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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pat & Mary hosted Easter this year & the kids got to go on a little Easter Egg Hunt!! They had full pockets by the time they were finished!

Jennie, Andy, Riley, Nick, Lexi, & Eric looking for eggs & candy!

Eric, Lexi, Phil, & Nick on the egg hunt!

I was a mean mommie....Zander got a basket & I quick snapped this pic & then took it away.......he was grabbing the candy, wrapper & all & eating it! He didn't like me taking it away!! Our neighbor made the baskets & gave one to each of the kids last year! She hand crocheted them. Really cute!

Lexi & all her Easter GOODIES!!

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hy-Vee had their annual Easter Egg Hunt this morning! Here's Lexi patiently waiting for her age group to go!

Nick & Eric waiting for their turn....well Nick's waiting, Eric's too old!!

Lexi on the hunt for candy & eggs!

Lexi & her basket that got filled up from the hunt!

Nick on the hunt for candy & eggs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nick's Spring Show!

More pictures can be seen by clicking HERE.

Nibble Munch & Crunch! Nick's SPRING SHOW was held last night! Was suppose to be Friday night but because of the snowstorm we had it was postponed until last night! All the kids did a great job in the show!

Humpty Dumpty Sat on A Wall

The VERY Hungry Caterpillar. Nick is a pear....second from the left.

Nick is in the front row.....first kid on the left.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

What's he looking outside at??

Crazy kids having fun in the snow!!

Getting ready to go down the big hill!

BRRRRR I don't think I like this snow in the face business!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Zander's 1st Birthday Cake!! Mommy & Lexi made it for him! For not having a creative bone in my body, I'd say it didn't turn out too bad!!

Present time!!

This is some good cake!!

Mmmmmm birthday cake!!

Enjoying his new birthday presents!!

Zander's 1 year stats and Pictures!

Back from the doctor. Zander is 23 pounds, 6 oz, & 31" long. He had to get two shots today. Chickenpox & MMR.

We had his 1 yr pictures taken last night & here is a link to the online proofs. Also tried to get a group, but that didn't go very well. To look at the proofs, go here:


Then scroll down to YOUR PHOTOS ONLINE. Then look for my name, FISCHER, L on 3/14/05 & the password is 8349-1

Happy 1st Birthday Zander Michael!!!!!

Look at how tiny he was!!

Minutes old!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Oh Ebay...I really LOVE you!!!

Some of you have heard that I finally found my first ST JOHN. After looking & looking for over 5 years, I found this beautiful 3 pc set at a consignment store in Mankato. (Jennie says it's old lady clothes.......I told Jennie, she needed some *class*! LOL) I thought it was really a nice outfit!

Anyhow, I listed it a week ago & started it at $99.95........no takers. I was a bit disappointed. So I took some different pictures & split the 3 pc set up into 2 auctions. Started the skirt at $29.95 & the 2 pc set at $49.95.

Well, they ended tonight. The skirt sold for $31.00. Here is the link:


And the two piece set........well, here you take a look :-)))))


And what did I pay for this you ask?!?! It was marked down from $30 to $15 to $7.50!!!!!!! Yep, I forked out $7.50 for this old lady outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~Doing the HAPPY DANCE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Oh and Phil loves Ebay too. This is the start of his golfing fund for this year. He's gonna sell some golf balls. These ended tonight for $19.95 & the other lot has a few days to go. (I'm sure my cool template helps sell them too! Hehehehe)



Pretty good profit there too for *free* balls!! Wonder how many thousands they'll find this year?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lexi said to me the other day........

"mommy, how come me & Nick never stay at Grandma's house anymore?" I guess she is lonesome for Grandma!!

Oh, and I'm not Mommy anymore.....it's Mommy Fischer. That is what she calls me alot!! "what are you doing Mommy Fischer?"

She makes us laugh every day!