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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Just HAD to share this revelation today!

**I just read an article on the dangers of heavy drinking.... **

**Scared the shit out of me. **

**So that's it! **

**After today, no more reading.**

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Cutie Pie Girl ;-)

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Way to Go Ashley!!

Read all about her success HERE!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This was a fun picture we did over Thanksgiving. We got 7 of the 10 grandkids together! I just stole this picture from Shannon since I haven't even uploaded my pics yet to see what I got!

We got home Sat afternoon & Phil & the kids put the tree & some decorations up. Lexi was disappointed this morning, Santa didn't come last night. I guess she thought after we had the tree up & ready that that meant Santa was coming THAT night!! So now she only asked 20 times today...."how many more days until Christmas?"

Back to school tomorrow....YEAH!! That was a long enough vacation for me with the kids home!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jackpot Junction!

Checking in from the hotel right now. We checked in around 4:00 this afternoon (sans Zachary who is staying at Grandma's....hope she is surviving with him!!). We dropped the kids off at Kids Quest for an hour while Phil & I gambled a little. He lost his $6 in slots & I won $20 in blackjack and then lost $5 in slots trying to build my points up to get the free $5. So as of now, I'm still up the $15.....might go back later.

Kids LOVED Kids Quest. I guess Zander had a 5 minute time out though for biting a kid....he bit him cause the kid pinched him first I guess.

After that we went to the buffet. Thank goodness is was 1/2 price night. It was TERRIBLE!! Nothing was good except the soft serve ice cream & the chocolate milk. It was all pretty much dried out. Hopefully the breakfast buffet will be better!

AFter that we rested a bit & then hit the exercise room for 30 mins & then the swimming pool. The hot tub wasn't working so that was a bummer.

Phil went to play some poker & I'm sitting in the lobby cause I can't get a connection in our room, I guess you can only get one in the even numbered rooms. Guess I should of asked that at check in! So I'm heading back to the room to get the kids in bed, have a drink & try to stay awake until Phil gets back. We'll see how it goes getting them all to sleep in the same room!

Oh, and you can't go to Jackpot without running into someone you know...and guess who I saw.....Yep, RELATIVES! Uncle Alphonse who was ready to go after being there for 30 mins and out 60 bucks. I then saw his ride...Uncle Eugene. What the heck are they doing here on a Tuesday night?!?!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Patio....STILL not Completely DONE

So this whole patio process has been nothing but a headache for me. I'm sure Phil feels the same way. When did we start this??? MONTHS ago........and guess what, it's still not 100% completely done. I guess it won't be done until spring now. GRRRRR

Why is it that we ALWAYS have issues with cement guys???? To refresh your memory, it took WEEKS to get estimates & one called after we had already started the job with the ones that did it....so like 2 or 3 weeks later! And there was one that never even called back at all. I just don't understand how people can run businesses like that. Very crappy customer service.

Anyhow, so this is what it looked like the day they did it. Looks pretty nice in my opinion. But if I took a pic of it today....CRAPPY! Ok, let me explain. After they do it, they have to let it set for awhile and then the white of the cement starts to show or whatever & they are suppose to add a seal coating to give it that *wet* or *glossy* look, which is how it looks in this picture because it is wet. Well, they came back the one day to cut it (as you are suppose to do with cement) so that left it dirty w/ the cement they cut. He said he was coming back the next day to clean it up & remove the boards.........that was on Sat, he never came on Sunday. He also said that now it's gotten too cold that they can't put the sealant coat on it cause it would bubble up so they'll be back...first thing in the SPRING to do it. Oh & you can keep the $250 until then. Yes I was stupid & paid them when he asked. I knew he had to seal it yes so I was hesitant (Phil was gone hunting so I had to make the decision myself...bad one I know now) so I said I didn't want to pay in full cause it's not completely done. He says well basically it is, we just have the $50 in the seal coat to do yet. Well, whatever, it wasn't done, I should of held back MORE money.

So now we wait to see if they come back THIS weekend to remove the boards & clean it up. If not, I guess a phone call will have to be made to tell them how disappointed we are in how long it took & that it's not finished & how can we recommend him to others?? (He mentioned that a few times...if we knew others looking for cement work, THEY are the guys to call. Uh huh.)

I hesitate in starting any other home projects that involve OUTSIDE labor. Why are people this way!??!

*If you look at the steps in the picture, you can sort of see how the patio looks now....all dull like the steps look in this picture. I just want it to look like it does in this picture!
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How They Do it...

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Opening Presents!

Singing Happy Birthday!


Zander is all set to open Zach's presents!!
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Boxes are always better than the toy!
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Zachary Turns TWO!!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dog Walking....

Here's Zander taking his new dog for a walk! Yes, Zachary is in there too!! You can see his orange coat a little bit! Zander won this at the church raffle...and the mystery was solved with that one! Grandma & Mary signed up but they wrote their names on the paper. Grandma was at a church meeting the other night & they were talking about the winners of other prizes & then someone said that ZANDER FISCHER won the prize & they couldn't figure out who that was. Grandma said "that's my grandson" But then she was confused because she never signed up using HIS name. She picked the dog up & the tag had Zander's name, no phone #, address or nothing. Well, I guess Zander & Mark were checking the dog out & the priest came by them & HE signed Zander up, just one time...and that was all it took! Winner!
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Out on the town.....Nicole, Barb, ME, & Ashley (no idea who the guy in the back is, had to ruin our picture!)

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Sat Night Fans

Grandma, Lexi, ME, Zachary, Mark & Zander
Marie, Ohmar, Kyle, Joey
Grandpa, Emily, Nicole, Barb, Tammi, Mitch
(Eric took the picture)
They lost their last home game of the season...but it was the #2 ranked team in the nation...and they had some good games.
Until next year........
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Phil's Deer

Friday, November 02, 2007

Our STAR Player!

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Cheerleader Lexi!

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Zachary & Mark

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Volleyball Fans...

Zachary, ME, Mark (I remember this GLOWING shirt from last year!!) Lexi (who looks THRILLED to be there!)
2nd row, Grandma, Grandpa, Barb, Nicole & Zander.
3rd Row, Marie, Ohmar, Joey's son, Joey
4th Row, Tyler's mom, Tara's boyfriend
Mike, Brenda, Rachel, & Emily came too but missed the picture! Will try tomorrow night to get them!
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Nicole & Zander

It took him awhile, but he warmed up to her & sat on her lap finally!
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Happy 9th Birthday Nick!!

His sister made this crown for him at school....wasn't that sweet of her??!!? For the brother that is always pickin' on her, she sure is nice!!

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