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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Busy busy busy weekend!

After Lexi's bday party Thursday night, Nick went home w/ Ashley & Tyler & Tyler's 12 yr old nephew Austin. They got up early Friday morning & headed to Valleyfair.....were there from open to close!! Nick had a great time!! Thanks for taking him Ashley!

While he was enjoying Valleyfair on Friday, I dropped Lexi & Zander off at Grandma & Grandpa's. They were leaving in the afternoon to go camping for two nights! They went to Riverside Park in Springfield where the Nachreiner Family Reunion was held on Saturday.

Friday they went swimming in the kiddie pool & watched Grandpa & Uncle Doug race on the go-carts at night!

Friday night, Marcie & David got to our house around 8:30 pm. It was just Phil & I & Zachary home to greet them! What an odd feeling of only having one kid sleeping in the house!!

Saturday morning Ashley brought Nick home for his 10:00 baseball game. But....we got a call & the game was pushed to start at noon because of the rain. The MUCH needed RAIN!! Hated to see the games get rained out, but yet we sure needed the rain. The game started at noon & it was chilly, but we made it through the whole day with no more rain! They played 3 games & lost all three. Nick did pretty good pitching but wasn't swinging the bat like he usually does. He got hit in the foot by a wild pitch & has been scared of the ball since then.

It got to be pretty late at the ball park last night. Everyone slept in this morning & we had to be back at the park for a 10:00 game. They lost again. Would have been nice to win at least ONE game!! And I guess Courtland WON the tourney last year! SO they went from FIRST TO LAST place! Lot of players moved up so this team this year is a VERY young team with lots of boys just starting out. And our coaches have us scratching our heads as well. I signed Phil up to coach next year!!

I had to work in the concession stand from 11-2 today. Boy did that wipe me out!! Run, run, run!! One busy place, that's for sure!! Nick was there with me & he ran the scoreboard. He really like that & he got .50/game for doing it ;-) She said that he could come up pretty much every night of the week to do it if he wanted. So I think I'll be sending him up to the ballpark as much as I can when he gets in my hair!!!

Picked Lexi & Zander up from Grandma's this afternoon & then for supper we went to Swanny's for pizza & burgers. It was a little party for the baseball team.

There is VBS this week for Nick & Lexi but neither one wanted to go......I guess we'll see if we get up in time in the morning or not. I have a feeling everyone will sleep in (or maybe I'm just HOPING they all are as exhausted as me & sleep in!!!)


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