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Monday, May 30, 2005

A peek at the inside of the porch.

Our New Lake Home???? We made a verbal offer on it today & will talk with the bank tomorrow & hopefully by the weekend this will be ours!!

The awesome 3 season porch addition where we will spend most of our time when we are there.

Friday, May 27, 2005


Emily, Lexi, & Mitchell enjoying our new fire pit!!

Roasting it to perfection!

Nick's got a mouth full of marshmallows!

Watch out....it could be a HOME RUN coming!!

Who is gonna catch Z's ball??

Nick gets the ball!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nick getting his *gold* medal from Mrs. Wolf. Afterwards he told me "this isn't really gold". I think he was disappointed!! (what a bad picture huh? You know how slow these digital cameras are! Snap the picture & a minute later it takes the shot! Hopefully Grandma did better with the video camera!)

Taking a break from the non-stop fun at Kindergarten Olympics!

Trying it out on his belly!

Having some fun at the Olympics!

All the kgarten kids marching in for the KINDERGARTEN OLYMPICS. Nick is on the black team.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

The first catch of the year!! Phil caught this 18" walleye (about 3 pounds) on Clear Lake tonight. We'll eat it tomorrow. (see Nick just pinching the tail....he *wants* to touch it....but just a little bit!)

Nick watching & learning how to clean a fish.

Even Zander sat & watched the fish cleaning!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Lexi said Zander wanted to play dress up with her. Isn't he cute?!?!

Yes Phil, your son is wearing a dress.

HE thinks it's funny, but mommy did NOT. He just LOVES to go into my closet & pull all my clothes off their hangers. He just laughs & giggles..........not fun to hang up 20 pieces of clothes over & over again!

Doctor Appointment Update!

Oh wait, this was the appointment I got to skip! So I'll just give you my own update! I am now about 15 weeks along. I've gained probably 5 pounds or so thus far. The belly is there!! I haven't had to switch to maternity clothes yet. I was in them about 12-14 weeks along with Zander. Don't know what it was with the other kids. If the weather would be better I could get back to getting my daily walks in. It's been so crummy here & we are all getting sick of it. Today is another windy/rainy day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Having some fun in Nick's room while he's in school!!

One of her is enough, thank you!

Wouldn't it be fun if there were TWO of these guys??

He just had a 3 hour nap before we left so he stayed awake the whole drive home.

Not to often the big kid falls asleep but we caught him!!

Having a sort of peaceful drive home.........Two of the three kids fell asleep!

Zander & Olivia sharing bath time!!

The DIRT dessert project!! Smash them cookies kids!!

Shake it up good Lexi & Jackson!! Look at the pain in Jackson's face!!

Jackson was tired from shaking the pudding so hard!!

Mmmmm enjoying the finished project (w/ the neighbor boy Will)

Sleeping at Nana & Grandpa's.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Cute story from tonight....

I got my new Dyson the other day. And then on Saturday I found a toy vacuum at a garage sale for Lexi and Zander.

Tomorrow is garbage day so the big box from the vacuum was outside.

The neighbor boy Mitchell was over tonight & told me he saw the big box outside & then he sees Lexi's new purple vacuum & asks "is that your mom's new vacuum cleaner?"

Sunday, May 01, 2005

It was wild animal night at our place tonight! I was just starting to do the dishes when Phil jumped behind me looking out the window....two deer ran by. They stopped next door & I was lucky to have the camera handy from taking the Beaver pictures! Here we looked down the hill & saw a guy walking his dog in the field.....so he scared them & they weren't around long. The dog chased them away!

There are two deer there!

This Beaver was down the hill in the open area next door. We watched him for quite awhile until Nick decided to open the door & YELL at him. He ran into the wooded area to the right.


Our bus got there nice & early.....so we did catch some batting practice. Watched the Angels......Twins were already done. We had great seats for the game (not where this pic was taken). We sat about 20 rows up from 3rd base.

Some players stretching on the field before the game.

Torri Hunter being presented his Golden Glove award.