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Thursday, December 06, 2007

He can SEE!!

We picked up his new glasses yesterday. To recap, the day of his initial eye exam, he kept telling me "I'm not gonna wear them, they are gonna break right away, I don't need them, I can see...etc"

We got to the van after picking them up & he put them on.....and was just AMAZED. Everything was so CLEAR....he kept saying that over & over....it's so clear. And then he would do the comparing of having them on & then put them a little lower on his nose to see what it *used* to look like. It was hilarious to watch him in the rear view! We stopped at the store & he left them in the van, but the minute we got back in, he put them on & again kept saying "it's so clear"

He is nearsighted so they should really help in school to see the chalkboard since he sits way in the back row. His friend came over last night & I saw him show him his new glasses. So I think he's ok with them & will probably wear them instead of leaving them sit in the case which is what I thought he'd originally do!


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