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Friday, January 30, 2004

Got some WONDERFUL news today at work............


Remember my post that work told me I'd get 12 weeks of paid time off??? Well, that changed. The HR person was misinformed. Instead, I will get paid for 6 weeks off. That's a HUGE difference.

And some more wonderful news too. The original plan was for some of my duties to be moved to the PA office & the person there would do the training. She was to come to MN in Feb for me to update her on some of my accounts. Well, that all changed now too. The temp they are hiring for my job is now coming to MN & **I** am the one that has to do the training. What a bunch of carp. I hate training. I have 4/5 weeks to do it. Who KNOWS when they'll get the temp in here. I'm ready to quit NOW!

I'm so overwhelmed at work that I hardly get to take time to go to the bathroom!!

I can't WAIT to be done............and for this baby to come! I've hit the uncomfortable stage too now. Augh.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Lexi's NEW ROOM!!!!!!!!!!

It's done!! Here are some pictures of Lexi's new room!! Phil did an AWESOME job with it!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Want to try something neat???

You will need your calculator for this one!

1) Punch the 1st 3 digits of your phone # into a calculator (w/out the area code)

2) Multiply by 80

3) Add 1

4) Multiply by 250

5) Add the last 4 digits of your home phone #

6) Add the last 4 digits of your home phone # AGAIN

7) Subtract 250

8) Divide by 2

Recognize the number? Now what crazy person thought of this?

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Sunday School picture!

Got this picture in our email today. Nick's sunday school class. This was taken the day of the Christmas program I think.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Making Progress.............

Well we pretty much have the closet done. There are a few things we need to add yet & change. But here's some shots of it...........

and the door area to the laundry room

And Phil also painted our new bedroom..........

He moved our bed down here so tonight will be our first night sleeping in it!

Friday, January 02, 2004

What do you think???

We are cleaning/organizing our basement & Phil came across my old scrapbook. He says this is Lexi.....

Here is me at age 4? 5? 6? Not sure, mom didn't write the year on the back!

Here's a pic of Lexi to compare too....

Thursday, January 01, 2004

My year in review for 2003.........We'll see what I can remember!

JANUARY - Nick started preschool! He adjusted & fit right in for starting mid-year.

FEBRUARY-- Phil turned a year older in February.

MARCH -I got to go to Las Vegas the first weekend of March to meet some friends I have NEVER met in person. It was wonderful. I love Vegas & am ready to go back at anytime. Nick & Lexi loved this. I LOVED this when it was full ;-)

APRIL - Easter Bunny came. MTS was sold to Parker Hannifin. I now work for a different company. Check my first blog post for more on that.

MAY Nick had completed 5 mos of preschool. He loved it! On his last day of class we all got to attend the celebration. The class sang songs for us. We also got to participate in the activities.

JUNE - We headed to Sauk City, WI for Linnea's Baptism. We had a really nice weekend. We stayed in a little cabin by the river. It was a beautiful day & the kids LOVED it. Playing with their cousin's is always fun too! We also made it to Flandrau's Annual Fest.

JULY- I think this was our busiest MONTH of the year! Over the 4th, we went to Lewiston. Got to see Angie, Loren & the girls. Here are some fun pictures! Lexi riding her first ferris wheel! Another fun ride!
Then on July 12th, I took a home pregnancy test.....obviously it was POSITIVE! I took it while Lexi was napping & Phil & Nick were golfing w/ Fred. Phil didn't believe it when he saw it. He thought it was the test stick from Lexi!! Took him a bit to convince him! We were both thrilled & now in 8 weeks we'll find out what's been growing in me!!
July 21st we left for Alaska! What a trip it was! Had a great time & great friendships were made! These were BIG fish to us....but in reality, they were pretty small!! This is what a dead octopus looks like. EWWWWW Now here's a nice size fish.....Marcie loves airports!

AUGUST - on the 2nd, our BABY had her Golden Birthday!! We celebrated the following weekend when her mom aged a year too! At the party, we announced to my family the news we were expecting #3. If things go like they have, we will have another girl. See, we are copying Marty & Marcia. They had a boy, year later we had a boy. They had a girl, year later, we had a girl. They had another girl, and now a year later.........well we shall soon see!!

SEPTEMBER - We celebrated Marcie's 25th year as a teacher! It was a fun weekend with everyone home. Well, except for Shannon. She had to work so that was a bummer. Kids got a real treat when some horses showed up at Nana & Grandpa's house! Here we all are!! Oh, we got to see this on Angie for the first time. I think she was surprised when she heard her brother Phil liked it!!

Nick started preschool & I started my BLOG!! Fred started collecting golf balls. Phil got his new Park Avenue. Phil won the Kraft Golf Tournament....AGAIN.

OCTOBER - Halloween! Kids LOVED it this year, which made it so fun for mom & dad. Even though it was cold this year, they both stayed really warm in their costumes!
The bedroom CLOSET was started on the 3rd....Had an ultrasound done.....nope, we didn't find out the sex!!
Oct 16th, Lexi started potty training!!!

NOVEMBER - I had an accident on the ice.......yikes, scared me & caused $100 damage to the van.

Our boy turned 5 on the 2nd.

We went to visit Angie & Loren over Thanksgiving. The kids are all growing up & now playing NICE together!! Don't have to constantly be watching/referring them!! We had a really nice weekend. Even the extra HOUR we added on to the drive home wasn't all that bad!!

DECEMBER - I have to go back to working 40 hrs/week. My first week back, I called in sick one day!!

Got a new computer & new digital camera. FINALLY figuring out both!

Phil & I had a really nice getaway after the holiday's. We went to the Twin Cities & spent lots of $$$$....or should I say *I* spent lots of $$$. He won at the casino, so he came home WITH money, not me! Between shopping & gambling, I came home VERY empty handed!!

I am growing & growing......

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2003 was great to us....let us continue to be blessed in 2004!!