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Thursday, August 23, 2007


It started yesterday. I was sneezing quite a bit. Thought it was just all the dust bunnies in this house! But then last night it got worse, sore throat, headache, body ache, runny nose, etc....I ended up chasing Phil out of the bedroom!

About 4:30 AM, Zach woke up crying. He had the sneezes as well so I figured he wasn't feeling well. So we camped out in Nick's room (who stated at Eric's last night) until about 6:15. I then put him back to bed & tried to rest for about an hour before they all got up.

Today I just felt miserable all day. Nose doesn't stop running & I'm all congested with a headache. I just took a hot bath to warm up cause I had been FREEZING. Was running a low temp of 100 as well. That helped a little but I'm still cold!

We had planned on going to the lake this weekend but w/ the way I feel I don't think we'll go tomorrow. We may try on Saturday. Then Sunday we have someone from Rochester coming to look at our place. We've given up on the other guy that was suppose to make us an offer. He wanted to come look again w/ his son but then never got back to me! I sent him one last email tonight to see if there was any interest at all, but I think we have to write him off & hope for a good showing on Sunday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Night Fun!

Taking a little break..........

It's pretty quiet around here tonight. Phil is at a Fantasy Football draft (his ONE night out a year he claims....but then next Sunday he has ANOTHER draft & I'm pretty sure he has at LEAST TWO Baseball drafts in the Spring....but he still only gets out this one night of the year)

Grandma & Grandpa stopped over this afternoon & Nick asked if he could spend the night with them.....and then Zander put a little buck on until HE got asked to go too. So that just leaves Lexi, Zach, & me!

We've been super busy cleaning up the boy's room & now I'm moving on to Nick's. The boys was a DISASTER. They ended up moving a TON of toys into the closet for whatever reason I don't want to know! So we can now walk in there again. I filled one bin up with misc/lost pieces stuff that will be for the next garage sale or donation bag.

Nick's room, Ay ya ya. Where does one START?? I can only do this when he is gone cause that way he doesn't miss what is tossed out!! I was just in the closet before break time & got half of it done. Found some candy......

I think it will be time to start some new rules after this cleaning of the rooms is all done!! Hopefully tomorrow we can get to Lexi's room......although I have a feeling that could be an ALL DAY project!!!

Ok, I better get back to it. Gotta grab me a wine cooler too for all the hard work I'm doing here!!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm thinking this was one of my best shopping trips. (Hit 3 different stores). I spent $17.88 (of which $8.39 of that was SALES TAX). So for $9.49 I got: (milk & bread not pictured)

1 Gallon Milk $3.19
1 Loaf Bread $1.09
20 bottles flavored water (liter size) .50/each
20 packs of BIC Pens (10 per pack so 200 pens) .50/each
17 boxes of Excedrin (cashier asked if I was a teacher going back to school, I said no, I have FOUR kids) LOL $1.99/each
4 bottles Glade Air Infusions spray $1.02/each
10 bottles L'Oreal Vive Shampoo/Conditioner $4.49/each
1 bottle Huggies Shampoo $1.50
1 bag sunflower seeds $.99
5 boxes of Scotch Bright Toilet Bowl Cleaners $4.19/each
2 10 packs of Wrigley's Gum .99/each
16 10 packs of Extra Gum .99/each
3 sticks Adidas Deodorant 1.50/each
3 packs of Scott Toilet Paper 2.50/each
2 AirWick's 9.99 each
5 bottles of Tylenol PM 2.49/each
12 packs of Wrigley's Gum .59/each
4 Snicker's Candy Bars .65/each
Mini Calculator w/ clip .99

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Buttered Corn Days

We went to Sleepy Eye's annual Buttered Corn Days today. MMMM free sweet corn! Nick got a Root Beer Float & was nice enough to share with his brothers!
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Zachary wanted to give Zander a big kiss!
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Zander touching the Gecko
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I wouldn't of touched this snake, but it didn't seem to bother Zachary!
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Train Ride for Zander & Zachary!

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And this is what happened AFTER the train ride. He did NOT want to get out!!!
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Lexi & Emily going for a Train Ride!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Burning Daylight.....

I took the kids to Lake Hanska tonight. Nick said he knew of a *hot* spot. Well we did catch a few fish, but all pretty much babies! Here he is with his catfish. I caught a baby bullhead & that was it. I had lots of bites but had a hard time hooking them. Lexi & Zander found seashells & toads. Zachary walked around IN the water with his shoes & socks on.
Got home at 8:45 and I'm beat & ready for bed!! Phil worked 12 hours yesterday & today but has tomorrow off. Maybe I can get out of the house kidless for a few hours anyhow!
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Feeding the Peacock

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Gum Between The Teeth

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My Fav Picture Spot!

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On the Bridge

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Best Friends!

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Feeding the Peacocks!

I took the kids to the Brewery today where they LOVE to watch & feed the peacocks! Here is Emily (who I'm watching this week) being brave & letting one eat from her hand!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We are Still Waiting.........

for that offer on the cabin! He was suppose to call/email on Tuesday but we didn't hear from him. I decided to email him today to see if he was still interested. I didn't want to be pushy, but yet we want to know!!

He replied back that he is interested but is trying to catch up on a few things. He asked if we planned on being there this weekend at all. I asked if he wanted to look at it again & he said he wanted to show it to one of his kids. So I told him that anytime works for me, name the day/time & I can be over there! So he's gonna call tonight or tomorrow to set something up.

I just wish he'd make the offer so we'd know if we should start packing stuff up or not!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fishing Contest

Took the kids down to the river today for their annual Kids Fishing Contest. We were there for about 3 hours!! Nick was really the only one that fished. Lexi did a little bit but got her line more tangled up than anything. Took me about a half hour to get it untangled the first time!

Nick said he had a few bites & caught one sheephead but that was about it. He did have something big on the line cause he came over where we were & said his line broke & so he needed our pole. That was fine, we were pretty much done anyhow!

At the end they had prizes for pretty much ALL of the kids that were there.

Nick won some jigs & a hat.
Lexi won some jigs & a hat.
Zander won a new reel.
Zachary won some jigs.

Zachary was pretty much by the pool of fish (where they were putting in the ones that were caught) the whole time. They had some bobbers in there so he was just picking them out & throwing them back in & at the fish! Kept him occupied!!

The biggest fish caught was an 11 pound Carp. Man, that thing was BIG! The others were 5 & 6 pound carps.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Phil trying to figure out the Camera

Fun At The Brown County Fair

Watch Nick as he SLIDES into 1st Base!

Nick's RBI

Silly Time!

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Lexi & Emily

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Two Blonde Boys

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Talking Pig

This was the neatest thing at the fair. This pig on a tractor! The guy behind was controlling him & he would peddle around, stop, & talk to kids! It's hard to explain, but it was just so cool in person to see!! Zander was a little uncertain about it & Zach wouldn't go near it!
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Zach at the Fair

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BINGO Winner

Nick showing off his big win at the BINGO Hall at the county fair!
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New Couch!

Here's a picture of our *new to us* **FREECYCLE* (yes it was FREE) couch!! I originally replied back to the lady expressing an interest in it thinking we'd take it to the lake cause the sleeper sofa's over there aren't the greatest. Well, after she sent a picture, it looked nice enough for here! And we really needed something in the living room. So here it is at our house now! And the funniest part...the sleeper was still wrapped in plastic, NEVER used (it's been used here now by Eric & Nick asks every night if he can sleep on it! LOL)
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Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Last Time....

We went to the lake Saturday & came back today. Might be one of our last times! We had a guy from the cities come Saturday afternoon to look at our place & he plans on giving us an offer on Tuesday. So......we'll find out on Tuesday what it is.

Our neighbor's daughter/son-in-law expressed interest on the paddleboat so we'll probably sell that to them. We brought a few things home this weekend & will have to make a few more trips with all the other stuff we've accumulated over there the past 3 summers!! More than I thought, that's for sure!

We had an extra kid with this weekend as our neighbor's granddaughter Emily came with. Her & Lexi get along great so it was no problem having her with. She is 9 & her & Nick get along great too. Ya right. He enjoys picking on her & now with being in a split class next year (she's in 4th, he'll be in 3rd) they'll be in school together too!

We were going to have a fire last night but it started sprinkling & then we got hit with some heavy rains. Lots of lightening too.

Today while the little boys & the big boy (Phil) napped, the kids & I went swimming. I floated & got a burnt face, they played some water games they made up. This morning we all went out on the boat for some tubing. Lexi has gotten so good & absolutely LOVES it now!! She's not afraid like she used to be. Her & Emily were on the tube together & we hit some big waves & both Phil & I were freaking cause we thought they might hit heads, so he slowed down & they were just LAUGHING & Lexi screams "THAT WAS AWESOME!!" Then we had Nick & Emily go together side by side & boy did they fly on that tube!! Then we dropped them off to swim back to shore & Lexi got in the tube and.....we ran out of gas. We had the spare tank with though. It was a good thing we were pretty much done boating though!!

Now hopefully all the kids will sleep good tonight. Lexi was exhausted after swimming so much yesterday & today. And this week Emily will be at our house all week as her grandparents that usually watch her will be gone. So I said I could do it. What the heck, what's one more, right?!?!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today I turned 35 years old. Woke up to find a balloon tied to the mailbox. Figured it was my neighbor that did that & sure enough it was her ;-)

Lexi was the first one to wish me a Happy Birthday & then Zander & then Nick was a "oh yeah, Happy Birthday" Lexi made me a nice thing from a craft pack that she got for her birthday. She put a picture of her & I on it & turned out really nice.

We went out for supper at the new Pizza Ranch. Pizza/chicken/salad bar buffet. Pretty good food. Z & Z didn't eat much but Nick & Lexi did. Lexi ate 2 or 3 pieces of pizza, a record for her! Nick...his first plate was FULL of salad. I was surprised by that. He LOVED the western dressing & cucumbers....I looked & didn't see any cucumbers & he pointed at them & I said "oh you mean CROUTONS" Ya, whatever they are he said. Then he went & got more food. A SECOND plate full of salad. What's up with him & salad?!?! Maybe I should be buying some lettuce for him I guess.

After that we headed to the Brown County Fair. Z & Z loved all the farm animals. We walked around a bit & then headed to play BINGO. Nick won the first game & the pot of $4.00. He was happy with that! Lexi & I were soooooo close....you know just ONE number away!!

Tomorrow is the kids pedal pull at the fair so we'll be doing that. I've got pictures to upload from tonight as well.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Busy busy busy weekend!

After Lexi's bday party Thursday night, Nick went home w/ Ashley & Tyler & Tyler's 12 yr old nephew Austin. They got up early Friday morning & headed to Valleyfair.....were there from open to close!! Nick had a great time!! Thanks for taking him Ashley!

While he was enjoying Valleyfair on Friday, I dropped Lexi & Zander off at Grandma & Grandpa's. They were leaving in the afternoon to go camping for two nights! They went to Riverside Park in Springfield where the Nachreiner Family Reunion was held on Saturday.

Friday they went swimming in the kiddie pool & watched Grandpa & Uncle Doug race on the go-carts at night!

Friday night, Marcie & David got to our house around 8:30 pm. It was just Phil & I & Zachary home to greet them! What an odd feeling of only having one kid sleeping in the house!!

Saturday morning Ashley brought Nick home for his 10:00 baseball game. But....we got a call & the game was pushed to start at noon because of the rain. The MUCH needed RAIN!! Hated to see the games get rained out, but yet we sure needed the rain. The game started at noon & it was chilly, but we made it through the whole day with no more rain! They played 3 games & lost all three. Nick did pretty good pitching but wasn't swinging the bat like he usually does. He got hit in the foot by a wild pitch & has been scared of the ball since then.

It got to be pretty late at the ball park last night. Everyone slept in this morning & we had to be back at the park for a 10:00 game. They lost again. Would have been nice to win at least ONE game!! And I guess Courtland WON the tourney last year! SO they went from FIRST TO LAST place! Lot of players moved up so this team this year is a VERY young team with lots of boys just starting out. And our coaches have us scratching our heads as well. I signed Phil up to coach next year!!

I had to work in the concession stand from 11-2 today. Boy did that wipe me out!! Run, run, run!! One busy place, that's for sure!! Nick was there with me & he ran the scoreboard. He really like that & he got .50/game for doing it ;-) She said that he could come up pretty much every night of the week to do it if he wanted. So I think I'll be sending him up to the ballpark as much as I can when he gets in my hair!!!

Picked Lexi & Zander up from Grandma's this afternoon & then for supper we went to Swanny's for pizza & burgers. It was a little party for the baseball team.

There is VBS this week for Nick & Lexi but neither one wanted to go......I guess we'll see if we get up in time in the morning or not. I have a feeling everyone will sleep in (or maybe I'm just HOPING they all are as exhausted as me & sleep in!!!)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Lexi Rose!!

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's time.........

Well I think it's time to take our *baby* out of his crib & move him into a big boy bed. He started climbing out a few weeks ago & has been waking up during the night & sometimes way earlier than normal (like 6 AM!!!! instead of his usual 8 or 9!!)

So......time to take that crib down & say goodbye to cribs in this house for GOOD!!!

What he has been doing lately is going right into Zander's bed! That works for nap time, but is a little more difficult at bedtime! Tonight I said "Zachy, time for bed" He went right to his room & right into Zander's bed!! So I tucked him in & said we'd start looking for a new bed for him. First night he STAYED in his room! Usually he would climb out of his crib a few times before bed.

Poor Zander, he was in our bed & ready to go to his but I told him we had to wait until Zach fell asleep first. He wasn't too happy about that, he wanted to go to sleep in his own bed!!