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Thursday, August 23, 2007


It started yesterday. I was sneezing quite a bit. Thought it was just all the dust bunnies in this house! But then last night it got worse, sore throat, headache, body ache, runny nose, etc....I ended up chasing Phil out of the bedroom!

About 4:30 AM, Zach woke up crying. He had the sneezes as well so I figured he wasn't feeling well. So we camped out in Nick's room (who stated at Eric's last night) until about 6:15. I then put him back to bed & tried to rest for about an hour before they all got up.

Today I just felt miserable all day. Nose doesn't stop running & I'm all congested with a headache. I just took a hot bath to warm up cause I had been FREEZING. Was running a low temp of 100 as well. That helped a little but I'm still cold!

We had planned on going to the lake this weekend but w/ the way I feel I don't think we'll go tomorrow. We may try on Saturday. Then Sunday we have someone from Rochester coming to look at our place. We've given up on the other guy that was suppose to make us an offer. He wanted to come look again w/ his son but then never got back to me! I sent him one last email tonight to see if there was any interest at all, but I think we have to write him off & hope for a good showing on Sunday!


Blogger Melinda said...

Man! Getting sick at this time of year is no fun! All the back-to-school junk and them bringing home germs...good grief!

How are you feeling today??

12:21 PM  

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