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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Fishing Contest

Took the kids down to the river today for their annual Kids Fishing Contest. We were there for about 3 hours!! Nick was really the only one that fished. Lexi did a little bit but got her line more tangled up than anything. Took me about a half hour to get it untangled the first time!

Nick said he had a few bites & caught one sheephead but that was about it. He did have something big on the line cause he came over where we were & said his line broke & so he needed our pole. That was fine, we were pretty much done anyhow!

At the end they had prizes for pretty much ALL of the kids that were there.

Nick won some jigs & a hat.
Lexi won some jigs & a hat.
Zander won a new reel.
Zachary won some jigs.

Zachary was pretty much by the pool of fish (where they were putting in the ones that were caught) the whole time. They had some bobbers in there so he was just picking them out & throwing them back in & at the fish! Kept him occupied!!

The biggest fish caught was an 11 pound Carp. Man, that thing was BIG! The others were 5 & 6 pound carps.


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