, it appears I pushed out 1/2 my brain cells along with my son Nicholas. Now THAT is why the child is so darn smart!!

This blog will mostly be about my family & work. That is pretty much my life. I am working about 32 hrs a week doing Credit & Collections. A glamours life, let me tell you. I can come up with every excuse in the book as to why that bill has not been paid yet. The new one I like is this. First off, my company was sold in April to Parker Hannifin. I am now a part of a BILLION dollar company. Whooopie Do Doo. So in calling customers as to why they haven't paid there bill from March (yes I am a little behind in my calling) they respond with "well, we sent the check & it came back to us stating the Lock Box was closed" Um, ok, don't make an effort in CALLING to see where the check SHOULD be mailed too. Just hold on to it for a few months & see if anyone calls you on it. Ya, I know I would probably do the same & wait for someone to call ME, but geesh, it would be nice if people took matters into their own a little.

This is suppose to be my introductory post & it seems as if it is getting longer than I wanted!

My husband & I just celebrated our 10 yr wedding anniversary on 9/4. 10 years! Wow! We have been together for 13 yrs total. We have two beautiful children. Nicholas is 4, will be 5 in Nov. Lexi Rose just turned 2 in Aug. We are expecting #3 to come in March, 2004. I have already told the doctor that this child needs to be born on the 2nd, as my other two both have bday's on the 2nd! So far I have NOT had the kids in the month they were due, they both came the following month. So w/ this one having a due date of early March, maybe I'll get lucky this time & have a baby come EARLY!!! Ya, right. Get real Lisa. I'm predicting I will be a week late. Oh, & I'm thinking it will be a baby girl ;-)

Here is the reason Phil & I LOVE to get up in the morning.........They are a blessing from God.

Ok, I better end this now or I won't have anything else to BLOG about!!!