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Friday, January 25, 2008

Zander's Screening

I took him yesterday afternoon for the early childhood screening. He had that same question Bodie did.....A door is made of wood, a window is made of.....and he said GLASS. When she was reviewing at the end, she said, wow he got that one right. I think he's the first kid today to get it right!

He passed everything fine but is soooooooooo darn shy. When she'd put something in front of him & say "tell me everything about that", he wouldn't say it word until she asked questions about it. What is it? What color is it? What do you do with it. He'd answer them all right but he would NOT offer anything before that...and that was for each & every item! THe funny part was after every single time he gave an answer to the lady, he'd immediately look over at me with a HUGE grin. After EVERY single answer. It was hard to hold my laugh in!

He's following the others in the 90th/95th percentile for both height & weight.

He did worry me on the hearing test....for a long time he said he didn't hear anything. So then they tested it to make sure it was working & it was & then FINALLY he heard it. It's such a quiet sound I don't think he knew what he was suppose to hear but he did finally catch on & passed that as well as the vision test.


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