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Saturday, January 12, 2008


We made it to Des Moines around 1:00 yesterday. Dropped Phil, Nick, & Eric off at the convention center & I then checked into the hotel. I did some shopping after that at the mall & a couple of consignment stores. Got back to the hotel & worked out and then got back to the room STARVING. I ordered a Domino's & waited for the guys to get back. They got back just before 8:30 and had some pizza & then we went to the pool. The boys swam & Phil I had enjoyed the hot tub.

Our room is nicer than what we had here last year. Last year we had a room with a king bed & this year I requested two doubles. Well we also got a pull out sleeper couch & the room had not one, but TWO bathrooms! Never been in a room with two full bathrooms!

Phil ended up on the couch, it was too hot in bed & then he heard music that kept him awake. He thought it was the radio but I had to put my MP3 player on cause Eric was snoring & I couldn't fall asleep with that train noise!

So they headed to the show about 9 this morning & I went & worked out & came back & now packing the room up & will have about 5 hours to kill! I wrote the directions down for some thrift stores so will try that & then there are two other malls that I may check out too. One has a Steve & Barry's & I wanted to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line which is only sold at that store.

Oh, hoping Phil sells more of his prints today...he only sold one yesterday. He sold some cards as well so is about half way to break even point on the table costs. He said it seems like most people just come to the show to get autographs, no one was buying much. But they are having a blast.

Kids are doing fine with Ashley. I checked in last night. Hopefully they are good for her today too!!


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