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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007...a Blog Review

I've been doing this blog for 4+ years now. Wow. It's funny to go back & read some of the things I've written & see how the kids have changed. I don't think I've ever done a year in review on here so I thought it would be fun to look back at 2007 & highlight some high points....and low ones as well! Take a look back & reminisce with me. (Be sure to click on the links to see the previous posts!)

Phil, Nick, & I went to Cubs Fest in Iowa last January. Phil unloaded some of his sports cards & I loaded the van up with the empty space he left with my shopping bags! We are doing the show again this year & instead of cards, he's gonna try selling his framed artwork he is doing. We are staying at the same hotel which is in walking distance (via the Skywalk) to the convention center. I know one thing that will be different this year. Last year, I WATCHED as Phil & Nick played around in the exercise room. This year, I'll be actually USING the equipment!! heheheh

Nick got the horrible CROUP & we had to go to the ER. That sucked.

Nick managed to get his first 1st place Wrestling win.

Ashley got engaged!

SNOW got in our house!

We had a big snowstorm.....and just a reminder to listen to the WOMAN!

Zander had a RAINBOW of fun when he turned 3!

We got some new PETS for a few days and had a CRAZY story to go with it.

Well he is nearing 41 but I have to say after these incidents last year, things got better for the old Man in this house.

Another new PET for a few hours.

One of my favorite pictures of Zach.........

Hoping we get the boat running this summer so we can do more of THIS

It was the year we said NO MORE and GOODBYE.

Our PRINCESS turned 6....

Two happy kids on their first day of SCHOOL!

We did some PAINTING this year here & HERE.......

We tore off the FRONT deck.

We tried CARVING pumpkins.

Another doctor visit for him this year and then he turned NINE.

BAMBI was killed....and we learned how to make ring bologna & homemade jerky. Thanks Bambi.

Went to a lot of VOLLEYBALL games.

Enjoyed a NIGHT out with my sister & my nieces. Also tells me I'm getting old as they are both legal now!

Our BABY turned TWO and I'm still making them homemade cakes!

Circle full of COUSINS!

After spending months & months in growing her bangs out...we gave a few back!

Someone can see BETTER

The CROUP came for a 2nd time in a year.

Zander was in his first session of gymnastics & I got a new flip video & had fun making this little movie.

We had a Xmas Eve that we'll always remember with the flu bug going from person to person.

Our princess has been taking WONDERFUL care of her new DIAMONDS!

And that's some of the events from our year!


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