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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Survived!!

I had the plasma donation appointment today & happy to say I made it through! I was a little nervous after I got there as I sat down & a nurse came up to the girl next to me & asked if she was alright....and then said she looked a lot better.

Nurse left & I asked her if this was her first time & she said yes but she couldn't do it. She got lightheaded about 10 mins into it and had to stop!

Ok, NOT what you want to see/hear on your first visit!! I later asked the nurse if it was common for people to faint/get sick. She said it happens, but not too often. They see about 1000 people/week & if they have 2 faint, that is a high number. Phew, I felt a little better then!

I got hooked up & everything went fine. The worst part was probably at the end when they give you a bag of saline to replenish the fluids they took in the plasma. The saline is at room temp which is about 25 degrees colder than your body temp & boy could I feel that in the veins! Just a wierd feeling & I was shivering after that!


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