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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday Night Fun!

Taking a little break..........

It's pretty quiet around here tonight. Phil is at a Fantasy Football draft (his ONE night out a year he claims....but then next Sunday he has ANOTHER draft & I'm pretty sure he has at LEAST TWO Baseball drafts in the Spring....but he still only gets out this one night of the year)

Grandma & Grandpa stopped over this afternoon & Nick asked if he could spend the night with them.....and then Zander put a little buck on until HE got asked to go too. So that just leaves Lexi, Zach, & me!

We've been super busy cleaning up the boy's room & now I'm moving on to Nick's. The boys was a DISASTER. They ended up moving a TON of toys into the closet for whatever reason I don't want to know! So we can now walk in there again. I filled one bin up with misc/lost pieces stuff that will be for the next garage sale or donation bag.

Nick's room, Ay ya ya. Where does one START?? I can only do this when he is gone cause that way he doesn't miss what is tossed out!! I was just in the closet before break time & got half of it done. Found some candy......

I think it will be time to start some new rules after this cleaning of the rooms is all done!! Hopefully tomorrow we can get to Lexi's room......although I have a feeling that could be an ALL DAY project!!!

Ok, I better get back to it. Gotta grab me a wine cooler too for all the hard work I'm doing here!!


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