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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Zander's hair is normally like this....sticking up! Neighbor boy Anthony came over to play.

He looked so cute in his hat but I couldn't get him to look at me!

Zadner's figured out how to go DOWN the steps.

Zander figured out how to climb up Nick's slide!

Fun at Flandrau!

Playing in the sand at Flandrau!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy Father's Day to the BEST Daddy in the WORLD!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Have you ever seen so much CANDY before!!?!?!? The big pile in front of Lexi is from the Janesville Hay Daze Parade we went to today. The other ziplock bags are from the Cleveland Parade we went to yesterday & some from last weekend's Bullhead Days Parade in Waterville.

Check out that candy!!!

Yep, that's our boy running to the middle of the street looking for candy!!

Lexi dancing w/ daddy at the parade.

Here is Zander WAVING at the people in the parade!

Phil is letting our neighbor hold his 12 pound Northern.

We had a little fire Saturday night...this was before Lexi got the stick w/ the marshmallow on it IN her hair. Phil cut out a piece of her hair.

Lexi & I enjoying our marshmallows!

Here's Nick trying for a FULL pull!

Nick took 1st place in the age 6 group. He goes on to STATE championships in Hutchinson MN in September. If he wins there, he could go to Nationals...in Mitchell, SD!

Nick & Lexi were in the kids tractor pedal pull in Cleveland. Lexi was in the age 4 & under group. Here she is peddling so hard. They had 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place....she didn't place this time but did her best!

Just waiting for the parade to start. This was in Cleveland. It was a short 1/2 hour parade.

Even Zander got into picking up candy!! He's got a piece in each hand!!

Phil's pulling some of the weeds out of the water while Nick enjoys floating around. We've been told the weeds will clear up in the next couple of weeks. We sure hope so!! Nick will swim in the lake but Lexi won't. There are FISH in there you know and she doesn't care for that!! (Just a few of the weeds he pulled are on the dock!)

Zander on the dock. We are gonna try the kiddie pool this week. He walked in the water at the lake & cried. Not sure if it was the sand or what.....so we'll see if he likes a NON sandy pool. If he doesn't get used to the water....we are in for a LONG summer!!!

Nick holding the DOGFISH that Phil caught on Saturday. Caught off the end of our dock.

The DOGFISH weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces. For those that don't know......we don't keep dogfish.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Doctor Appointments Update!

Took Zander in for his 15 mo appointment today. He is 26 pounds & 34" long. He had to get one shot :-( Comparing my boys, at this age, Nick was 28 pounds & 32" long. So Zander could be taller than Nick if that's possible!!

I had my 19 week appointment today as well. Heartbeat was 130.....boy range! Gonna need some help on boy names if you have any ideas....otherwise I'm afraid we may end up with a Hunter. I've gained 12 pounds so far with this pregnancy. Pretty good for me!! At 19 weeks with Zander I weighed 28 pounds more than I do now!! (As I sit here eating a chocolate brownie!!)

Doctor said see you in a month...I said how about longer? He said ok, 6 weeks! I was to have an ultrasound in 2 weeks but I passed on that. So we won't be finding out what this one is........Sorry!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Update!

We spent our first full weekend at the lake! I'm sure my bed will feel really good tonight! And with Phil on midnights this week, it'll feel even better getting the WHOLE bed to myself!!

Thursday. This day didn't start out that great. Nick had baseball at 8:30 & since we are slow movers in the morning, it's always a rush to get going. We got to the ballpark on time & as I opened my door, I see Nick's classmate's mom pointing at me....I thought she was pointing at my Ebay Powerseller sticker on my van window. I open my door & hear a whoooosssshhhhh. And I look & see my back tire is going flat....very fast. So I get the kids out & head to the park & make some phone calls. By the time baseball is over, I have a new $80 back tire. I ran over some huge metal chunk of something. It went in the tire & back out the side.

After a few more errands, we head to pick up Eric, back home to pack up & off to the lake we go!

The boys did some fishing on Thursday & I got brave & managed to take a few fish off that they caught. I don't mind that so much but you won't see me baiting the hook yet.....unless it's with a piece of corn. That I'll do!!

Phil joined us on Friday getting their about 5 pm. We met some more new people this weekend & are writing all the names down as it's hard to remember who is who, from where, & what trailer is their's!

The weather was actually pretty nice. Saturday was windy but the rain stayed away. Today was just beautiful. Everyone got some sun! We went to Waterville (12 miles away) for their Bullhead Days parade. Kids got a bunch of candy & even Zander got into it by picking up pieces & putting them in the bag! Lexi was still terrified of clowns & anyone dressed up. She hid everytime.

Friday night Lexi woke up about 3 am sick. She tried to vomit, but nothing much came out. She was on the couch most of Saturday just not feeling well. She woke up today feeling much better. Just that short bug that she gets once in awhile. Today she met two new girls at the lake. Alyssa & Amber. They are cousins to the girl Rose she met the other weekend. One of them is 3 & the other is 6. Their dock is next to ours so they'll hopefully do some swimming together. Cindy & Darren (parents) said they only got to the lake once last year because of work & are hoping this year they can get their more often. They said they were going to look at the trailer we bought (they share ownership w/ his parents & siblings & want something on their own now) but we bought it before they got a chance to make an offer. Oops!!

Luckily our place didn't have any storm damage from earlier this week. The next resort over had a huge tree that fell on a cabin where a couple were. They just got out of their bed & the tree fell on the bed. They are VERY lucky. We had some branches down but nothing major.

I missed my dishwasher & garbage disposal!! I really didn't even miss the computer.....it was a nice break away from all the Ebay stuff. Course now I need to get some stuff listed though!

*****Monday morning. Kids were all in bed by 8:15 last night......Nick was the first one up after 9:00 AM!! Lexi got up then & Zander was about 9:45 AM!! Kids were wiped out for sure!! I was up at 9:00 & then laid on the couch waiting for them to get up. It's now 10:45 & I better hop into the shower & get dressed today don't ya think??

Sunday, June 05, 2005

What an exhausting time for the kids at our new lake home!!! I have never seen the kids this tired!! Lexi fell asleep about 3 minutes into the ride home, Nick & Zander within the last 10 miles from home. Zander even had two naps today at the lake too (one short one). We were there less than 24 hours too...how do you think they'll do when we are there for a FULL weekend or more?!?!?

Nick does have his seatbelt on....doesn't look very safe though, does he?!?

Check out the death grip on the Barbie (her body got left at the lake home!!)

We let her sleep in the van for awhile after we got home...then Phil carried her in & she still wouldn't wake up....just worn out!!

Phil managed to get him to his crib w/o waking him up....tired little guy with a nasty bug bite on his head!

As soon as we got home, Nick woke up & went in the house. I thought he was going to the bathroom & when Phil went to look for him, he found him in his bed. VERY unusal for this kid who we all knows NEVER & HATES naps!!!! He was completely wiped out!!!

The excited fisherman!! Nice size sunfish he caught off the dock.

The fisherman taking the hook out of the fish. He proved it to mommy that he CAN do it without daddy (who was napping). He put the worm on himself too. Mommy got brave & took one of the fish off the hooks today too. I amazed myself!! Nick caught probably 10+ fish today! Not all keepers though.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Oops!! I didn't get any pictures of the FISH!

While I was busy cleaning the place, Nick & Phil did some fishing off the dock. I think Nick caught like 10 fish. They caught Rock Bass, Sunnies, & Pumpkinseed fish. Nick had a great time & was pretty much fishing the whole time we were there today. He is learning how to bait his own hook & take the fish off when he catches them. I told him that if he wanted to fish when daddy wasn't there & it was just me, well, he needs to learn how to do that because mommy doesn't know how & there are no future plans for mommy to learn either!! I think he caught right on today & can do some solo fishing now! He's growing up!

We were there only a few hours today & he met two friends...Adam & ?? & Lexi met a 3 yr old girl....Rose. Rose is from Iowa. I'm sure those girls will have a fun summer together!

We can't wait to get back there & get the place feeling like our home away from home!

It's OURS!!! We got the keys today!! Summer Breeze Resort, #408. It sleeps 9 & we have 5 so we do have room for visitors!! Come enjoy a day at the lake!

Another view of the lake from the deck. The brown trailer that is turned sideways is for sale. It's got a great view of the lake, but the trailer looked scary from the outside!!

The view from the deck. Go between the 2 trailers pictured & our dock is right down there.