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Saturday, April 30, 2005

So maybe we don't have any mice afterall....

Phil took some time & cleaned off the shelves in the garage. The trap has been set for a couple of days now & nothing. We are thinking the deposits we saw are from the family of mice we had back in the fall.

And I think Tires Plus pulled one over on my saying I have mice living under the hood of the van.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Our UNINVITED guests are BACK!

Thank god NOT in the house though!! I took the van in today for an oil change. The guy comes out & says "maam, this is your air filter......and it appears that you have a mouse making a nest in this filter" The filter was heaping full of insulation.

After I got home & looked around the garage, I see they were leaving some deposits on some old sheets & blankets we have on the shelf. Gross, but proof they are out there.

The trap has now been moved out into the garage........should we guess how many there are?!?! I'm gonna say a LOT after seeing that huge pile of insulation. Course I also wonder if some of that was a set up........getting me to buy a $60 filter which Phil says he could have gotten one for $6.00. The insulation was white & the stuff in the garage is yellow.

Monday, April 25, 2005

And yet another reason we LOVE Garage Sales!

I bought a pair of pants for Nick at a garage sale. He was checking out the pockets & pulled out a $10 bill from one of the side pockets! Pretty cool for $1 pair of pants, huh?!?

Just makes me wonder how many items I've sold/donated in which *I'VE* left money in the pockets!! This isn't the first time we've found money.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I bought a Sony Mavica Digital Camera at a garage sale yesterday. I was gonna sell it on Ebay, but now I think I might keep it for myself!! This picture & the one of Zander below were taken with it. I have to try taking an outside shot yet....the lady said it didn't work for outside pics. It's a few years newer than my Mavica. My Mavica uses a floppy disk, this one uses a CD, so I'm moving up!

Our Happy Guy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

1st OB Appointment!

I went in for my 1st doctor appointment today. I am 11 weeks & the official due date is November 7th. He did find the heartbeat.........and then had to tease me & says "and here's the 2nd one" Ha Ha. I told him twins don't run in the family!! I also was able to talk him into letting me skip a couple of the monthly appointments since they really don't amount to much. And since our health insurance doesn't cover things like they used. I don't have to see him for another 8 weeks & then 8 weeks after that! Yeah! He also said the ultrasound was up to me if I wanted one done around 21 weeks. We never find out the sex ahead of time anyhow so we may as well as save that $200.!!

Zander has popped tooth number 5 finally. He has had the 4 teeth FOREVER! He is walking all over the place now & can get up in the middle of the room on his own. He just started doing that a few days ago.