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Sunday, January 20, 2008

All About ME!

Ok, so I more or less blog about the kids...this one is all about me! heheheh

Where should I start? How about the new *JOB*. What?! Well....it's been about a year now since I quit selling on Ebay. I liked it as I was my own boss, set my own hours, did as much work as I wanted to etc....I still sell here & there but now it's pretty much our own stuff, I'm not buying to resell anymore. So I wanted to do something that I didn't have to punch a time clock & be here on XXX days. I need something where I still can sort of pick my days/hours.

So I've been hearing this ad on the radio for the last month or so from this business in Mankato called BIOLIFE PLASMA SERVICES. Yep, I decided to start selling MY PLASMA for a little extra money! The goal is 2x/week...which would be easy if it was located in New Ulm but since it's in Mankato it might be harder to get there as often. I'm hoping I can get there 2x/week or at least 2x every other week. They pay you more for the 2nd time so I gotta shoot for that second time in the same week.

So I thought I'd start after the holidays were past us & finally got a chance to make that initial appointment. It was yesterday. Yes they are open Saturday's which will really help with my schedule. They said to allow 3 hours for that first visit/physical. Then I think once you start donating it will take around 1 1/2- 2 hours. So my appointment was at 12:15 yesterday & after an hour they said they wouldn't be able to finish everything so I'd have to come back & finish next week! What?! Well for my inconvenince they said they'd give me $30. Um, ok that works for me! So I go back on Tuesday for the rest of the physical & I will immediately donate after that. I'm a little nervous as I really don't like having blood drawn...BUT after having four kids, I'm thinking this really won't be too bad!! I made it through all those blood tests...four TIMES!!

I also noticed they have a supervised area for kids. I didn't ask about it but will. So I *could* possibly take the boys with me during the day if I needed to. They had certain hours the room was supervised so I'd have to work around that. Maybe the weeks Phil is on midnights & home sleeping that would be a good time to get us out for a few hours?? We'll see. So I'll have to report back after Tuesday to let you know if I survived it!!

Ok, let's see...how about some more on me!?!? I've got two weeks of the Yoga class done. It's going fine. I like everything except when we do the crunches!! Thank goodness we only do a few of those!!

I'm trying to start a separate blog for myself & my fitness/weight loss failures/successes & to keep track of what I'm doing there. It's been 3+ months since I've been working out now & I've been sooooo good at that part. I had them print out a record from October when I started & so now I can keep track of it myself. I go about 5x/week on average. So I feel I'm doing my part on the exercising area. The eating area...well that always needs to be worked on! I've really been good about not eating at night & I hardly drink pop. Maybe one or two cans/week.

I'm actually at a point now where I feel good about how I look. I don't ever recall feeling this way. Ya I still have a roll in my stomach and it's flabby under my arms but for the most part I feel good about how I look....AND I actually enjoy clothes shopping for myself now!!

But there is a downsize to this......it's what the scale says!! I should just quit worrying about it but that is were we all like to see the results too, right?!? I have an appointment this week for my annual physical at the clinic. I looked at what I weighed a year ago & I'm BETTING that there will be only about a 5 pound weight loss from last year to now. I know during the year I put on 10 pounds or so so I did lose that but really not much more. I have gone done a size or two so I know the weight is shifting & I'm building muscle & all....but darn it anyhow, WHY or WHY can't the scale be friendlier to me?!!? I should probably just quit weighing myself every day...sometimes a few times a day!! My weight changes so much it's annoying. Like yesterday....they weighed me at the Plasma place & with shoes & clothes on, I was XXX, then I went to the gym at night & weighed myself there with no shoes on & shorts/tank & was THREE pounds more. Then this morning I weighed myself naked after I got up & I was NINE pounds less than the gym. What the HELL?? I know to get an accurate number you need to weigh yourself at the same time of the day wearing the same thing (which is why I usually weigh myself in the morning naked!). But dang if it doesn't get depressing when you are constantly going up & down & by 5-10 pounds!! One of those scales must be whacked or something!

And after telling my optimistic husband about my three pound gain....he says "way go go, more muscle built!" Ya, FEEL these abs baby!!


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