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Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Last Time....

We went to the lake Saturday & came back today. Might be one of our last times! We had a guy from the cities come Saturday afternoon to look at our place & he plans on giving us an offer on Tuesday. So......we'll find out on Tuesday what it is.

Our neighbor's daughter/son-in-law expressed interest on the paddleboat so we'll probably sell that to them. We brought a few things home this weekend & will have to make a few more trips with all the other stuff we've accumulated over there the past 3 summers!! More than I thought, that's for sure!

We had an extra kid with this weekend as our neighbor's granddaughter Emily came with. Her & Lexi get along great so it was no problem having her with. She is 9 & her & Nick get along great too. Ya right. He enjoys picking on her & now with being in a split class next year (she's in 4th, he'll be in 3rd) they'll be in school together too!

We were going to have a fire last night but it started sprinkling & then we got hit with some heavy rains. Lots of lightening too.

Today while the little boys & the big boy (Phil) napped, the kids & I went swimming. I floated & got a burnt face, they played some water games they made up. This morning we all went out on the boat for some tubing. Lexi has gotten so good & absolutely LOVES it now!! She's not afraid like she used to be. Her & Emily were on the tube together & we hit some big waves & both Phil & I were freaking cause we thought they might hit heads, so he slowed down & they were just LAUGHING & Lexi screams "THAT WAS AWESOME!!" Then we had Nick & Emily go together side by side & boy did they fly on that tube!! Then we dropped them off to swim back to shore & Lexi got in the tube and.....we ran out of gas. We had the spare tank with though. It was a good thing we were pretty much done boating though!!

Now hopefully all the kids will sleep good tonight. Lexi was exhausted after swimming so much yesterday & today. And this week Emily will be at our house all week as her grandparents that usually watch her will be gone. So I said I could do it. What the heck, what's one more, right?!?!


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