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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Where are the pictures!??! Oops, didn't get any!!! Yikes!!

So we left the house about 5:30 & got home about 8:00. We headed to New Ulm first & stopped at Papa Murphy's for the free cookie dough. Nick LOVES that stuff & his was gone right away. I might be able to make a few cookies w/ the other kids'. We then headed to the Legion where they got treat bags, juice, & other goodies.

After that we went to STATE STREET. Where everyone goes these days. They get darn near 1000 kids I guess. We got there about 6:00 & it was still light out which was great. We brought the wagon with for Zachary which worked out good. Well, Phil & the 3 kids went ahead of us for a little bit & then when we caught up for a bit & Lexi & Zander stayed with us & Nick & Phil went ahead. Why they were in SUCH a hurry I haven't figured out yet. So we did about 6 blocks, both sides! Then Phil dropped me, Nick, Lexi, & Zander off at Aunt Linda's and him & Zach drove to Grandma's. We walked from Linda's & hit some more houses. Zander's bucket was so full that Linda had to give us a bag so he could start over!!

We then hit Grandma's block & took a candy break at her house. We got home & was gonna hit up our neighbors but they all had their lights out!! We did go next door though. Got home & unloaded the loot. Zachary was the worst as far as the candy went. He had a HUGE fit when I took his away!! I'm not even sure how much he ate. Some he'd open up, not like & go to the next piece! He was funny.....we did about 10 blocks on State Street where he was fine sitting in the wagon the whole time & every so often I'd get him out to go up to a house, otherwise he was fine with just getting a wagon ride & watching everyone else. Then, about the last 2 or 3 blocks, he figured it out. He got out of the wagon & would go up to the houses to get his candy! Would get a piece, turn around, back to the wagon for a ride to the next house!!

They all did great. Zander walked a TON tonight!! The whole way on State Street...about 12 blocks & then from Linda's to Grandma's..another 4-5 blocks! I'm sure he'll sleep GREAT tonight with all that exercise!!

In case you are wondering...

Nick - Pirate
Lexi - Pirate
Zander - Winnie the POOH
Zachary - Pumpkin
Me - Tigger (I kept nice & warm in my costume!) Actually none of the kids complained about being cold....Nick was the one that was dressed the least too but w/ all his running he had his blood flowing good!

SMILIN' ......

Yes, this is BEFORE the doctor came!!! He ended up cutting his nail twice. Boy was Nick hurting, but he didn't cry! Afterward I said to him "it looked like you were about to cry"
Nick said "not in front of him I wasn't going to!" It's Ok to cry in front of mom/dad but not the doctor! He's on antiboitics for 5 days & if it's not any better, he'll have to go back. He will then numb the foot & I guess cut off more of the nail....or something.
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I made cupcakes last night to take to school today for Nick's Bday treat (he won't be at school on Friday & tomorrow is another girl's bday, so today it was!) So I planned on making these 3 different kinds of cupcakes. One Eyed Monster, Pumpkin, & Bats. After doing the Bats & Pumpkins, I skipped even trying the monster one! I was beat after having to decorate 29 of those things!!
Of course mine look NOTHING like the pictures, why IS that?!
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My One Eyed Monster....

After doing all the other ones, I didn't even attempt the monster ones, instead just threw on sprinkles! Ha ha!
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Their Bats....

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My Bats

I got the SUPER size Whoppers! OOPS!
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What it SHOULD look like

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My Pumpkins

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Carving Pumpkins!

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Nick's Pumpkin!

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spent the whole time *sawing* the stem of his pumpkin!
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Lexi's Pumpkin!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


He's not having very good luck. Tomorrow I have to take him to the doctor at 11:00 am. NOT looking forward to that. He has what I think is an ingrown toenail that has become infected. From what the nurse said over the phone, if this is the case, the doctor will numb the area (guessing a SHOT in the toe to numb it) and proceed to cut part of the nail off. The kid is gonna freak if he has to get a needle in the toe! Mama is gonna freak at the sight of that as well!!

He got a note sent home from school that he didn't pass the vision test.....so I've made an appointment to get his eyes checked in a couple of weeks. He is NOT liking the idea of glasses........AT ALL. "I won't wear them" is what he is saying.

Couple of fun things we are dealing w/ as our eldest who will soon be NINE years old!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trick or Treat w/ the MAVERICKS!

Grandma & I took Nick & Lexi over to Mankato today to play games with the MSU Maverick sports teams. They all had different events for the kids to do & then handed out candy. When we got there, Ashley quit her job (not ever sure what she was doing???) and tagged along with it. Here's Nick taking on STOMPER in basketball. Nick's favorite was the baseball one. He kept going back doing it over & over. He was hitting the balls WAY up into the stands, it was hilarious!! They were suppose to hit it into the net but he had to hit as HARD as he could you know!
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Goggles in the Bucket

Here they had to throw goggles into a bucket. (See Ashley in the background holding Nick's candy bag? Now we know why his bag was empty when we left!!)
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Lexi taking on the Hockey girls!
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Here Nick had to run through the football players who were all yelling at him & then at the end spike the Football. Lexi wouldn't do this one. Ashley & I said we'd run through with her but she still wouldn't do it!
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Here is Lexi beating Nick in the hurdle race!
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Party

Today the Courtland Lions put on a Halloween party. Took the kids & they had different activities for them to do. They all had fun....here they are digging for gold.....or something!
(Heard there were 158 kids that showed up!)
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Duck Pond!

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Pumpkins & Tees....

Zachary sat & did this for a LONG time today! He loved it! Zander had fun with it as well. I remember when Nick was this age he sat forever & did it too!
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Face Painting

He sat so still while getting his face painted today. Shocked me! I didn't think he stay sitting!
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Our Two Pirates!

Yes Nick is trying to chop off Lexi's neck w/ his sword.
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Pirate Nick!

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Pumpkin Zachary!

See the big gash on his head...poor boy fell off the chair in the kitchen & got a deep cut out of it.
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