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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thanks to Aunt Tammi, Lexi & Zander were able to go swimming last night! I wasn't sure if Zander would go in or not but he did & he swam for about an hour with her. Lexi loved it too...it's been awhile since they've been in the pool!

Nick & Eric played basketball in the water the whole 2 hours we were there! Nick is holding the ball & Eric is making some kind of face there!

And this is what the little guy was doing while his brothers & sister were swimming. After he woke up, I put him in the Bjorn & walked the track. I walked a mile. Felt good to walk again & now I'm deciding if I should buy a treadmill or join the gym. Or do neither!

Monday, December 26, 2005

CHRISTMAS DAY...Walter Family Gathering!

The women getting ready to play some games at the Walter party. The men are on the other side...this is about half the crowd. There were alot of people there this year & LOTS of little kids!! It was a fun day!

Getting a candy cane from Santa!! Zander wasn't afraid of him this time....I think it was because of the candy!

Jennie & Zach!


Playing the drums!

Checking out Zander's new drum set!

Christmas Eve at Nachreiner's!!

Uncle Marty, Lexi, & Randy in the background!

Best cousins......Nick just HAD to make a face!

Zachary with Auntie Tammi

The proud new dads!! Phil, Zach, Kylee, & Adam.

Zachary checking out his 2nd cousin Kylee (is that what she is? I'm not sure...she is my nephew's daughter).

Does anyone else think Phil needs a haircut!?!?! I tell him everyday.

Linnea & Zander.....

Lexi & Libby playing with Polly Pockets, what else?!? Lexi's favorite!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Santa & Santa's Little Helper!!

I've got LOTS of pictures from Christmas but had to get this one posted of our first smile caught on camera!! He was showing my cousin Sara all kinds of smiles!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Holiday Treats!!

I know Jennie likes to see my creations.....Lexi & I made these the other day.

The second batch turned our way cuter...they are like the picture below. We are bringing some to Sanborn so you can try them then! They are so easy to make that you could even make them Jennie & impress your co-workers!! Maybe for Valentine's day....you could do it with red & white M & M's.

Zander got to open a present early....he got a Barney vaccuum. Clean Up Clean Up....his favorite thing! Can you tell he got his first haircut today?!?!? He looks so different now! Such a cutie.....

We let the kids open a present tonight.....LEGOS. They have been building with them for the last 2 1/2 HOURS!! Great find Phil!!!

Lexi made a barn she said!

Nick's creation....

Eric's creation...

Tried to get Zachary smiling...he just couldn't do it when the camera was on him!! He's still cute though! After doing some research, I'm now thinking Zach may have reflux. Have any of you dealt with it, know anything about it?? I will be talking to my doctor about it next week when I see him. There isn't anything you can do for it, just let him outgrow it I guess.

Nick's school had a Sing A Long today....Grandma, Zander, Grandpa, Lexi, Zachary & I went to it. Phil was on midnights this week so he was home sleeping....he didn't miss much!! I thought each grade would do something, but they didn't. The band played & we sang...and that was about it!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Zachary/Chiropractor Update

Last Friday was our 4th visit to the chiropractor. The treatments don't really seem to be helping as far as I can tell. When we were getting ready to leave, the receptionist said "see you next week" I looked at the doctor & said "I thought we were done after four" He says "what, you think four treatments & they are cured?" Well, Phil & I *SWEAR* he said it would be four times. So we made an appointment for Monday.

I took him on Monday & the doctor sat me down & said he wanted to explain a few things. Went over his stuff & said that sometimes they can see an improvement in babies after one treatment, while some take longer. He said it's usually between 3-6 treatments they do & then even after that some parents choose to come once/month. All people are different. Really? And I was told to be patient. You come live here for a day & we'll see what kind of patience you have!!

So Monday was number five & we go tomorrow (Thursday) for number six. I don't think it's gonna make a difference. I think we'll be done after tomorrow. Zachary will outgrow the colic the same time the *treatment* starts to work!!

Sad to say it didn't work for us, but I have heard from a few friends on how it did work for them & their babies.

We have good days & bad days here. Yesterday was really bad....today was much better. Course I took Zach & Zander to Target while Lexi was at school so that helped. Getting Zachary out of the house always seems to help.

Oh, and poor Zander woke up this morning with the croup that Nick had last week. I called the clinic & was able to get a prescription called in without having to take him in. Phil is picking that up now. So now it only has to hit Lexi & Zachary. Pray it doesn't! Or if it does, it at least waits until AFTER the holidays!!

And to end on a positive note.....we got our first smiles out of Zachary...in between the crying!! Smile one minute & cry the next!

Before Lexi's program.

Lexi's Xmas program was Sunday at Immuanel church. We sat in the last row so the only picture we got was her walking in! She did a great job with her song & the narration she had.

Zachary loves to check people out!

Checking out Nana

Snuggle boy!

It was customer appreciation day at the bank....check out the cookies....mmmmmm. What's Nick wearing you ask?? It's his sparring equipment.

Zachary's Baptism!

We had a private service on Friday night. The grandparents & sponsors were there. Also cousin Ashley ;-) She was in town for a few days and on Saturday I took her to the airport so she could head to Texas for a MONTH. A MONTH off of school & a MONTH away from this weather! Lucky girl! She is really from the south.....Phil told her to go warm up the van & so she did. We all head out & the garage door is still shut!! Phil says "you know we open the door when the vehicle is running" She says "well I didn't know, we don't have to PREHEAT our cars in Texas!" Preheat...I love it!! There was another funny thing she said but of course now I can't remember what it was! We are gonna miss her but I'm sure she's glad to be away from my kids for awhile!! Especially fussy butt Zachary. She got a TRUE taste of him on Thursday.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

One Hellious Day..........

Friday is Zachary's last day at the chiropractor. I thought it was helping but after today I'm not sure. He was really fussy today & was awake pretty much all day. Had a two hour nap & that was about it. He really was hard today & my niece Ashley was here & got to experience it!! Lucky her!!

And if hearing a baby cry for hours on end isn't bad....I had to go to the dentist to get two cavities filled. It's been 5 hours & my mouth is STILL numb. And I'm HUNGRY!!

Heading to bed to get a couple hours of sleep before duty calls.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Now that's a BIG Icicle!!!!!!!!

SANTA CAME TO COURTLAND!! Nick's going over his list with Santa! I first took Lexi & Zander to see Santa. Nick didn't want to go with. But when they came home with a big bag of candy....his eyes got all watery.....so Phil took him to the Rec Hall so he could get his bag too!

Lexi telling Santa that "mini Polly Pockets" are on her wish list this year!

This is as close as Zander got to Santa! He didn't cry, he just wouldn't sit on his lap. Which isn't surprising, he won't even sit on stranger's lap, let alone someone with a big white beard!!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


We took Zachary to the chiropractor yesterday. Phil thinks the adjusments to the spine will help his crying. Guess it won't hurt anything to try. He wants to see him 3x next week & hopefully that is suppose to be it.

We will see. Let's hope it helps!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


Someone had a MAJOR fit tonight. Lexi left the camera out & HE wanted to use it but mommy said no. This is what happens when you say NO to the Zan Man!!

Lexi got a hold of the camera...here are a few pictures from her view! Yep, some are kind of blurry!

Self portrait....just needed to smile!

Mommy talking to Zachary "you don't have to be fussy all the time, you can just sit nice for awhile, can't you?"

Caught mommy eating a cookie!


Tilt your head a little.......

Self portrait...