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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's time.........

Well I think it's time to take our *baby* out of his crib & move him into a big boy bed. He started climbing out a few weeks ago & has been waking up during the night & sometimes way earlier than normal (like 6 AM!!!! instead of his usual 8 or 9!!)

So......time to take that crib down & say goodbye to cribs in this house for GOOD!!!

What he has been doing lately is going right into Zander's bed! That works for nap time, but is a little more difficult at bedtime! Tonight I said "Zachy, time for bed" He went right to his room & right into Zander's bed!! So I tucked him in & said we'd start looking for a new bed for him. First night he STAYED in his room! Usually he would climb out of his crib a few times before bed.

Poor Zander, he was in our bed & ready to go to his but I told him we had to wait until Zach fell asleep first. He wasn't too happy about that, he wanted to go to sleep in his own bed!!


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