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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Just CLOWIN' around.....

Saturday, October 25, 2003

We have a closet door!

Daddy & his helpers are making progress.......

Is this CRAZY or what?!?

Check out my Ebay auction.....

I can't believe it......I KNOW I got this at a garage sale for Nick & it doesn't fit anymore. I probably paid $.50 for it. If people are paying this much for gently USED clothes, how much will they pay for it NEW??

I'm thinking Target might need a visit & see what I can find!!

Monday, October 20, 2003

My new purse.......

This is really for Marcie & Angie. Do you like it!??! Pics aren't that great, but you get the idea, check it out!!!!!! It's like brand new too!!!

Oh, did I mention I paid $.75 for it (in Nick language...that is THREE quarters :-) Good deal, huh?!?!?

The REAL test ...........

Another update on Lexi! Today was her first day away from mommy & daddy as far as potty training goes. She went to Mary's today.

We took her potty chair with (well, the top part of it that you can fit on the big toilet). Here at home she uses the whole chair.

Anyhow, I wasn't sure how she would do today. I dropped her off in pink pants........and when I went to pick her up......she was STILL in her pink pants!!

I said "Lexi, you didn't have ANY accidents today?" And then Mary says "nope....but she never went either" HUH?? She never went pee at ALL TODAY!?

She went at 8:15am for me. It was about 8:45 when I dropped them off. Then Mary said they tried at 10, & again at 1 before nap. NOTHING. She put a pull up on her for nap, but she woke up dry. I got there about 3:45 pm. I took her to the bathroom & she did pee w/ me.

So then we got home & she went into the house, I went & got the mail & was carrying some stuff in. She was in the bathroom w/ her pants down & trying to figure out what was missing from her potty chair. I was just bringing that in & she said she had to poop.

So she pooped. She must have been holding that all day too.

She did GREAT tonight. Another poop around supper & not a single accident today!! We are so proud of her!

But I'm not sure if her holding it all day like that was good???? I've heard of little ones holding their poop (KENNEDY!?!?!) but not pee.

Tomorrow-Thurs she goes to grandma's & I'll bring the whole potty chair thing & see how it goes. I hope it's not that she can ONLY go to the bathroom with mommy or daddy. That wouldn't be good!!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

Potty training update......

This is the 4th day Lexi has been wearing underwear. In 4 days, she has had 2 accidents!! Pretty darn good! The one last night was probably by own fault. I had dropped the kids off at Barb & Mark's & went to the mall (had to spend my Gymbucks!!). When I got back, Barb had said that Lexi hadn't gone at all & so I should have put her on the toilet right away. I asked her if she had to go & she mumbled something & then I was busy w/ the food I brought & about 10 seconds later she said she peed. I'll take the blame on that one!

She woke up dry this morning too......is down for her nap now & so far the 3 days she has been able to stay dry during her nap.

Last weekend I bought 2 MEGA packs of diapers. It's looking like we won't need those anymore!! I guess the real test will come next week when she's not w/ mommy or daddy but with Grandma & Mary. Hopefully they can work with her & keep it up!!

I wasn't expecting to be DIAPER FREE in 2003!!!!!! Hope I'm not jinxing myself here!!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Potty Training!!

Yesterday Phil had Lexi in underwear all day. I came home & when she woke up from her nap (in her unders) she was dry. So we sat on the pot after she got up. She didn't have to go, but she did try.

Then we went to the park for awhile. Came back (about an hour later) & put her on the pot again & she had pee. Phil had told me that she hadn't pooped yet, so watch for that.

So then I was in the kitchen getting supper ready or whatever & I heard the laundry chute slam shut. I said "who was that" It was Lexi...and she came down the hall naked. She said she had peed.....so she threw her underwear down the chute & then wanted to put her jeans back on. Well, I said "no you can't put those back on, they are wet" So we threw them down the chute too.

So it was an hour or so later by the time I was able to get downstairs to throw a load of laundry in. I'm going through & pick her unders up to find a nice turd in them. GROSS. Usually she tells us when she poops....like IMMEDIATLEY afterwards! But this time, since she had underwear on, she knew they had to be washed & just tossed them down the chute!

I guess she's wearing underwear again today (napping now, so we'll see how she does this evening!)

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Ultrasound was today!!

I was suppose to have the appt at 8:30 today...yesterday they call & say they have to change it, can I come in at 10:00. Sure. So I get there at 10:00, Phil & Lexi meet me there while Nick is at school.

We sit in the waiting room until 10:30.....Lexi LOVED that ;-) Great start, huh??

Then they call my name & I know the lady. Neighbor to my parent's...has been doing US's for 20+ years I suppose. She did Nick's US too. VERY nice lady & I like her. So I'm feeling good.

So she takes us into the room w/ 2 other techs. She's explaining the machine to one of the ladies & I'm wondering what the hell is going on. Then she leaves. This other lady says "I've been doing US's for 20 yrs....just not on this machine"

Wonderful. At *least* she wasn't a rookie, but kind of felt that way as she didn't know the machine very well at all.

First thing she asked us was if we knew if it was a boy or girl. We said NO. Then she asked if we wanted to know. We hesitated. I sort of said no....Phil says "you said no"

So she does all the measurements & such. Did a picture for us. HORRIBLE. I think she was rushed at the end. I asked a question or two during it & she said "just be patient & I'll show you all you want to see after I'm done w/ the measurements"

Well, she got done & then time was up. Phil asked at the end then what it was. She says "I thought you didn't want to know, so I didn't look. I have no idea"

So I'm wiped up & then she says "well let's take a look"

So she looks again....the other lady says "well you can whisper it to him" (I was so hesitant about it. I think either you WANT to know or not. I was in the middle!)

She looks around..........maybe a whole 5 seconds. "well, I'm sorry but I don't know, I can't see"

So I don't know if because we sounded so undecided that she took it as a no, or if she just needed to get us out of there!

We left, I was fine. Phil was disappointed I could tell. Really surprised me because he was always saying that it didn't matter if he knew or not & if I didn't want to know that was fine. Well, I could tell he was NOT fine with it! MEN! He said "it would be neat to know if you have a chance to find out" He only has 4 1/2 more months & we'll know! LOL

I'm still going with my gut feeling that it's a girl. How about some name suggestions? Seems like everyone I've suggested has been a NO. I'm running out of names I like!!

Sunday, October 12, 2003


There are two birthdays in the family today! My dad is SIXTY - EIGHT.......68!!! When are you gonna retire?!?!?

And cousin Jennie is right behind me as she hits the big 3 0 today!! THIRTY!! You are getting old Jennie ;-)

Birthday wishes to both of you!!

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Doctor appointment yesterday......

I'm 19 weeks today & I haven't felt the baby move yet. I have been worried (movement can be felt anywhere from 17-21 weeks) so I went in yesterday to make sure everything was alright. And it was. My next appointment is in 2 weeks. On Tuesday, we go in for an ultrasound.

I had a girl's name picked out that I liked......only to get it shot down by Phil. Back to the books I guess.

Just got the news that my cousin Tom & his wife had a baby boy today! A BIG baby boy that is! She was a week overdue & he was 9 lbs 12 oz. They started to induce her Wed at 3 pm & the baby FINALLY came on Thursday at 5 pm. That is OVER 24 hours......and for a first child too. Poor Dorothy!! Here is a picture of Jason Thomas!

Friday, October 03, 2003

Where has the time gone!?!?!

I was just going through an old website & found some pictures....

She was just learning to crawl. In this picture I can also see the resemblance to Nick.

This was around April, 2002.

This was by far the worst accident we've had yet...........and we didn't even have to go to the ER!! Yikes!!

Wonder what other old pictures I have out there in cyber space!

The closet has begun..........

We are in the process of adding a closet to the basement bedroom. I had *thought* we were going to hire a professional to do the job. I was wrong.

As I type, Mr. Handy Man himself (AKA PHIL) is starting to work on the closet himself. He is having a friend from work come later in the week to help. This friend has an *air gun* Impressive, ey?!? Here are some before pictures. This is as you would be walking into it. Here there will be a wall put up against the water heater & softener. It should be a really nice walk-in closet when it is finished. Something along these lines is what we are hoping for. It's gonna be huge. Probably like the one pictured near the bottom. It'll be a U shape I think.

It will be nice to gett things more organized around here! I just hope it turns out halfway decent & not too much DUCT tape is involved.