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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Playing w/ the digital camera.......

We tried out the timer on the new digital camera today. Not too bad of a shot, whatcha think??

Saturday, December 20, 2003

At least it's a QUICK Flu bug....

So far Lexi had the bug (for a couple of days) then it was Nick's turn last Sunday. He was better by evening. My turn was yesterday.

Thursday night I didn't sleep well & had the nauseated/puke feeling. Alarm went off & I got up to get ready for work. Was slow moving. Finally I made myself throw up. That was disgusting. Phil had put a roast in the crock pot for Thursday's supper & that was what came up. DISGUSTING.

I thought I'd feel better after that so I went to work. Was still feeling icky. Went to the bathroom & had a little case of the runs. After being at work a whole hour, I left.

Came home to get some rest. Oh wait, Phil was home w/ the kids.

I was JUST about asleep on the couch & Lexi starts yelling for some milk.

Then I go to the bedroom & was JUST about asleep again when she comes yelling about something else.

Then by afternoon when she is down for her nap, Phil gets Nick to nap & the house is QUIET..........but I can't FALL asleep!!!!!!!!!!!

He took the kids to Happy Joe's for supper to let me rest some more.

I didn't puke anymore but just had an awful stomach ache all day.

Watched a movie last night & went to bed. (Catch Me if You Can.....good movie!)

Woke up this morning & felt MUCH better. So I started picking up the house.......then I must of started to overdo it cause my stomach starting cramping.

So I sat down....then ran to the bathroom. It all came out....................(the bottom end, not my mouth!) Felt much better after that & I'm back to feeling normal again ;-)

So, now we wait to see if it hits Phil, right??

Nick's last day of preschool was Thursday & they had a visitor!

It was also his last night of gymnastics & again they had a visitor. It was funny cause Nick was on his lap & then Lexi just went right up in front of the other kids & waited for Santa to put her on his other leg!! Like we said, she does WHATEVER Nick does!! I'm sure a big part of her not being afraid of him is seeing her big brother not afraid!

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Merry Christmas from Parker Hannifin!!

Our power went off today at work for about 45 mins. Not sure what happened. So during this time, they decide to call an all-employee meeting.

They made the announcement that the Holiday Shutdown we were going to have is NOT gonna happen. We were suppose to work next Mon & Tues & then be off Wed-Fri & the following WHOLE week. So, what do you do when you know you are gonna be off work for a week and a 1/2??? You make PLANS. Hello.

We have a hotel booked for 2 nights & we aren't cancelling that!! Plus, I sure the hell don't want to work the day after X-mas. I told my boss I'd probably be calling in then. We are gonna meet tomorrow because he wants one of us three (other lady was out today) there on those days the place will be open. What a crock.

Tomorrow I'm gonna put up a big sign by my cubicle w/ the # 10 & they can figure out if I'm talking about 10 weeks before the baby comes or 10 weeks until my last day. It means BOTH!!!

Sure makes it easier about not going back to work later!! To give a week notice like that. And .....they mentioned working BOTH Saturdays too! I asked my boss if that pertained to office too or just manufacturing. He said mfg. Be damn if I work the Saturdays too!! They are lucky they got me back to 40 hours!!

Ah, let's see what tomorrow brings!!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

It's been awhile.........

I'm still around.....

Got the new Dell & so I'm trying to get things back to normal here. Finally was able to get my email address book transferred over. Still trying to do the Favorites. One doesn't realize how much *stuff* is on a computer until they no longer have easy access to it & have to start over! The old computer has YEARS of my stuff on it.

And we got a new digital camera I'm trying to figure out too & if I like it or not. Hard to get used to & really haven't had much time in using it yet.

Next week I'm back to full time. Well, I already put in for 4 hrs vacation for Thursday! Nick has his winter celebration at school & then I have a doctor appointment. Diabetes test so it will be a longer appointment. Will be 30 weeks at that appoinment! I am getting bigger & bigger every day! Phil said this morning that he thinks this will be the biggest weight gain for me. Wonderful, huh? We both think I am so huge now & how much more can I stretch in these next 10 weeks?? I've noticed it depends on what I wear. Some shirts can make me look so big while others are a better slimming.

To follow up from my last post, I am going back to work 40 hours week until the baby comes. I will then get full pay for the 12 weeks I'll be off. If they don't have a PT job, then I'll be giving my resignation. Food stamps here we come!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Decision time.............

Boss came up to me today & says "can you stop in my office when you have a few minutes"

Ok, *that* doesn't sound good from the start, does it?!?!

Then I go in there & he SHUTS the door.......ok, that's even WORSE! He says "I know you don't want to hear this......but it's time. It's back to 40 hours/week"

He would like an answer in the next couple of days. If I decide that yes I will commit to 40 hrs/week....I have to start the week of the 15th of December. I would then work 40 hrs up until the baby comes. He also said that Parker has an EXCELLENT maternity benefit package. He wasn't sure what it was.

Or, I could stay at 32 hrs until they hire a replacement & do some training which he thought would take me into mid Jan or so.

Or I could give 2 weeks notice NOW & leave them high & dry.......and leave us poor!!!

I did find out the maternity benefits. It's different for everyone & goes by your # of years of service. I would get TWELVE weeks of FULL pay during my maternity leave as a full-time employee!

So the way it is looking, I will work 40 hrs starting on the 15th of Dec until March (just over 2 mos) & then collect 3 mos of pay & then I'll probably quit if it's still a 40 hr week job only.

My boss knows I'm smart & could/would do this. He said it's a chance they'd have to take. He does NOT want me to leave & has been doing everything he can to make it work.

He then came back an hour or so later & says "I have something else too" It's in the works yet, but Parker is now looking at a Pension plan. There weren't any details or anything yet, but if it works the way most pension plans do, they start after you have 10 years w/ the company. For example. Phil said that at Kraft, after 10 years, you are fully vested & it amounts to about $30/month for every year you are there. So if you quit after 10 years, at the time of your retirement, you could collect $300/month from your pension.

My 10 years with the company is next Oct. So if this IS the case.........then I'd probably go back in June until Oct!!

SO much to think about..........but I think I can tough it out full time until March in order to get THREE months of pay!! Wouldn't you?!?! Any other suggestions!?!?

First proof ...........

Here is the possible holiday picture we may use.......if *only* Lexi would have smiled. The other pictures will be done on Friday hopefully.