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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Wow...that is the number of people in the family that was hit by that nasty flu bug!! I've never heard of so many people getting sick like this! I saw a doctor at the gym last night & asked if there were alot of people in the clinic this week with the bug & he said yes...so..it's not just the Fischer's spreading it around!!

Is there anyone I don't have listed here that got it?!

It started with Lexi....then Zander, Zachary, & Nick got it. Then Phil, Eric, & my dad got it. Then I got it. Then I heard that Dennis (who managed to still deliver the mail while puking his guts out...glad I'm not on his mail route!!!), Shad, Cary, McKayla, Cary's mom all got it. And then Dave & Marcie (Phil's parents) came to our house on Wed/Thurs, went home & BOTH got it. Hoping they didn't take it to Wisconsin with them!!

The good thing (if there is such a thing when dealing with viruses!) is that it WAS a short bug & didn't last more than 24 hours. I couldn't imagine being sick longer with that one! Course, it DID make me smile when I stepped on the scale for my weigh-in!!

I'm still working on getting photos/videos posted from Christmas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

please add doug sondag and eugene walter to got the flu bug

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks lisa for bringing it to the walter xmas lucy

3:18 PM  

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