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Friday, September 28, 2007

First Fish

We went down to the river tonight & did a little fishing. This was the first fish of the night caught. I think we all caught about 2 fish each. We caught catfish, a sheephead, and a redhorse sucker.
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Nick's Monster

No it wasn't bait, this is really what he caught.
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I caught the biggest fish of the night. Phil said his was bigger, but Nick & I agreed that mine was. So there.
Two against one. We win.
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Mommy wouldn't share her pole.
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Live Clam!

Lexi found this along the river.
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Zachary's Monster Fish

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Phil was busy getting Nick's fish off & set his pole down & Tyler grabbed it & reeled in this one!
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Lexi's Fish

Lexi reeled in this sheephead.
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Last Fish....

This was the last fish caught......a Red Horse Sucker. Pretty fish.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007

"You Got A Mess"

Those were the words I just heard on the phone.

To bring you up to speed.....last week Phil ripped off our front deck cause we decided we would cement it all & have cement steps. I told him we probably should first get an estimate & find someone to do it. Nah, he could do it with some friends at work. Ok, well you remember last time we had *friends* do concrete work. In case you don't, his friends from work did the first half of our driveway & today we have a HUGE crack that I swear someone is gonna trip on & hurt themselves on. The other half of the driveway, MY friends from work did. If you don't recall that, well they did a shotty job & we wouldn't pay so they took us to court. AH, that was fun.

So anyhow, we've had no front steps for about a week & called the guy who did our garage floor to come give us an estimate. He came out on Tuesday & just called back with the estimate.

His first words were "you got a mess out there" Hello, we know our driveway is crappy, we just need cement in the front part. So he goes on to say that the prefab steps would run about $700. Whooly. Way more than we thought. And he'd have to tear out a section of cement sidewalk that is already there because he couldn't match up to it etc.....so anyhow, his estimate was about 3x as much as we thought this *little* project was gonna cost. Maybe 4X. In the meantime, I called another person to come give an estimate & I'm waiting for his call back.

So we may go back to the drawing board........maybe back to wooden steps. I feel a headache coming on.

Monday, September 17, 2007


You know the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is" Well, last week Phil came home saying there was a sign up at work with the credit union saying they would give you $100 if you got a friend/family member/enemy/anyone to open an account. They would give that person $50 for opening the account. So Phil comes home & says to Nick, you want $50, mommy, you want $50? How about you Lexi, etc...

Nick says YES! I was like, huh? Ya whatever. The banks around here will give the kids $5 to open an account & sometimes they have a special, $10! And this place is gonna give $50.??? Ok.

Well I said, what else goes with it, how much do you need to open the account with? So he checked into it today & said that you need to open an account with $25. He'd get his money right away, but we'd have to wait until December to get our $50. He can refer up to 5 people. Well guess what, there are 5 people in this household that don't have accounts with the credit union yet........so the Fischer's will end up with $750 for doing this! Whoo Hoo!! I said, wow, I bet everyone is doing this. He said, nope, not many at all. What is wrong with people?!!? Hey, Eric, tell your mom to open an account there for you & your dad.....that'd be $200 for her & $50 for each of you!!

Nick will be excited to hear about this.....

Speaking of money......we got our check yesterday for the cabin & according to Phil, I'm spending it right & left! I do have a few things in mind ;-) He thinks the bank should have it. Now tell me, what FUN would THAT be?!?! I'd like a new pair of underwear at least.

First thing is ripping out the front deck & cementing it & cement front steps (phil already started ripping it off today). And the rest is just some room makeovers which really won't cost as much as he thinks! I'm suppose to be making a list for him.........ho hum.

Ack, school kids will be home shortly, where DOES the day go??? Never went this fast during the summer!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Last night we went to the first home game for the MSU Maverick Volleyball team. They made a clean sweep of North Dakota & beat them in 3 games. The 2nd game was a close one but they pulled it out.

Nick & Eric are on the *Crew Court* this year. In other words, they get to chase the ball & hold onto the extras until needed. Nick really enjoyed doing it, Eric said there was too much getting up & down.

Just got interrupted...Phil came RACING home....him, Nick, & Zander went to the river fishing for a bit & he came home for the camera. I guess we'll have to post that later to see what they caught.

Ok, where was I. Volleyball game. So we dropped Nick & Eric off early & the rest of us went to eat at Noodles & Company. You know, Phil's new FAVORITE restaurant. The guy that HATES noodles. Anyhow, I ordered a big bowl of the mac & cheese for Lexi, Z & Z. Well I ended up eating some too. Lexi *looked* at it & said she didn't like it. Ok, maybe she ate ONE noodle. Ok, I just asked her, she ate TWO noodles. I guess that is how you stay skinny. I should try it. Z & Z ate real well.

Went to the game & all Ashley's fans were present & accounted for. Us (that's 6 right there, LOL) Fred's, Grannie & Gramps & Grandma Brandel. Tonight there will be a few more as Tyler's mom, sister & nephew will be there. I guess Ashley told them they get to meet her *crazy* family. Huh? What's THAT about?

After the game, she invited us into the locker room where they all got to bring a couple of family/friends/fans with. She took me & the 4 kids & Eric. We did the Maverick cheer at the end & even Zach joined in & threw his hands in the air & yelled Horray! or something like that. hehehe

We then headed to her apartment cause Phil wanted to see ALL their fish. They started with 8.....they are down to 3. They need to get a few fish lessons from Uncle Phil I think.

Today we've got a busy day. I'm heading over to the new neighbors shortly for a Pampered Chef Party. (they have 3 kids & their kids & ours have gotten along great) Jill does what I do.....ya, you know Donna....NOTHING!!! So we get together during the day cause we have absolutely NOTHING else to do!! It's been great to have someone else in the neighborhood my age doing nothing. Besides all the retiree's doing nothing too, it's nice to have the young blood.

So anyhow, they are also having a housewarming party too. So after the pampered chef party, Phil & kids will join me for that. Then we have to leave about 4:00 for another Volleyball game. If it's a quick 3 games again, we can be home by 7:30 & go back to the neighbor's as I'm sure the party will still be going on. They said they hope to have a fire tonight. With it this cold, we will need that for sure!

Ok, I said I'd bring some deviled eggs over so I got about 30 mins to get that done! Yikes!

Tomorrow we turn the keys over on the cabin! Yeah! Hope that goes well!

Friday, September 07, 2007

All Moved Out

Phil, my dad, & I went to the lake today to pack up all our stuff. We managed (after Phil made a trip Wed night) to fit everything in our van, his truck, & the boat.

Grandma stayed here to watch Z & Z. Grandma had a sore back & made sure she let Zander know about it. He said to her (after she said her back her) "you said that 3 times already" We got home just before 1:30 & she had both boys napping. Guess she wore them out this morning cause they both slept until about 4:00!! We brought back the 2 double beds & set them up in their room. Or I guess I should say Zach's room as Zander has moved into our bedroom closet for the last month. (don't worry, there is PLENTY of room in our closet...I know someone might go WHAT??? but that's because they haven't seen our closet!).

So tonight we tried putting them both in their bedroom in the new beds. We also left the toddler bed in there. Their room is huge....the toddler bed is in the middle of the two other beds & when Phil & I both saw how all 3 beds fit in there w/ no problems, I looked at him & said "gee, look at that, let's have another, we have the room!" And he replied back with "exactly what I was thinking!" So we'll work on that tonight.

Of course it didn't work out & Zander is back in our closet. Zachary just needs to go to sleep & not bother his roommate!!! We'll just keep trying......eventually it will work. WE HOPE!!

We will turn our keys over on Sun the 16th. I just want it over & done with. We'll miss it for sure....there is just something about being at the lake....near water...so calm & peaceful. Another 20 years or so & hopefully we'll have our year round place by the lake. Something for our grandkids to enjoy ;-)

Phil is in a golf tournament tomorrow with Kraft. I think this may be his first time out this year...or maybe second. Hope he wins, he always comes home with some neat prize!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day of School, 2007!

Who's happier?? Kids or MOM?!?!?
(Got it out of Lexi, she was sad/crying at school cause she missed MOMMY. Awwwwww, mommy's little girl.)
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3rd Grader!

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1st Grader!!

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School Pictures!

Lexi, 1st Grade 6 years old
Nick, 3rd Grade 8 years old

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Out of the mouth of the Zan Man.......

Z: what are we havin for supper?
Me: Hamburgers & tator tots.
Z: Yeah! Lexi, we are havin tetter totters for supper!

At the store, after loading up groceries....

Me: Ok, Zander, let's Rock & Roll
Z: How come everyone says that?
Me: Says what:
Z: Let's Rock & Roll
Me: Who else says that:
Z: Grandpa, you

Happy 14th Anniversary to my husband! You've got a year to figure out something special for our 15th!! hehehe

**Lexi came home fine from school. Had a good day :-)

First Day Of School......

Well....I always said if I cried, it would be tears of JOY! But my poor sweet Lexi got all teary today at school & that made me tear up as well! She was fine on the ride to school & even walking in. But once we got into the classroom & some new faces, well she got scared I think. She did the couple of things her teacher asked & then I could tell she was gonna break down. So we went & sat down & looked at a book for a bit & I asked her if she wanted to go home...and she said yes. I told her to look around for her friends from last year but she didn't even want to do that. So I left to check on Nick & get some milk tickets & Zander stayed with her. I got back & she was sitting w/ the preschool teacher. Then it was time to go to the opening service & so I told her I'd walk down & meet her there. Then the other kgarten teacher from last year held her hand & they walked down together. I left then...not sure if it was worse for her to see me there or not. Cause it seemed like she was ok in the room until I came back after getting the tickets. Then she started crying again. She should be home soon & HOPEFULLY is ok. First days are always hard.....

Oh & then Nick forgot his hymnal...everyone else had their's & he was the last one...diggin' in his backpack. I knew it wasn't in there, found it here on the bookshelf. Oops.

Well back to what I've been doing all day.......as I told my aunts when they asked what I do all day. NOT A DAMN THING. And now with ONLY two kids at home......you KNOW I'm not doing anything.

Who needs a bed???

I'm thinking WHY are we gonna get Zach a bed?!?! I've found him in different sleeping spots today & the other day. We plan on bringing home the double beds from the lake to put in the boy's room but do you think the kid will sleep in it?!!?

On the Tramp....

Today's Nap Spot

Rock Star Lexi

The kids played dress up for 2 days last week! I thought Lexi looked like a true Rocker!!

Dress Up

Hard to see Zander in this picture, but in the next pic you can see what he's wearing!
All the neighbor kids.....Alexia, Zander, Maddie, Tyler, Emily, & Lexi


Phil plans on using this pic as blackmail someday!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

What's New?!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've posted! I've been fighting this cold/cough bug for over a week & and half now. I'm so sick of coughing!

I've got some new pics I'd like to post but for some reason my photo program is not cooperating & letting me upload! I'll keep trying....

Tomorrow is the big day! FIRST day of School for Nick & Lexi!! I plan on dropping them off & they'll ride the bus home.

We had quite the busy weekend. Saturday I set my stuff up at a flea market. Nick & I left the house at 4:40 AM. Got there a little after 6. The flea market hours are 8-2 so I figured I'd be ok. THe lady did tell me to be there at 5 but I thought that was a little early...besides, it's still DARK out so how the heck do you set stuff up in the dark!? Well I got there & guess what....no space inside the fence left! I ended up setting up outside which still worked out well. I sold a TON of stuff & made a lot of money! I figured I'd do well & so now I just have to keep shopping & build my stockpile up again & sell again! I want to try to find a place closer. That was just too early in the morning for me!

After the sale, Nick & I stopped in Winthrop for the Richter Annual Golf tournament. I bid on the silent auction & some raffle items & got the news today that I won a basket! Picking that up tomorrow. I think I'll stick it away for Xmas for Lexi. It was a girls' basket & had some BRATZ dolls in it. She'll love that!

Came home exhausted but still managed to hit the River Blast fest for a little while. Came home & we all crashed......

Then Sunday before we went to church I asked Phil if he wanted to go to the lake...and he didn't want to. Said he was burnt out on it. Then after church, Lexi said Daddy wanted to go to the lake. So he changed his mind. It was lookin' like a beautiful day. So...we get home & it's about 12:30 & the phone rings. A lady had seen our ad for the cabin on Craigslist & was wondering if they could take a look at it, they were in the area. I said we were just gonna pack up & head over so that would be fine. I said how about 3:00, she said, well could we maybe do 2:00? I said sure. And we hurried & packed up & headed out. As we were leaving I saw our neighbors heading out w/ their boat & I know they sometimes like to go to our Lake. They've never been to our place, so I ran over quick to see where they were going. They said they weren't really sure, but her husband had mentioned a lake by Hutchinson. SO I said ok, just wanted to invite you over to our place & so she said that would work. So they would meet us over there.

So we got to the lake at 2:00 & the people were already there & looked around a bit. They really liked it. They are from the metro area & looked in the Brainerd or Bemidji area & had no luck, looked in Wisconsin area, nothing...came down to our area & had just been at a place & then looked at ours & said that ours was the nicest place they had seen! As they were leaving, she said to him "so are you gonna make an offer today...or tomorrow?" And he said "shouldn't we at least sleep on it?" So I knew they liked it, but yet was unsure cause I got so sick of reading people on if they were gonna make a deal or not! So they left & our neighbors showed up. Did a little fishing & swimming with them & went back to make some supper & got a phone call. The people that had looked at the place had a few questions & also wanted to MAKE AN OFFER!!

We took the offer & she said she would be sending an earnest check in the mail tomorrow, should get by Wed. Once we get that, I'll feel good the sale will go through! There were a few items they didn't want (2 beds, 2 couches, table/chairs) and I posted an ad today on Freecycle & those items will get picked up Wed night! Except the beds, we decided we'll bring them home for the boys.

We'll go back over on Friday to pack up everything else & either close on it on Sunday or the following Sunday.

We are both happy we sold. Dave Ramsey would be happy we sold ;-) We can now go forward with the financial goals we have. It was fun while we had it, but it was an expense that we just aren't in the right spot for it right now.

Oh & if you are keeping tabs on that star volleyball player in the family, she had a HOT weekend in Kansas City. Here is the link of latest news on her. Congrats on being named to the Rockhurst All-Tournament Team Ashley! We are very proud of you & can't wait to see you in action on the 14th!!!