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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A new Record!

Maybe it was the Yoga?!

I had one of those nights at the gym tonight....it was like the one back in November where I started running & just didn't stop! (back in Nov I ran my first ever mile. Not sure why I started to run, must of been a Forrest Gump moment!). So shortly after that I started a running program (called Couch25k & the goal is to get yourself to run for 30 mins or 3 miles. Well I can do the 30 mins but I'm running at a slower pace so I don't hit the 3 miles, I can do just over 2.5. For the last month I've just done the 30 minutes because I'm close to death at that point. I want to get myself to be able to run 3 miles in 30 mins which would be at a 10 min/mile pace. So I've been starting to do one mile runs in 10 mins, which seems to be going alright.

So my other idea is to add a few minutes on to the 30 mins each time I run. So tonight's goal was 33 minutes of running. I felt really good while I was running & death seemed far off....so at 33 minutes I just kept on......I stopped at 3.5 miles!! I couldn't believe it....and I even felt ok when I was done.

I had Yoga class before my work out, so maybe all my stress was taken away during the session & I could just run run run like I was free?!?!?! Or, truth be told, I haven't done any distance running since Sunday....so my body was probably rested thus why I could run easier!!

To switch the topic, I had my annual doctor visit today. Nurse asked if I had a mammogram yet?!? Excuse me?! Am I REALLY getting to THAT age?!!? She said between 35 and 40....ok, I'm only 35, give me a couple years yet!!

Doctor came in & looked over my chart.

Doc: "What have you done to lose weight?"
Me: "Quit having sex & getting pregnant"

ok, so that was really PHIL'S answer. The conversation went more like this.

After he asked me the weight question, I said....what? How much have I lost in the last year. (Cause according to my records, it was only 6 pounds). Well, they had me weighing more a year ago than I thought & so the weight loss was actually 11 pounds from my last visit...which was exactly 1 year ago. But still, would you really notice 11 pounds on someone??

So then I looked at the screen he was looking at & he starts pointing to numbers.....200, 205, 210....I said, THOSE are weights when I was 9 months pregnant!!!!!!! He gave me a good laugh, that's for sure. I did tell him that I joined the gym a few months ago & that I'm work out buddies w/ his co-worker (another doctor at the clinic). I went on to say how I always feel so much better when that doctor is there cause then I know I can push myself harder & a doc will be there in case I pass out or fall off the treadmill & hurt myself!! He got a chuckle out of that.


Blogger photowannabe said...

Way to go Lisa, you are inspiring me! After reading your blog earlier, I thought, just get on the treadmill, so I did. So, I say thank you!!!


7:43 PM  

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