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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tired Baby.....

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ashley's stay with us!

Ashley stayed two nights with us over her Thanksgiving Break from college. The kids wore her out!! She said a few times "I don't know how you do it"....hopefully she was able to catch up on the sleep she lost while she was here!! The kids LOVED having her stay here!


Almost 2 weeks old already!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Whoo Hoo!!!

If I can find more of these, that will help with the grocery bill!!!

This was my highest profit clothing item I've sold on Ebay. I just happened to find another one yesterday.....don't think I'll get as much but it should do well too!!

Future Grocery Bill?!?! YIKES!!

I have a feeling that three boys are gonna eat us out of the house!!

Zander's breakfast today consisted of:

Orange Juice
1 1/2 eggs
Piece of toast
2 Sausage Patties

The kid ate more than me today!! And we know how big of an eater I am!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Awwwww How sweet!! Nicole & Lexi!

Zachary & Uncle Mark!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

First of MANY records to be Broken!

I'm certain this is only the beginning of records for MSU. Ashley was named NCC FRESHMEN of THE YEAR!!! This was the first time a MSU player has received the award!! Read more about it here and here.

WAY TO GO ASHLEY!!! We are all VERY proud of you!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Guess What Zander Did Today?!?!

He went poop on the toilet!! Now if we only could get him to say a few words!!

We'll see if he keeps it up!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

BROTHERS!?!? Blondie & Darkie....who will be known as Z1 & Z2 or Nick says Big Z & Little Z.

All ready to go home from the hospital!

The happy, BIG SISTER! She's been a good helper too!!

Grandpa, Nick, Nana, Zach, & Lexi

Zachary with both sets of grandparents!

Grandpa with his new grandson!

And in the end, David won out!! He led with three votes in the end. Sorry Linus!!! And Jefferson...well you didn't think that had a chance, did you Phil??!?

I only heard it a thousand times the last 9 mos......"wow, you are gonna have your hands FULL" Do they look full?!?!

Our rugrats.....Nick (7), Lexi (4), Zander (20 mos), Zachary (1 day old!)

Isn't he precious!!

Aunt Tammi holding Zachary.

Oops, sorry Gramps, your head got cut off a little!

All the way from TEXAS to see their new cousin!! Here's Nicole & Matt!

Big sister with her new baby brother!

Tried to get a decent shot of all his black hair!

Daddy & Zach

Do we have another thumb sucker!??! He found it all by himself......

My three boys...........

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ER visit.........

Had enough of the chest pain so I called the clinic this morning to see a doctor. They were all out of available appointments & said if I wanted to be seen, I had to go to the Emergency Room. So I did. Was hoping they'd keep me & even took my hospital bag with. They sent me home with out a baby, but some good drugs instead.

I am being treated for pneumonia. Without a chest x-ray they can't be 100% certain that is what I have but they don't like to do x-rays on pregnant women so the doctor said we would treat it this way. It's either this or Pleurisy or some skeleton muscular thing I have. The coughing for 3 weeks is long enough & I needed something for the unbearable pain. When it hurts to breathe....something needs to be done!

So I'm on amoxicillian for 10 days & some Vicodin for the pain. The Vicodin has already kicked in & I have some pain relief FINALLY.

As long as we were at the hospital (Phil came with today...his FIRST doctor visit with this pregnancy and they didn't even check the baby really. As long as baby is moving I guess things are fine.) we went to the OB department to see if anything opened up for Thursday. Nope, & Friday was booked as well. So it's still on for Tuesday. I do see my doctor on Thursday.

Time to rest before Nick gets home from school. Grandma has been a HUGE help with Lexi & Zander. They have been taking turns staying there & are both there now & Lexi will come home later. Thanks GRANDMA!!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Come & Gone....

My FOURTH Due Date has come & gone (well almost, just over an hour to go!). I thought for SURE this one was going to come today.

Contractions started just after midnight. I had JUST fallen asleep & was woken up by them. I laid in bed unti about 2 am breathing through them. They were about 10 minutes apart. Then I got up & went upstairs to the couch & quit watching the clock and tried to get some sleep. Wanted to wait until daybreak before having to wake anyone up. They continued all night so I didn't get any sleep. About 5:00 I went back to bed & lasted about 30 minutes. Went back upstairs & called the OB dept at 5:30 & asked when/if I should come in. She said when contractions were about 5 mins apart or if my water broke. This was all new to me....having contractions without pitocin!! So I stayed on the couch & Nick was the first one up. Not even sure what time it was. Then I had him watch the clock for me....still about 10 mins apart. Then Lexi was up about 7:15 & about 7:45 Eric came up. Then they really got close....so I said I better get things packed up. Well I went to the bathroom & wouldn't you know it, after that they pretty much STOPPED. Contractions for over 8 hours & then NOTHING. Well an hour or so later they did start again....but nothing consistent that I could time.

I took a nap this afternoon & by 4:00 it was all over. Nothing. All that pain & NO baby to show for it.

So Phil went in to work tonight. Like something will happen when I'm here all alone?!?!

My doctor is out of town now until Thursday. I have an appointment then & will find out if I progressed anything from all of this. I'm sure I'm now at a 1.5.

How depressing.
Still scheduled for the 15th....a LONG 9 days to go yet.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lexi wanted to be a CLOWN for Nick's birthday today! Nick laughed when he saw her when he got home from school. Then of course he wanted HIS face painted too!

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Singing Happy Birthday.....

1 Girlfriend?!?!

MONEY for his birthday!! He LOVES that!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy 7th Birthday Nick!! Took these tonight since we'll be taking the cupcakes to school tomorrow. He looks so happy to be turning 7 doesn't he!??! Actually in about an hour & a half from now my contractions started with him. It was midnight & I was suppose to be at the hospital at 7 am to be induced. We went to the hospital at around 3 or 4 am & Nick was born at 12:17 pm. 12 hours of labor for the first kid, then Lexi was 6 hours & Zander was 5 hours. Think this one will be shorter?!?!

Give me an A for effort!! Phil & Nick had no idea what the 7 was for....Nick will be SEVEN tomorrow. Phil thought it was an arrow pointing??? I tried.......

Cupcakes to take to school tomorrow!!

39 weeks & 2 days. Had a doctor appointment today. Scheduled to be induced on the 15th. Doctor is gone next Mon, Tues, & Wed. I'm dialated to a one. I thought last week he said a 2....so I guess I'm going backwards. He said he had 1 written down for last week. Whatever, the 15th can't come soon enough. Just be glad you aren't Phil.....I'm SICK of being pregnant & SICK of being sick!! Still have a nagging cough.

Halloween 2005!

Our Halloween didn't go quite as planned this year. Zander woke up from his nap feeling pretty warm. I took his temp & it was 102. He woke up about 4 pm & we wanted to start Trick or Treating at around 5:30. Gave him some medicine & he snuggled on my lap. He drank some water & did eat a little jello. The kids saw some kids out across the street so they wanted to get their costumes on & go! So we did. We figured we'd put Zander in his for the houses we go to around here....just 5 or 6 of them & then head to New Ulm & drop him off at Grandma's. So we did the houses here & got in the van & headed to town. First we stopped at Eric's & then on the way to Grandma's, Zander puked....and puked. First time one of the kids got sick in the van. I've wanted a new van for about a year or so but have sinced changed my mind. The kids are just too hard on it!! And this was the icing on the cake. Most of it was on his costume though & some on the carseat. So the van was fine...but when cleaning it out today I found some gum on the floor in the back. Thanks for telling me about that Nick. Ugh.

So we turned around & Zander & I came home & Phil went back to town with the kids. Gave Zander a bath & he was much better after that. Put him to bed about 7:15...he woke up an hour later when Phil & the kids got home so I gave him some more medicine & then another hour later he was up again. He snuggled for awhile & then back to bed & woke up fine this morning. Back to his usual self of getting into everything he isn't suppose to!! Glad he just had that bug for a few hours!

Since we weren't able to get any pictures last night, we all put on our costumes tonight & snapped a few!

At least it was Zander that got sick & not one of the other two. He had no real clue what he missed out on! Although after just going to one house, he figured it out pretty quick!! By the 3rd house, he went right in & took what he wanted from her bowl!! I think he would have had a blast!!

Little Tigger, Big Tigger, Piglet, & Pooh!! Happy Halloween!!

Taken tonight....just pretend it was Halloween night!!

Little Tigger is next to me......now WHY would Nick cut his sister out of the picture?!?!?!? After he took it he says "oops, Lexi got cut off" Whatever Nick!!

She is SOOOOO ready to bounce from house to house!!

He wasn't sleeping but I caught him with his eyes closed on this one. Poor sick baby........this was before he puked all over himself.

Posing for her brother (Nick took this)

One happy Tigger!!

Side view of Nick in his costume. He was originally going to wear his Yu Gi Oh costume but after wearing it the one night & people asking who he was.....he changed his mind for trick or treating!

Front view of the MAN EATING SHARK. Can you see his eyes??

All the candy they got......one bag was in Nick's room yet. He gave us a *family* bag & kept out what he wanted! They got some cash too.....Z's is in his cup. Who gave them that?!?! Nick got an extra buck.....did you count wrong Grandpa or is he special!?!?