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Sunday, July 20, 2008

3rd Place Champs!

The Courtland Cubs took 3rd place this weekend (out of 8 teams) at the tournament. Nick did great pitching today & ended up getting the winning hit today to take 3rd place. He hit a two run double in the last inning.
Baseball season is now done for us.

Phil, Lexi, & Zander went to the Twins game today. They got 2 MORNEAU jersey's. They got there two hours early to make sure they got them and then stayed to watch one inning...Zander was ready to go! LOL They pulled into the ballpark just in time as Nick was up to bat & then got that awesome hit...the one I was waiting for all weekend!
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Nick & A.J.

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I want that CAT

Tucker peering out the window at Pumpkin....
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After Tucker was here for a night, Zachary decided he doesn't like doggies. He kept saying "I like kitty cat"
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Dancing at the Blast!

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Look at all the Dancers!

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The Narren

Lexi & Zander weren't afraid of the Narren at all!
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Zander & Lexi

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Lexi & Linnea

Dancing at Bavarian Blast!
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Tucker & Ashley came to visit!
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What the?!?

This is what he was doing when they brought in a new pitcher.....
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Batter Up!

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First Base

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Nick Pitching

Love the porta potty in the background!
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Minnesota River Fishing

Fishing at the River

Funny Faces

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Zachary & Lexi

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Lexi Rose

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Dearest Husband,
Here you are reading your new book & me playing with the new camera.

I forgot to write before the main thing I wanted to tell you. Those new *efficient* light bulbs you put in the laundry room. Well, they will have to go. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I turn on a light...I like to SEE. Those have got to be like 5 watt bulbs or something. They are TERRIBLE & I want my OLD bulbs back in. Thanks.

Dearest Wife
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Dearest Husband,

Well I was right...you came home with some new *GREEN* books from the library. You keep trying but you can't get me to read them can you?? I figure you will just start doing all the things you are reading about & teach me so why should I read them all!??

I do like some of the ideas you are coming up with, even find some funny. I'm sure you don't remember but 3 months ago or even before that when we heard we were getting a stimulus check, I said I would like a new washing machine. Your reaction..."why, we can use the one we have until it dies" My thoughts in getting a new one was I would like something BIGGER since I do 18 loads of laundry every day. Well you won that one & I said fine, I'm happy with what I got. Then today....as you are reading your book & ask how old our machine is...well it's going on 15 years & you stated it wasn't ENERGY EFFICIENT. Ok, fine with me, let's get a new ENERGY EFFICENT washer & as long as we are looking, let's make sure it's got EXTRA EXTRA large capacity.

I bet you were surprised I got the question right on how much it costs to dry a load of clothes. I got that from my mom you know....she'll call & ask what I'm doing & if I mention I just hung out a load of laundry she'll say "good, you saved fifty cents"

Then you mentioned our deep freeze. No idea how old that is but we know it's old. It works but we now need something that is ENERGY EFFICIENT there too. Ok, let's go shopping for a new one, that's fine with me. See, so far I'm liking these couple of things you are reading!

I bet you would like to see Julia Roberts house....she spent 30 MILLION on making her house *green*. We don't quite have a budget like that, but I'll be very happy with the new appliances ;-) Oh & I'm glad to hear that it is pretty cheap to use the garbage disposal cause I'm not near ready at all to start the worm composting thing.

This blog is getting boring with no pictures so I'm gonna play with the new camera that came this morning & get something uploaded. Hopefully it'll be easy to use since most of the keys look like our old camera.

I think I might go for a little run although it's warm out already. I can't believe I did the 5 miles yesterday..well ok 4.7. I should say I can't believe Zander biked that whole way with me! He was quite the talker all the way too which is good cause all I can do is grunt a little when I'm running!

Dearest Wife

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rain Rain

Dearest Husband,

Wow, can you believe that storm we had overnight & this morning?! I don't know what time it was when I got woken up by the rain but I headed upstairs to bring the chair cushions in cause I forgot to put them away last night. Course they had already gotten wet but I put them in the garage anyhow. As I was walking upstairs I was greeted by Zachary....and at the top of the steps was Zander. They had both got woken up from the thunder. So the three of us headed to the couch for awhile & then when it seemed to calm down a little I took them to their room & *snuggled* with Zachary & then Zander wanted me in his bed. I heard you leave for work but then fell back to sleep.

It was so cute this morning. I was in Zander's bed but awake (it was probably around 8:30, no one was up yet) when I heard Zachary get up. He went to his window & peeked under the shade & just watched the wind blow the trees & the rain. He watched for quite awhile & then finally just laid back in bed. After a bit I got up thinking he'd follow me out but he never did.

I think it was close to 9:00 when everyone was finally awake. Can't believe Lexi slept through all the booms!

It pretty much stormed all morning & the one rain barrel tipped over & Nick & I managed to lift it up. That was HEAVY!! You could of used another barrel or two out there today!!

I worked on getting things ready for Lexi's Birthday Party since I think we need to get the invites out either before we leave for vacation or while we are on vacation. She is so excited!!

Well you just went to the library...wonder what *GREEN* books you'll come home with this time!

I hope it doesn't rain for volleyball tonight. Figures first time I get to play this season & the weather is crappy. Oh well, I'm sure I'll still have fun.

Dearest Wife

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dearest Husband,

I was up before Zachary today, can you believe it?! I always worry about oversleeping on garbage day. So I got up & got the garbage out. I was reading the paper when Zach woke up. Nick was up & watching TV in his room. Not sure why he got up early today. He was up until after 10:30 watching the All Star Game. He then had to tell me the game was on until 1:42 am. Wow. Can you believe it? I guess it was a record longest game or something. I'm sure he'll fill you in on all that ;-)

Did 3 loads of laundry today. Had to wash Nick's uniform for tonight. After I get done here I'll take the rest off the line.

Jill & I took all the kids to the park. It was ok sitting in the shade. Came home & had lunch & now Lexi & Zander are going over to Roufs to run through the sprinkler & I guess A.J. is coming over. I'm gonna put Zach down for his nap.

Jill mentioned the 3 day Breast Cancer Walk. It's a 60 mile walk. I guess it's in Sept so we wouldn't be able to do it until next year. You have to raise so much money & I don't think we'd have enough time this year. I wonder if I could walk 20 miles/day for 3 days?? Sounds like it'd be fun if a bunch of us did it together.

It's so hot again I don't think I want to do much else today. The floor needs scrubbing though, someone must of spilled something cause we've got a few ants.

Man did the garbage can STINK today. I hosed it out. I'm guessing the dead birds that we put in there did it. Yuck. I hope that smell goes away!!!

Zander was naughty at the park today. After we were there awhile, Nick decided to leave & headed home. Shortly after Zander asked where he went, so I told him that Nick went home. Well then he decided HE was ready to go too & took of on Alexa's bike (he walked up). I yelled at him to wait for us & that he could go home alone. Well by the time we got everyone else going, I looked down the road & didn't see him at all. Figured he followed Nick & went home. I was mad. I know he is good about looking before crossing the road, but the highway!??! He's never done this before. So we get what, a half a block to the ball park & there he is..up in the stands. He left her bike by the road & was at the ballpark. That turd. He still needs a punishment for that though.

I had a little talk with Nick today. I talked to him about how he said Dylan is a bully towards him & A.J. when they are together & how he didn't like that. I said that is the SAME way it is with Tyler. Nick is the bully towards him & to think about how it makes him feel. Nick was over there before for a little while & I don't think anything happened today but Jill told him to be nice to Tyler. So hopefully he is better with him. So annoying he can't play nice with him.

So I ordered the new camera last night. So excited about getting it & it should be here by Friday. Well as soon as I got off the phone with them I got that email stating it was OUT OF STOCK & I'd have it in 1-2 weeks. GRRR I was mad last night cause I really want it for vacation. So this morning I called to see if I could just switch to one of the other models but she said that today it's back IN STOCK & I should get it on Friday!! YEah!!! Not sure what happened, something about an upgrade or something. Whatever, I'm just glad it is still coming and I hope it's like what she said & a practically new unit. It's a refurbished unit but she said how alot of them are overstocks sent back or some have damaged boxes etc.....

Ok, I was just gonna go get my clothes off the line but Nick had to smart talk so now he's doing it.

Dearest Wife

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dearest Husband,

Packed up the kids & two extras (AJ & Emily) & headed to Flandrau today. Man it was so hot that even the SAND was burning our feet!! I tried those googles w/ the mouthpiece & I'm not sure if I could learn to snorkle or not! I started to freak a bit like I needed air. Sort of how like I try to catch my breath when running. Anyhow, it worked ok & I did get to see the sand on the bottom. Would be cool if I could learn to do it better. Plus it'd help if kids weren't trying to jump all over me!

Well the camera still isn't working. I'm afraid we are gonna have to buy a new one. I emailed Canon & since it's not under warranty anymore they had a couple of options. Either send in for a repair estimate or I could get a refurbished unit (higher up model) at about 50% or more off retail. They had 3 to choose from. I'm leaning towards buying one of those. They can get it here in 2 days which I need to decide soon so we have it for our vacation.

I wore my 2 piece to the beach today to try to tan up the white belly...but dang that SPF30 stuff must REALLY work cause it's still pretty light. Not glaring white like your head, but it's white yet.

I'm trying to get Zander to nap today. He's in our room watching TV. He watch one show & then came out, I told him he had to watch one more & then he can get up. I'm not proud to say that some words came out of his mouth today that he obviously heard me say this morning. You know how it is when you get home & you have to yell at home within minutes. Well that was how it was this morning, we were barely awake & they all were fighting about something & I said some swear words. Well, as we were loading up the van after Flandrau, him & Zach were fighting about the shovel or something & then Zander had to let a few swear words out. He did use them in the right context if that means anything ;-))

Nick is waiting for A.J. to come back over here & then they are heading to the ball park for their game tonight. The LAST Peanuts Game & we both have to miss it cause of LExi's last softball game. Oh well, I'm sure we'll get enough baseball w/ the tournament this weekend. I ran into a mom from her team at Flandrau & she said they scheduled their end of season party for the Monday we are in the Dells. That figures. Oh well.

Well I better get the laundry put away. I did one load today before we left & Nick just brought it in (yes that was part of a punishment for him but now that I know he can get it off the line, I'll have to just add that as a regular chore for him).

Dearest Wife

Monday, July 14, 2008

Darn Cat!

Dearest Husband,

Today has started out with a bang. Well as you know last night, Zachary woke up around 4:30 & came in our room & then Zander screamed out shortly after that. I went to see what was wrong & he said it was DARK. Why yes Zander that is why we are suppose to be SLEEPING. So I slept with him until I heard water running. I thought the toilet was running again but nope it was you in the shower. I wonder if picking those raspberries did it to you again cause no one else has any bites. Regardless, I have the sheets washed & ready to hang them outside.

So I took Zachary up to his bed & then slept with Zander. He is still sucking his thumb once in a while so I think we will have to do the thing the dentist recommended. I'm sure he won't be happy with us at first & we'll encounter some bad nights..........but what else can we do?!!? He's 4, it's time this bad habit it stopped!!

The boys & I got up just after 8:30 & then when you called you woke the other two up. So I made some scrambled eggs, sausage, & toast for breakfast.

I'm not too happy with Pumpkin. He caught a BIRD this morning so we got to hear that poor thing screeching while Pumpking was either playing with it or trying to eat it?? I don't know, do cats eat birds like that? Yuck. So I'm guessing the dead bird you found was a result of that darn cat!!

Lexi just had a minor freak out. I was on the computer checking email quick before I get dressed & she started yelling PUMPKIN GOT IN THE HOUSE. MOOOOMMMMMMMM

I guess Zachary left the back door open & he came in & headed RIGHT to Lexi's room again. I managed to get him out but darn that girl can be dramatic over nothing!!!

Well Lexi & Zander headed to the neighbors, Nick is playing playstation & Zachary is waiting for me.

On the list for today....get dressed, hang out the sheets, clean up the breakfast dishes, make some banana bread (since no one is eating those bananas Grandma left here I thought a loaf of bread would be good!) and I want to get the lawn mowed. At least the front yard. I know it's dry but it's long in some parts.

Oh the bathrooms could use a cleaning too.


Dearest Wife

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Dearest Husband,

It was nice NOT to get woken up by Zachary this morning. He's usually my alarm clock & climbs into bed & tells me to WOKE UP. Time to WOKE UP MOMMY. Then he wiggles & squirms until I can't take it anymore & I finally get up. Instead, Lexi came down & had to tell us she had diahrhea during the night. Poor thing.

I went to the gym this morning before I picked up the boys. It's been 3 days since I've been there & I could tell. I did a 40 minute workout & that was enough. I ran 2 miles trying for 20 mins but it took me close to 21. I still hate running but thought I better see if I could do it just in case we do the Blast Run on Saturday.

The Z's slept at Grandma & Grandpa's last night & I guess were very good. I know it's hard to believe but they are COMPLETE opposites for her than they are for us at home. They didn't fight at all she said.....until I got there to pick them up. Immediately they fought for my attention & they BOTH had to sit on my lap. Zachary repeated himself 900 times with "I don't wike Nander"

We came home for lunch & then I started the 3 or 4 loads of laundry waiting for me. I hung that all out to dry today, perfect day for that with the wind we had.

Vicki came & played with the kids today again. I guess she was here yesterday & played with Z & Z. Pumpkin is still around. I guess he got INTO the house yesterday. Zander said Grandma let him in. They had all the bedroom & bathroom doors shut so he just checked out the kitchen & living room. They got him out after awhile.

We drove down to the river tonight cause I thought you said you & Nick would be down there fishing. We didn't see you. We saw a new house down there for sale & so I looked it up & see they want a mere $450,000 for it. Wow, we have some pretty wealthy neighbors I guess.

We then waited for Old Bessie to drive by. She never did. The boys were disappointed.

So you didn't keep any of the fish you caught? Nick said you got pulled into the river by a sheephead. And you broke a pole.

Dearest Wife

New Blog Format...

So I decided to change up the old blog a bit.

It seems that with Phil working his new shift of 12 hour days that by the time he gets home from work and after the kids are in bed, there’s so little time & energy left for us to communicate like we used to. Or else I'm heading to the gym & he's heading to bed. I know he likes to know what we did that day & for me it's so much easier to say "nothing" than to give him the lowdown.

So here it is – the solution to all our communication rifts. Women like to emotionally purge… verbally. Men like to… well eat and other extracurricular activities that generally involve something physical. I read a review about the movie Iron Man and that told me exactly what guys like. Shiny things… shiny, loud things… and preferably fast.

So basically, we all know that men don’t really like to listen (as I seem to repeat myself so many times....OR I'll say something & you won't hear me and then ask me a question to what I had JUST answered that you somehow didn't hear! Anyhow, so I was thinking if I just typed it all here, you can have the opportunity (some might call it a punishment) to know the inner workings of my mind. Though I have to say that I think that the word “workings” is a massive stretch. How about the brokenness that is the inner sanctum of my brain? There we go...that's more accurate.

I’ve always liked to write which is obvious since I've been doing this blog for how many years now?!?!

At least when you're reading & I’m writing, (hopefully) we don't get interrupted by one of the four kids cause it seems like every time we do try to have a conversation, SOMEONE has something they HAVE to tell us......NOW.

Let's try this out & see how it goes, shall we??


Dearest Husband:

Yesterday morning, the four of us (you, me, Nick & Lexi) headed to Valleyfair. Grandma came to watch Z & Z. We got there just after 11:00. This was Lexi's first time there & you went last year with Nick & I went the year before. I had 2 years to recover & that wasn't quite long enough.

After we entered the gate, the first ride we hit were the antique cars. You & Lexi rode together

& I took the backseat while Nick drove.

After that we let the kids ride the big boat...and of course they got soaked.

Then they waited on the bridge to get wet again.

I think we did the Bumper cars after that. That was fun. Lexi wasn't tall enough to go alone so she rode with you.

We should of done those again, they are always fun.

I then was stupid and went on the EXTREME SWING with Nick. It's rated a 5 (on their 1-5 rating) & I think it should be a 7. That ride got to my stomach. I'm pretty sure I went on it two years ago but don't remember being as terrified as I was this time. This ride did me in. But did I stop then? No, we had just gotten there after all!

We then headed to YOUR favorite ride. The Rip Tide. Lexi watched as the three of us went on this one. This was the picture she took of the three of us...do you see us? I don't either.

This made me feel worse.

Did I stop!? NO. You wanted to do the WILD THING. So while Nick & Lexi went on the Tilt-O-Whirl (neither of us was gonna do that one cause we can't handle the spinning) you & I did the WILD THING. The ride that is. I made it but wow, I was REALLY done at that point.

So you decided it was time to head to the water rides. I had to go get my swimsuit on. So Nick played in the arcade, you & Lexi headed to the Water park & I went to get changed. I got back & then got Nick & headed to the Water area. He was headed right to the LAZY RIVER. You know why.....so he could find money in the water! I wasn't feeling good at all at this point so I told Nick I was just gonna sit in the kiddie pool. Imagine that, no little ones with me & I still end up in the baby pool! I didn't last long & thought well I maybe could just float down the Lazy River. So I got a tube & did that. About halfway through I saw you & Lexi getting off a ride. I yelled for you (PHIL! LEXI! PHIL! LEXI! BALDY!) but wasn't getting a response. Finally right before you were out of sight, you saw me. When I got off the River you all were ready to go on more rides, however I needed to rest some more. So I found a nice chair in the shade while you did some more of the water slides. After that you were all headed to the Lazy River & I felt ok enough to join you. That was a nice float down with you. I could of done that all afternoon. We got done & decided we better have some lunch. It was 2:30 I think. I felt ok enough that I wanted to do the big tube waterslide before we ate. So the four of us went on that. That was fun. I'm mad that I wasn't able to do it more!

We then headed back to the van & had our lunch. I was slowly starting to feel ok at this point. Still just spinning a bit. We then decided we'd split up & you & Nick would do the bigger rides while I went with Lexi. FINE WITH ME. I figured I could handle the rides with her! We did the Antique cars again

And then the Ferris Wheel

She then did a kids maze thing which was kinda dumb, more for a preschooler I suppose

There's our girl on the swings! See her brown shoes...

And here she is on the MILD THING

We also did the Flum and the Corkscrew (the ride that back in the day was the *scary* one!). We then did Thunder Canyon...which was stupid since I had the camera with me. Yep, it got wet. So no more pictures. The screen doesn't work anymore. I'm glad I was able to get the pictures I had on it off. I'm drying it out now & hope it works. Well it does work to take pictures but the LCD screen doesn't work.

We then took a 40 min show at the Imax. You probably would have enjoyed it. It was about the Ocean. Lexi kept looking for you all the time we were split up asking "do you think Daddy would go on this ride? Would he come in here to watch the movie?"

I also took Lexi into the Foam Ball Room. As soon as I saw it I thought "Nick would LOVE this" It's filled with a TON of foam balls & they have guns & stuff to shoot each other with & a bunch of other neat things to do with the balls. Lexi & I played in there for awhile. This was in the kids section so of COURSE I've never checked it out before cause Nick is way above that you know?!!?

So we met you & Nick at 6:00 at the basketball court. You wanted to try the 3 point shoot out. How many shots did you make?!! Well, Lexi loves her monkey but a jersey would have been cool.

Oh, I also had to boost my ego & try the guessing game. I had them guess my weight. They had to be within 3 pounds. I knew I could win this one. Would you believe I stood on that huge ass scale in front of strangers?!? I guess I'm finally (for the first time in my life) comfortable enough with my size to do that. I won of course...he was 15 pounds off & probably more like 20 since this scale seemed friendlier than ours at home! So you told me to pick the green stuffed FROGGIE for Zachary cause we know how he loves those Froggies!

So we decided it was supper time. But before we ate I told Nick he's gotta check out the foam ball pit. So we went to that. I was right, he LOVED it. The kid worked up a sweat in there running after balls & stuff. I wish I would of gotten some pictures or video of that. We were in there for awhile & you finally said you were hungry! So I finally got the kids out of there & we headed for some grub. Got the kids each a slice of pizza & then we shared some Panda Express. That was good. I then headed to the van to get rid of the camera since it wasn't working & you guys headed for some mini doughnuts. I was surprised when I came back you saved a few for me. MMMMMMM Thank you!

So we did some more rides & I think we were all starting to get tired. I wanted to do the new big fast rollercoaster called the RENEGADE. I think you said you & Nick did it a few times. I finally felt better to go on that one & the old white rollercoaster. It was about 8:00 & you were ready to go & Lexi was too. Nick, nope he wanted to stay until close (10:00). Well you lucked out. It was just before 8:30 I think & Nick went on the upside down boat ride. I went to the bathroom. I came out & Nick was already done. I thought wow that was fast. I guess he got on the ride, buckled in & they then decided to shut down the rides (that went over 50 feet in the air) because of the weather. We looked at the sky & decided we better get the bleep out of there. It wasn't looking good. I would have preferred to just stay there & seek shelter in the bathrooms or something but you wanted to beat the storm.

So we left & it was getting very dark & lots of lighting. We hit lots of rain & I was driving & at one stop light we switched cause I don't like driving when you can't see. So you drove & we made it home safe & sound.

Nick made a comment in Nicollet that we missed two things. We were going to get ice cream at McDonald's & we talked about stopping at the lake. Well Nick, we would have done those things IF the weather wouldn't have ruined our plans. You got your ice cream when you got home.

Today you asked Nick what his favorite ride was yesterday.....he answered the Ball Factory & the Wild Thing.

I'm not sure what my answer would be. I love to go on the thrill rides but damn why can't my stomach handle it anymore!?! I guess I just have to stick with the rides rated 1 and 2. That sucks.


Dearest Wife