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Friday, September 07, 2007

All Moved Out

Phil, my dad, & I went to the lake today to pack up all our stuff. We managed (after Phil made a trip Wed night) to fit everything in our van, his truck, & the boat.

Grandma stayed here to watch Z & Z. Grandma had a sore back & made sure she let Zander know about it. He said to her (after she said her back her) "you said that 3 times already" We got home just before 1:30 & she had both boys napping. Guess she wore them out this morning cause they both slept until about 4:00!! We brought back the 2 double beds & set them up in their room. Or I guess I should say Zach's room as Zander has moved into our bedroom closet for the last month. (don't worry, there is PLENTY of room in our closet...I know someone might go WHAT??? but that's because they haven't seen our closet!).

So tonight we tried putting them both in their bedroom in the new beds. We also left the toddler bed in there. Their room is huge....the toddler bed is in the middle of the two other beds & when Phil & I both saw how all 3 beds fit in there w/ no problems, I looked at him & said "gee, look at that, let's have another, we have the room!" And he replied back with "exactly what I was thinking!" So we'll work on that tonight.

Of course it didn't work out & Zander is back in our closet. Zachary just needs to go to sleep & not bother his roommate!!! We'll just keep trying......eventually it will work. WE HOPE!!

We will turn our keys over on Sun the 16th. I just want it over & done with. We'll miss it for sure....there is just something about being at the lake....near water...so calm & peaceful. Another 20 years or so & hopefully we'll have our year round place by the lake. Something for our grandkids to enjoy ;-)

Phil is in a golf tournament tomorrow with Kraft. I think this may be his first time out this year...or maybe second. Hope he wins, he always comes home with some neat prize!!


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