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Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm thinking this was one of my best shopping trips. (Hit 3 different stores). I spent $17.88 (of which $8.39 of that was SALES TAX). So for $9.49 I got: (milk & bread not pictured)

1 Gallon Milk $3.19
1 Loaf Bread $1.09
20 bottles flavored water (liter size) .50/each
20 packs of BIC Pens (10 per pack so 200 pens) .50/each
17 boxes of Excedrin (cashier asked if I was a teacher going back to school, I said no, I have FOUR kids) LOL $1.99/each
4 bottles Glade Air Infusions spray $1.02/each
10 bottles L'Oreal Vive Shampoo/Conditioner $4.49/each
1 bottle Huggies Shampoo $1.50
1 bag sunflower seeds $.99
5 boxes of Scotch Bright Toilet Bowl Cleaners $4.19/each
2 10 packs of Wrigley's Gum .99/each
16 10 packs of Extra Gum .99/each
3 sticks Adidas Deodorant 1.50/each
3 packs of Scott Toilet Paper 2.50/each
2 AirWick's 9.99 each
5 bottles of Tylenol PM 2.49/each
12 packs of Wrigley's Gum .59/each
4 Snicker's Candy Bars .65/each
Mini Calculator w/ clip .99

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Way to go, Lisa!! Nana

7:15 PM  

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