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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Here you Go Mitch!!

Here are some of my Walgreen's purchases today!

Wrigley's 10 pack Gum B1G1 for .01 = 2/$2.00 less mfg coupons of $2.00 = FREE
Trident B1G1 for.01 = 2/1.00, bought 4 packs used 1.00 coupon = .25/pack

(Phil asked "what were they givin gum away for free today?" Well, ya pretty close!)

No Nonsense knee highs B1G1 .01, 2/$2.30 less $2.00 mfg coupon = .30/2 pair

Hershey's Kisses 5/$10 less mf coupon of $2.00 less MIR of $5.00 = $3./5 bags

Glad Trash Bags 2/$3.00 less $1.00 mfg = 2/$2.00

Hefty Zip Lock 2/$2.80 less .80 mfg = 2/$2.00 Here I actually got RIPPED off after I got home & reviewed my receipt. These had peel off coupons of .20 each & so the clerk peeled them off & I said I already had .40 coupons for these & she said, well we can still try it at the end. Ok, fine. So she did & they went through. Here I got home & instead of DEDUCTING .20/each, they CHARGED me .20/each for these coupons!! There was .40 added to my bill instead of deducted!! Can you believe that?!!? An .80 difference, but I suppose I'll just let it go this time.

Hershey's Candy Bar .69, less mfg .69 = FREE (we have a freezer full of these!!)

Campbells Soup IN Hand 4/$5 less $2.00 mfg = 4/$3.00

Listerine mouthwash 2.99 less 1.00 mfg less MIR 2.99 = MAKE 1.00

Duracell batteries 16 pack 7.99 less .75 mfg less 3.00 MIR = $4.24 (not sure if this is really good for batteries or not)

They all pretty much know me in Walgreens now. The one lady said "no kids today?" She's used to me & the two little ones in there I guess!

Then the other one had to comment again on how I always have my stuff all organized & ready to go. And I'm such a good shopper etc etc ....and oh it must take a lot of time to do all this...yada yada yada, just check me out already.

***It's not gonna be a great month for rebates. Nov & Dec are usually bad they say. I will agree with that. My Oct rebate giftcards were $125 & Nov was a whoppin' $25. So I'm guessing Dec will be about the same.

Friday, November 24, 2006


Yes I did a little shopping today. But I was not retarded....I didn't get up before the sun came out. I left my house about 9:30 am, after a nice breakfast of bacon & eggs. My *buddy* Zander & I went. (The buddy story is funny. Yesterday, him & I went to Kmart & Walgreens (yep, on Thanksgiving they were both open & were running a few good deals). So we were at Walgreens, & an employee says to him "Hey buddy", and we walk away & he says to me "I not buddy, I Zander Michael Fischer" So I've been calling him my *buddy* now!)

Ok, so back to the shopping. First stop was Herberger's. I got a couple of *doorbuster* items. The store was nuts & I was happy to get out of there. Then we went to Walgreens. My total bill was $15.02 & I have $14.98 coming back in rebates. So only spent .04 there, pretty good, huh?! Here is what was on my list today:

Razor, Vive Shampoo, Mascara, Tide, Hershey Candy Bar, & Tampax.

Schick Quattro Razor: 8.99 - $4.00 mfg - $3.00 Walgreens coupon = 1.99 - 8.99 MIR = $7.00 MAKE MONEY
Vive: 4.99 x 2 = 9.98 - $2 Walgreens coupon - $1 mfg coupon - $4.99 B1G1F coupon = 1.99/2
Mascara: 5.99 (MIR 5.99) = FREE
Tide: 1.99 x 2 - .50 mfg x2 = 2.98
Hershey Candy Bar: .69 - .69 FREE coupon
Tampax: 4.29 - 4.29 FREE catalina = $0

Next stop was a store that is going out of business. Kids clothing store. I spent just over $100 & the retail of it was close to $1300.!! (Like anyone would every pay that, but that's what the tags said!)

Then to Kmart. Couple of DVD's that we wanted were gone, so left with just one for Phil. Some stupid movie so I wasn't surprised it was still there!

Then Target. Got Walk the Line for under 10 bucks. The other DVD was out. Got my buddy an Icee since he was being such a good shopper.

Then we came home. The end. Anyone else have any Black Friday deals?

It's SANTA!!!

The kids got a little treat tonight! They got to see Santa! I took them to the Parade of Lights & after that was over we had some soup & a sandwich at the Legion with my mom & dad. When we were done there, we drove around to find where this big light from the sky was coming from. We found where it was set up & driving downtown we saw Santa in the window! So I asked the kids if they wanted to stop & see him & of course they said yes. So we stopped in & we were the last ones in line. There were just a few kids ahead of us so we didn't have to wait all that long. I didn't know this was going on after the parade. I talked to the lady in front of me & she had been waiting for an HOUR! So we really lucked out! The kids all told Santa what they wanted for Xmas. Here is a short version of Nick's conversation:

Santa: Have you been a good boy this year?
Nick: No
Santa: HO HO HO, at least you are honest!
Santa: I suppose you pick on the little ones.
Nick: Yep
Santa: Ho Ho Ho, well I suppose that is expected. Do you do chores around the house?
Nick: Sort of
Santa: Ho Ho Ho well maybe they should make your chore list longer so you don't have time pick on the little ones so much. Ho Ho Ho

**Grandma, you were right, that was Meleah in the parade. She was leaving the place where Santa was when we were coming & I talked to Dianne too.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated at my mom & dad's with my brothers & sister & their families. I'm sure we all gained 5 pounds from all the great food we had! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday & enjoying the nice long weekend!
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Spike Boy!

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Texas Hold 'Em

And there is the big Poker winner....actually 1st & 2nd place winners. Mitch was 1st & Nick took 2nd beating out Eric, Grandpa, Phil, & myself.

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Eric & Zander

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No Nick didn't just get out of the shower....this was after playing a little football! He was sweatin' like a pig!
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What's Thanksgiving without a little Cribbage??
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I said something about eating a BIRD for Thanksgiving & she must of thought I said "show me the BIRD"

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Football in November??

Only in Minnesota!!

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Our Walking Boy!

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Magazine Deal for Kids

For my readers with kids 7-14 years old. Looking for a cheap magazine subscription? Look no further...


You may have to copy/paste the link. You can subscribe for 1-3 years. Put DISNEY in the coupon code at checkout & you will get this magazine for 2.25/year. I splurged & did it for two years ;-)

ENJOY! (They say it comes..but it does take awhile, so I'm thinking by the first of the new year we should have it)


I hit Walgreens yesterday & Target this morning. I got lucky at Target & ended up going back later in the day. I got:

Pantene Restoratives Shampoo/Conditioner/Hairspray. They were marked down from 4.99 to 2.24 & 1.74 on the shampoo. Add a mfg coupon for 1.50 & I got them each for .74 & .24. They also each had a free trial size included! So a pretty awesome deal. I had 4 coupons with me this morning & then came home & found another 11 coupons that I used to clear the shelf off. Checkout gal had to comment. She asked where I found these...on the top shelf, bottom, where? I said, don't worry, there aren't any more on the shelf! She had to check my total before the coupons & then afterwards & was like "WOW, you did great shopping today" On my second trip, I picked up a Glade Light Show & warmer unit. Coupon was buy one Warmer Unit & get a Free Light Show, value up to 13.00. So the warmer was $4.14 which I had a mfg coupon for $3.00 off & then I got the light show free. So total value of $15.53 for 1.14.

Walgreens yesterday was a good one. When it rang up I didn't believe it & should of gone back for more at the time because it's been reported that the deal isn't nationwide, so depending where you are, it may not work for you. But anyhow, in their ad, they have this listed:

Buy the Gillette Fusion manual or power for $8.99, get the Gillette Venus and Gillette Fusion after shave for FREE.

It was either on the after shave or the razor, a peel off $2 coupon (some locations are reporting a $3 coupon). Walgreens deducts $5.99 twice for the 1 fusion (which I think is an error on their part)

So you get all of this ($28) for $1 plus tax. Mine was $1.21.

There is NO limit!! Thus I should of grabbed all that was there yesterday. You snooze you loose. But I'll go & check it out later anyhow!

Please note that this special also includes the Fusion razor bonus bundle and the Venus bonus bundle (which includes the fusion shave cream).

There is also a up to $12 rebate for the Venus razor. So they will actually be paying me about $10 for what I bought yesterday!

The other good deal was the Glade Light Show. Here is that deal:

Buy One (1) Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil warmer (price: $7.99) and One (1) Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Light Show (price: $12.99)
-- $3 off Glade Plugins Scented Oil Warmer (mfg coupon)
-- Free Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Light Show wyb any Glade PlugIns Scented Oil warmer (up to $13 mfg coupon)
-- $3 rebate for the Glade Light Show (Walgreens Easy Saver catalog)

Total: Glade PlugIns Scented Oil warmer and Glade PlugIns Scented Oil Light Show
= $20.98 - $16 MFR coupons - $3 rebate = $1.98 AR/AC for both

My house is smelling GOOOOOODDDD with all these air fresheners!!

Oh & just because I don't have enough feminine products around here, I picked up 2 packs of Kotex on sale for 2/$10 with a mfg coupon of 2.00 off & will also do the MIR of $10. So will get paid $2 for taking them off the shelf.

Those were the main ones. Another good deal I wanted to get was at Circuit City, but darn, none around here. Sorry Phil! That was your Xmas present...and you would of loved it too!

Ok, so I had typed some of this up earlier & now updating it. I did go back to Walgreens today & didn't get the good razor deal tha I got yesterday. This time I had to pay what I was expecting to pay yesterday. The call must of been put in to all the stores & the computer glitch was fixed. Darn!! I did pick up some more shampoo today. Yesterday I got 2 bottles of the VIVE. It was on sale for 4.99, less Walgreens coupon of 1.00 less mfg coupon of 1.00 & then I had a B1G1F coupon. So when all was said & done, I got 2 bottles for 1./each. So today I went to pick up two more & then found some bottles had BONUS packs w/ a smaller bottle attached to it. So that was even better than yesterday. I quit counting our bathroom stash of shampoo/conditioner when I hit 25. I probably should stop buying it but I still have a few more of those B1G1F coupons......

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Just another typical day at the Fischer house. I brought a bunch of puzzles out that had been in a basket in the closet. Well, Mr. Zander decided to dump them ALL together! What Fun!!
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He was playing with the TV buttons while his brother was dumping all the puzzle pieces together.
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Yep, those are ALL the pieces mixed together. I think we picked them all up two or three times.
Then I put the bin up high.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had PT Conferences last night with both Nick & Lexi's teachers. First up was Nick's. He is doing well. She mentioned about the paper that he turned in with the multiplication instead of the addition & she had asked him if he REALLY wanted to turn it in like that because that would be alot wrong. And he said yes. So she told Phil not to tell him that anymore.

Nick is pretty much always the first one done in class. He's very good at math and she said the other day when they were doing flash cards she had to tell him to stop & let the other kids answer. Yes, he gets his number smarts from his mommy ;-)

The only thing he could do is slow down a bit. Everything is not a race, he doesn't have to be the first done. An example is with reading. He'll take a book, read it quick & then get to the play area. Well, he needs to take harder books she said cause he's always in that play area. He does what he is suppose to be doing, but he could do more. Like they always say, you are doing great, but just work harder! So good report there.

Lexi's teacher was next. She has really made improvements since the beginning of the year. She is very she & quiet. Yep, takes after her mother. But she has been opening up more & now when someone asks her to play, she'll join them. She still isn't to the point where SHE will make the first move to ask someone to join her. But overall she is doing great. We were worried with her being the youngest and having the August Birthday but Mrs. W said she is doing great. She loves the writing center & the dramatic play areas.

It was funny, she was showing us where Lexi sits in circle time & then moved a little rocking chair out of the way. "that is Dalton's...he needs to rock" That was the kid that I had in my van on the field trip. Yep, I could see his *need to rock* LOL

Monday, November 13, 2006

More Walgreens Deals...

Ok, I forgot to post my previous purchase from last week. Last week I did the Novartis deal THREE times!! On my 3rd trip I got the following:

Pumpkin .79 (have a B1G1F coupon) so .40/each (this was out of stock, so I had to get a raincheck)
Triaminic $5 x 4 less (WG 4x$2) (mfg 4x$1) = $8 and will get $10 cash coupon at checkout
Bounty 2/$6 less .50 mfg = 5.50/6 rolls
OJ 2/$4.00
Trident 3/$2 less $1 mfg = 3/$1.00
Arrid 2/$3 less 2x$1.00 mfg = 2/$1.00
KY Warming Mist & Massage Lotion 2/$20 less $10 mfg coupon & will do MIR for $10 GC = Free

So I will be spending $30.29 & then used my $10 cash coupon from other day, down to $20.29 & will get another $10 cash coupon & $10 gift card. SO will get all for .29.

Today I went & got:

Robitussin Cough Drops (Three for Free AC)

Bayer for $0.25 AC

Buy $20 worth of Unilever products, get $5 cash coupon, For my $20 worth, I bought:

Sunsilk Shampoo/Conditioner 3 for $10, I bought 4 & had $1.50/mfg coupon for each

All Laundry Detergent Small & Mighty Liquid 32 oz. $3.99 each I had $1.00 mfg coupon

Ragu Spag Sauce, buy 1 for 2.59, get 1 free (.50 coupon also used) So that was $22.51 worth of items, got the $5.00 coupon, & with the mfg coupons, brought it down to $15, with the $5 coupon, makes it $10 for all.

Scotch Tape on sale 2/$1.00, I bought 4 & used $1.00 mfg coupon so 4/1.00

Kleenex on sale for 1.50/box, I bought 6 boxes, used 2 .40 each mfg coupons & also got a $2.00 cash coupon, so brought the boxes down to 1.03/each 200 count

The big one I did today was I loaded up on Tampons. They have Playtex Sport on sale 2/$6.00 & I have coupons for $2.50/off bringing them down to .50/box!!!

PLUS after you purchase that box, it spits out a catalina for a free box of Tampax Pearl!! You have to purchase them separately though. So I had SEVEN boxes of tampons that he rang up separately for me. And now I have SEVEN coupons for SEVEN free more boxes of the Pearls. I'm stocked for a good year or two!

Ashley reading to her cousins....
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Zander getting a little taste!
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1st Birthday Cake!

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Getting some help from big brother!
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Here He Comes!

He's walking a little more every day! Today he was showing off at the clinic. He walked quite a bit...had to get to the window to see outside!
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Birthday Party

We had Zachary's 1st Birthday Party today! I'm too tired to upload pictures so that will have to wait a couple of days! Sorry! Tomorrow Zachary has his 1 yr doc appointment & will have to get some shots ;-( Then we have parent teacher conferences for both Nick & Lexi & then it's my first girls night out! A couple of neighbors asked if I wanted to join them. The one doesn't play cards, so they decided to call it *game* night. So that's what I'm doing tomorrow night! Should be fun!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Strike a Pose!

Lexi getting ready to bowl...looks like she has the correct from down! The boys are in the back.

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