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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Exersaucer Time!!

He's a little small for it yet, but we thought we'd give him a change of scenery for a little while!

Zander is showing him how to push down on the toy to make it work!

New Rooms!

We moved the kids around. Lexi lost her big bedroom to the boys. So we painted her new room her favorite color.....PURPLE!! We didn't do anything in the boys room. We just need to get some window treatments & in a few years when they are both in beds we'll probably do some redecorating then. Here are a few pics of the new rooms!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Vintage Find!

I found this cool scale yesterday & so I had to steal the picture idea from a blog I had come across. Of course my picture isn't as nice as the one I had seen, but it still turned out neat! Helps to have an adorable model too!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Thumb action!

He found it today! Poor kid kept poking himself in the eye though! Big Z will need to show him the RIGHT way to suck your thumb!!


Here is Zachary at 3 mos & Zander's 2 yr (taken a little early!) pictures. Zander doesn't look to bad considering how he is for pictures!! I'll be mailing out these next week so if you don't get one & want one, just email me! I've got PLENTY as the Wal-mart packages are huge!

I'm not too happy with Zach's picture. Too light. I guess Abu didn't realized that white wasn't a good background with what he was wearing. Oh well, we'll be doing this again in 3 months!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy 39th Birthday Phil!!!

Wishing you a great day....of sleep!! LOL He's on midnights this week & is sleeping right now. I made some cupcakes last night for him to take to work. They must have been good, he didn't bring any home! Zander & I just put a roast in the crock pot for supper. So if you get the carrot that had a bite taken out of it, well that was from your little boy!!!

We are leaving soon to pick Lexi up from school and then we'll head to town to wash the van & pick up your birthday cake. A Dairy Queen one, your favorite!! Lexi wants to pick it out, so if we come home with a Barbie one, that is why! heheheh

This looks like it was your 10th Birthday....if I counted the candles right (nothing written on the back of the picture to help me out!!)

We love you Phil!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Houston, we have a problem....

Zachary has figured out how to roll over. We have yet to witness it though! We put him in his crib on his tummy & the last few days we have gone in there & the little stinker is on his BACK with the arms a swingin!! I think he scares himself when he does it! This seemed kind of early to me (3 1/2 mos) so I looked up the other boys & Zander didn't roll over until 5 mos and that was from back to tummy & tummy to back was 5 1/2 mos. Nick was 3 1/2 mos for back to tummy & around 4 mos for tummy to back.

****** Added 2/22 9 am. Yes we have a problem. Last night Zach woke up at 10, 12, 3, & 6 am. On his back each time & arms waving like crazy! He is gonna have to learn to LIKE sleeping on his back or else!!


Yes I was a Blondie at one time in my life!! This is where Zander got it from!
This was my kindergarten picture. Gee mom, couldn't you have at least cut my bangs before pictures?!?!? You can barely see my beautiful BLUE eyes!! (Yep, Zander got those as well!)

Sad kids!

Now we can see where Zander gets his camera shy attitude from!! Here is me at 2 years & no idea how old Phil is.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Yeah! I got a new scanner!!

Of course it didn't scan the erased parts but here is Nick's paper from school. It's what he will look like in 100 years. That is him with a REALLY long beard, one strand of hair & holding a microphone. What got erased is in the lower left area. Nick is in his coffin & he drew his tombstone above it & wrote NICK. Too funny & definately saving this one for him!!

Their First Professional Picture!

Had this taken last week at Shayd's of Color.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Enjoying the sunny Arizona weather at Troy's house!

Throw away the KEY!!

They all should be locked up, shouldn't they?!!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

100th Day of School!

Oh how I wish I had a working scanner! Nick brought home his papers the other day & they were to draw what they would look like in 100 years. So Nick drew himself in a coffin. Teacher made him erase that. What?!? Is he gonna live to 107??? I don't think so!

So he ended up drawing himself....with one piece of hair!! It was so funny, you could see how he erased the body in the coffin!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day From Lexi, Zander, Zachary, & Nick!

Happy V-Day from Big Z & Little Z!

Phil likes to take pics of sleeping babies......does he have enough stuffed animals in there?!!? His new favorite now is the little Care Bear!

The boy is AGING!!! WAHHHHHHH All of his nice black hair in the back is going away!!! And it's funny because he sleeps on his tummy so doesn't rub his back head all that much!!

Happy Valentine's Day from Lexi Rose!! This was at her school party yesterday. I was able to help with the party. Our neighbor Sue came over to watch Z1 & Z2. Z2 slept the whole time so she just had Z1. Which is enough as it is!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The DOG ate it!!

Lexi was learning about the letter *O* at school this week. She brought home the letter & they had made it out of *OATMEAL*. She left it on the floor & the next thing we know, Kirby is eating the oatmeal pieces off of it!!! It was so funny.

So she REALLY can say "The DOG ate my homework"

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Watching the big Superbowl game! Phil, Zander (who was an absolute BEAR today), Eric, Ashley, Tammi, & Lexi. Do they all look comfy or what?!?!

Here I'm helping Ashley with her homework. Or maybe not....I was actually IM'ing with her girlfriend!!

Zach, me, Ashley (doing her homework), Rachael, Emily, & Haley. Mitch in the background.

Yep, we are high tech here....we had four computers going today!! Mark & I (I was using Ashley's) were on laptops, Nick was on his Mac, & our desktop was being used as well.

Lexi playing one of her games on the computer.

What hand you got Nick?? (Playing Poker of course!)

Whatcha looking at Mitch?!?

Mark listening to the Texas Longhorns game.

Nice picture Ashley!! (She took it herself!)

LETTER WINNER!!! She won this award & also MSU's first ever NCAA FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR award!! WTG Ashley, we are all so proud of you!! Can't wait for next season!!

While I was in the buffet line at the banquet, one mom asked me "so who's mom are you?" Ummmm, I'm an aunt I replied. Do I really look like I could be the mother of a 19 year old?!?!?

She's not afraid of him anymore!!!

Here we go again!! Zander brought the stroller over to me & gestured that he wanted to give Zach a little ride. Zach didn't seem to mind!

Ashley with her teammates at the Awards Banquet yesterday.

Uncle Mark getting a chance to hold little Zachary!

Who has more HAIR??!?!?

He LOVES his little brother.....sometimes TOO much!! He's CONSTANTLY touching, kissing, trying to do whatever he can to him!

First trip to the ER

Zachary has been fighting the cold all week. Friday night was a rough night for him. He would try coughing & his little nose/airways were just all congested up. I got scared & was worried he wouldn't be able to breath. So I headed to the ER with him at 4:37 am.....returned home at 7:05 am in the same condition we left.

They ran a bunch of different tests on him. The poor little guy was put through the ringer! They did the nasal swab to check for RSV....negative. They then took his blood to check the white cell count. That was the worst...he screamed so much while she was squeezing his little finger. That test came back in range which was good.

The last one they did was a chest X-ray. That was so hard to see him in that contraption. He had to have his little arms straight up & the thing was all tight around his body. Of course he screamed during that....which was what she wanted him to do. She took two pictures, then on the last one wasn't sure if it worked or not. So I got him all calmed down while she was reading them & said, nope I didn't get it we'll have to redo that one. So in we go again & screaming some more.

We were then done with that and so I got him calmed down & then we just sat & waited for the results. Well, he slept then! We finally got all the results back & were sent home. Just keep suctioning out his nose & give him tylenol. Which is exactly what I had been doing. So, glad it wasn't anything but yet was hoping to get something for some relief for him! Thought maybe they would do a neb treatment or even a steroid shot. But nope, nothing.

Today, Sunday, he seems to be doing better. Hoping we are on the home stretch with this cold business!

Zander still has the diarhea...I think this is day 5 now. Not sure what to do with him. He is still coughing & has the runny nose as well.

And the Groundhog saw his shadow...another 6 weeks of winter. Yeah!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Little Early....

And the sickness continues this week. Zander is still hacking/runny nose & today the diarhea. Yeah!! Zachary has the most pitiful cough & is stuffy. Lexi is coughing too. Phil has the cold too. Nick seems alright & I feel fine! I'm hoping I don't get it as we have the banquet on Saturday & the Superbowl party on Sunday. Oh & if I do get sick....Phil's says you all will know because I always get *THE* worst cold ever. Well I think I paid my dues back in Nov when I was so sick at 40+ weeks pregnant!!

As I look back through our archives....we were all sick last February. Here's that post:

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Let's see.....the sickness started with Phil almost 2 weeks ago. He went in for a strep test, & it came back negative. He then passed it on to Zander who had a really bad cold. I then got hit with it on Friday/Sat/Sunday. I went in to the walk-in clinic on Saturday & must have been pretty pathetic looking cause she didn't even take a culture but said I had strep & gave me a prescription for penicillian (I had a fever too). I felt human again on Monday. Got a call to pick Nick up from school on Monday as he wasn't feeling well. He got home & seemed alright to me. Managed to pick on his sister just fine.

Wednesday I took Zander in since it had been 10 days since he was ill. Doc said everything with him looked good, but did a culture on him since I had strept. Got the return call from the clinic that he was POSITIVE!! So he's on amoxicillian for 10 days.

Lexi started coughing now & woke up with a low fever. I called the clinic & asked for prescriptions for Nick, Lexi, & Phil.

We may as well ALL be on drugs since we love doing things together as a family ;-) Only Kirby has been spared!! Although, he goes under the knife on Monday............he's getting his teeth cleaned so you won't have to gag when he comes near you with that horrible bad breath!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

mmmm I like my fingers!