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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lexi & Savannah having fun at Grandpa & Nana's!

Phil made us stand by *FISH'S Bar & Grill* So here we are!

Lexi had a blast at the parade & danced to every marching band that went by!! She even got a pom pom from one of the groups!

This cougar didn't scare Nick!!! But it sure did Lexi!! She was facing the other way & boy did she JUMP when she saw it!! We went to the big OKTOBERFEST parade in LaCrosse this past Saturday. We watched for 2 1/2 hours & it still had a LONG ways to go!! We heard that this parade is 4-5 hours long!! Next year we'll prepare better...chairs, food, drink, etc......

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Do you think they got enough nightcrawlers?!?! GRRROOOOOSSSSSSS And Nick asked me if I would pick up some more in the morning after he got on the school bus. I said sorry, I don't touch worms!! Then he says "tell Lexi too, she'll touch them"

Monday, September 27, 2004

Great news today!

As some of you may know, my niece, Ashley (from Texas) was here in MN this past weekend checking out the campus at MSU (Minnesota State University in Mankato). She called this morning & said she was offered a FULL scholorship (volleyball)!!! She took it!! We are THRILLED!!! Will be great to finally get to *see* her play!! I've never gotten to see Nicole play volleyball nor Matt play baseball (well except for the summer he was here & played). So this will be fun to go to some of her games! Do college girls babysit yet?!?!?!?

Congrats Ashley!! Way to go!

Sunday, September 26, 2004

That Phil....he's the *~*~*~*~*MAN~*~*~*

Remember that story below about the breastpump he picked up for me?!?! He paid $50 for it & it ended tonight at $127.50. More than the ones that I usually sell go for!!! It was fun watching that auction end. In the last 4 minutes there were two people bidding on it back & forth. It went from $70 to $127 in a few minutes. They kept bidding at each other in increments of $2 to $5. Funny!

*****Just had to add......shortly after I posted this, she PAID for it!!!! Makes it even a better sale to get paid immediately!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Zander's SIX month stats!

He had three shots at the doctor today & did fine with them. I distracted him enough that he only wimpered a bit.

He weighs 20 pounds, 8 oz. at 6 months. Height is 28 1/2" & his head is 17". He's gonna be as big as Nick I think!

At 6 mos, Nick was 21 pounds, 8 oz & 28 1/2".

I couldn't find my sheet on Lexi, but at NINE months, she was 20 pounds!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Catch the ball Ms White Sox Lexi Rose!!!

Matt's littlest fan.........Isn't she cute?!?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lanie & Lexi showing their dance moves!!

Barney, BJ, Baby Bop & their *friends* on stage at the Target Center!

Lexi dancing to a Barney song...she had a GREAT time!!

Here we are getting ready for Barney!! Lexi, Lanie, Jennie, Jackson & Marcy!! (Jennie....talking with her hands again!)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Sent Phil on a mission today..........

There was an ad in the paper today for one garage sale & it stated Medela Double Breastpump. Well I was going to the Yellow Ribbon's Walk for Life this morning & didn't have time to stop. So Phil said he would check it out. He KNOWS what a Pump In Style looks like as I've sold so many of them! I gave him a $50 bill & said don't pay more than that, make sure it looks like it's in good condition etc.....

He came home with a Medela DoubleEase Breastpump. Spent $50 on it!! Now I hope I can get that back!! I should......but w/ doing a search I've seen them go for $20 - $120 (new)....a big range. So we'll see.

He said she had it marked $75....just bought it new & only used it for 4 months. He said to her "we had one of these w/ him (as he pointed to Nick) & it was bigger, how come this one is smaller" Now he knows it's a different model!! He thought it was the ones I had been selling but it was newer & they made them smaller now!

I give him credit for buying it though! Would your husband purchase a breastpump at a garage sale for you!?! What a great guy, huh!??!

Oh, at least he was able to talk her down from $75 to $50!! I saw Target sells them new for $179.

Going on Ebay tomorrow night !

Thursday, September 16, 2004

He didn't even see me coming with the camera!! Usually he is getting ME up to get him to the bus stop. He asked me yesterday if I would *stop meeting him at the bus stop after school* "Can I walk home by myself?" (He has that long walk home you know....one house down!!!!)

How does she look?? We think this is what she decided on for Halloween. We'll see if she changes her mind before then! (She's a dragon!)

Zander Michael!!! SIX months old!!! He was suppose to go to the doctor for shots & a check up, but we got a phone call saying the doctor was just about ready to deliver a baby. So instead of waiting for hours, we rescheduled for next Wednesday! We'll see how much this chunker weighs then!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Here is a good one showing the *thickness* in his thighs. He does NOT go hungry, that's for sure!!!

I don't think I've shared a picture of the Zan Man sitting up by himself!! Here he is....almost 6 months old already!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Here's our team! Lisa, Fred, Barb, Nick, & Phil

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Golf Date FORE Nate

We had a really great time at the benefit golf tournament in memory of our cousin Nate Richter. Our team consisted of Phil & I & Mark & Barb. We didn't come close to winning the tournament with our Par score of 36. The winning team had a 29. Barb just didn't come through for us on her putting. I guess her one night of practice last night wasn't enough.

For the last two months, every time I've seen Fred, he asked "have you gone out & practiced yet" I told him I didn't need the practice. It's only been a little over 6 years since I've golfed, I'm not THAT rusty yet. So I showed them! I ended up winning the LONGEST DRIVE contest (for the women). My prize was this cute *candy float*. Picture doesn't show quite how cute it is!!

Here is Barb teeing off. We thought for SURE Barb was gonna win the shortest drive contest. But nope, our brother Mike took the trophey on that one!! "NUFF SAID. He got the award for *crappiest* golfer!!!

What the heck are you doing in the sand Nick?!?

It was a really nice day & we all had a great time. The Richter family did an awesome job with the tournament & Nate would be proud! They plan to make this an annual event & you can be sure we'll be there!! I now have a title to defend ;-))) (I was pretty closet to winning Closest to the Pin for Women too). And Phil was only a few feet away from winning the Longest Drive for the Men. Maybe next time Phil. Maybe you should get out & practice more ;-)) Or swing harder!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Coming off the bus after school!! Nick is MY kid all the way.....his favorite thing today.......THE FOOD!! The snack at St Paul's & lunch at Jefferson. That was the BEST he said ;-))

Waiting in line to enter his room!! I think there was one other boy as tall as Nick....otherwise he's the *big* kid!! There is his teacher "Mrs. Wolf"

Nick's FIRST day of Kindergarten!!