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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cub Foods

I don't usually shop Cub unless they have a good sale going on. Well today I got:

20 boxes of Banquet Chicken on sale for $2/each = $40
30 boxes of Kid Cuisine on sale for $2/each = $60
20 boxes of General Mills cereal = $40
4 boxes of Hungry Jack pancake mix = $6
1 gallon of Choc milk $2.99
2 bottles of Hungry Jack syrup = 2.50 x 2 =$5
1 Kemps Ice Cream $6.99

Total w/o coupons = $160.98
Total AFTER coupons = $50.98!!!!

One of my fun trips w/ the kids. I had Nick & Lexi with & they each had their own cart since we had so much. I was only gonna buy 20 boxes of the Kid Cuisine but they talked me into another 10! Now they better eat the stuff!!! This was something I wouldn't normally buy, but w/ the coupons I had it worked out to .63/each so I said ok.

Our freezer is full for sure now!!


So it's been a week since I've updated! Wow, time flies when you're having fun I guess!

Busy busy busy! Been busy shopping for deals & selling my stuff & having fun! If I can keep this up I won't have to go back to selling on Ebay for extra money!!

Had a great time w/ my girlfriends at the lake. Next year we are gonna make it longer than the short 24 hours we did this time! We will start Friday night & go home on Sunday.

Lexi had her last night of T-ball last night. I was able to watch her play, then there was a break but Z & Z were not behavin' so Phil sent me home with them. So he got to watch Lexi in the final game. Now Nick's last games are this weekend. Tournament is Saturday & Sunday. He plays on Sat at 10, 2:30, & 5:30 so that will be one long day at the ball park!

This afternoon I'm taking Nick & Lexi over to Ashley's to go swimming. Suppose to hit 90 so that outta feel good!

Stay Cool!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lake on Sunday

We went to the lake on Sunday & Ashley & Tyler came over. We also had some people look at our place but not sure if or how interested they were. They were just starting their search so we'll see if they call back!! Here's a little slideshow from Sunday!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Keeping K-mart in Business!!

Well I'm sure glad the rumor of K-mart closing May 15th, was just that...a rumor!!! This is just part of what they PAID me $31.05 to take off their shelves!! I did this deal 5 times last night & didn't get those items included in the picture. They are already put away on my shelf! This is just from doing the deal 10 times today!! So if you add 5 more packs of batteries & 10 more items, that would be all that I got! Super cashier working as well. Loved how I saved so much. When she realized I never even brought out any money (all gift cards from the deal), she said "you don't even have any money with you, do you?" Another guy was doing the same deal as me but probably had 20-30 deals!! He cleaned the shelf of Gillette men's shaving gel! I thought it was funny that shelf was empty when I walked by, but when I got to check out they were all in his cart!!!

So yes, I'm still getting the good deals w/ my couponing & having fun with it. I'm gonna start selling my stuff cause I just have way more than I'll ever be able to use!! So you'll just have to let me know if you need some cheap HBA (Health & Beauty Aid) items!

This particular deal they have going on is until middle of August. So granted they don't run out of batteries (main thing you have to buy to get the other stuff free) I will be visiting K-mart ALOT!!!!

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The sunflower seeds were the only items I bought w/o a coupon. I felt I better buy SOMETHING!!!
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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Nick had his last regular baseball game last night. He pitched in the last inning & ended up giving the kid a bloody nose! We hope that's all it was...and not a broken nose! He said it was his curve ball or something. And he said the kid never moved, just stood there.

Tournament is Saturday Aug 4th (I think, whatever that Sat is).

Lexi is down to two weeks of T-ball & then she is done. Gee, then it will almost be time to go back to school!! Already got most of their school supplies. Just need a few more things & I'm ready to send them off!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nick Tubing

Phil couldn't throw the kid off!! Hope you don't get dizzy watching this!

Monday, July 16, 2007


Zander is IN the water??? What the heck is going on here?!?! He is not a water bug at all but seemed to be ok with going into this pool today. Granted I hardly filled it up & so the water only want to his heels probably!!
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New Pool!

The boys enjoying the new pool!
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View from the Top

Zach & I are at the beach, Nick & Zander are on the end of the dock fishing & Lexi is swimming with Jessica. Fun day!
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Tubing Fun

Lexi is very brave this year & her & Nick went on the tube together the other day. She LOVED it! They even went out of the wake & hit some pretty big waves!!
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No we don't have a cat but it sure looks like poor Zach got scratched up from one. No idea where the scratches came from!
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Lake Francis

Fishing Contest at Lake Francis in Elysian. It was for kids 2-12 so 3 of ours were able to do it!!
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3rd Place

Another trophey for Nick! He took 3rd place in the pedal pull in Elysian. Lexi was the closest she's ever been & I think ended up in 4th place. Zander....well he needs more practice!!
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Most Fish

Elysian had a fishing contest last week while we were on vacation & so the 3 kids were in it. Nick won for his age group for the MOST FISH caught in the hour they did it. He caught 13 fish. It was hilarious. We were pretty far away from where you had to take the fish & so every time he caught one we'd yell RUN NICK ....RUN!! And he did! We think he was in 2nd place for the largest fish too. Lexi did pretty well considering she lost interest & didn't do it the whole hour. She caught 3 & the winner in her age group caught 5...so she was pretty close! Zander..well he caught 1 fish before the contest started & then I think only caught one the whole hour. He didn't fish the whole time either.
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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tyler & Nick Swimming