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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Duck Days!

We went to Lake Crystal tonight for their annual Duck Days. The kids did a coin find & had fun with that. They had nickels, dimes, & quarters in the lawn for the kids to find. Nick ended up with $3, Zander was $2.40, Lexi found $1.40, & Zach found .20!!!
Then the older three did the pedal pull.
Tomorrow we are heading to the lake for the holiday week so don't look for any updates for awhile!! Have a fun, safe & happy 4th of July!!
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Nick Pedal Pull

Lexi Pedal Pull

Zander's First Pedal Pull!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here we Go Again!!

Zander Dancing!!

Big Box

What do they say about cardboard boxes?!? They are better toys than the toys you pay money for, so true! This huge box was from Lexi's new bed. The kids were running around outside with it & having a good old time!
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Parade Time!

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It makes a great sled down the hill!!
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VBS goodies!

Friday was the last day of VBS & the kids brought home a bunch of stuff they had made & reading material. Zander wanted to show it all off!! He did GREAT this week and all three of the kids had a fun time there!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spiderman Spiderman!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation Bible School......

Today was day 1! It's all week from 9-11:30 & I have Nick, Lexi, & Zander signed up for it. I wasn't quite sure about Zander....but he did just fine. He didn't want to stay at first but then in the group song at the beginning he sat by Lexi. I snuck out then & I guess Lexi said he tried to go with her when it was over but the teacher led him to his room & he was fine.

Nick had the attitude before going that it was HORRIBLE & he didn't want to go (he's 8 & was talking like a 13 year old!!! What the heck??)

I asked him if it was HORRIBLE. He said, no not really. LOL There are two kids from his baseball team there so he hung out with them. They both go to that school (Immanuel Lutheran where Lexi went to preschool) & want Nick to go to that school next year! So he keeps asking if he can go to school there next year!!

Now I sent Nick & Lexi over to the new neighbors to play. Nick hasn't met Tyler yet (who is going into 2nd grade) but Lexi has. They haven't come back yet so it must be going ok. They play in the back yard where the swingset & stuff is which I can't see. We use our front yard so everyone sees what we are doing all the time!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekend Update!

We had a wonderful weekend at the lake! Weather was great! I did a little video with the pictures & hope you enjoy it!

We had both Ashley & Eric stayed with us. I'm sure they'll be back too!

The BEST part of the weekend.....we FOUND our paddleboat!!!! WHOO HOO!!! Not sure what happened, but we found it tied up to someone's dock around the corner of the lake. It was DISGUSTING. FULL of weeds & who knows what!! It must of had a pretty rough ride over there! I got it cleaned up pretty well on Sat & was gonna take it out today but it was too windy. Everyone was so happy we found it!!


Weekend at the Lake!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nick pitching

Bull Pen

Nick in the bull pen warming up before getting to pitch. He pitched one inning & walked 3, strike out 2, & caught a pop fly to end the inning. Phew!
He hit two doubles tonight & had some great fielding at 2nd base as well.
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Snack Time

The plan was to go to Flandrau today....made the trip there & got the dreaded POOL CLOSED sign! Augh. NOW what?!? Well we decided to head to Mankato & check out Hiniker Pond.

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Lexi & Ashley

You probably can't see them, but Ashley & Lext are out there. Ashley kept Lexi & some other girls entertained out in the water!
(Hiniker Pond, Mankato)
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This is what he looked like 5% of today...the rest of the day he was one heck of a crab boy!! He didn't care for the water much today at ALL. He pretty much sat on the beach & ate a can of Pringles!!
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Enjoying the water!

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Fun at Flandrau!

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Wet Banana Fun!!

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What do We Do??

Those two stood on it.....even after seeing Lexi run down it they had no interest in trying it!
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Monday, June 11, 2007

Bug Bite

This was a week or so ago. Zach got bit by something & just swelled up his whole eye! This was taken the second day! He's back to normal now!

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Up High!

Can you see Lexi's Red shirt way up on top !??!
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The kids made it to the top of Hermann!
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Yet another...

I thought I was almost done, but here's another.


I got a new game. We had a grage sale. I was Robed. I was up tell 12:00 pm. I had a frie.


I'm getting a kick out of some of these in Nick's book.


I that that this is funny. I am a man and I can go to the can.

From Nick's Journal....


My God

I want to be a pro basball player. Then I will be a millon air. I want to play for the Yakees. I want to be a pichr.

New Year's Resolutions....

Nick brought his Journal home from school & he wrote down his NY Resolutions. A couple I couldn't read, but here are the others.

1. Drink more pop.

2. Buy more baseball cards.

3. Watch more TV.

4. Save more money.

5. Play more Playstation 2.

6. Stay up late.

7. Exercise more.

A couple are ok, but do you think anyone really explained what resolutions are?!? Oh well, he gave us a good chuckle!!