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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Parent Information Night - Creative Kids

Tonight was Parent Info Night for Nick's preschool. He starts on the 23rd of Sept. He is so ready to go back to school. He came with tonight. He is in the same classroom & has the same teacher. So it was all familiar to him. We saw 1 boy from last year. Quinn. So he will at least know one kid in class. There was another Parent Info night so there could be others from last year in his class yet. Tomorrow his teacher is coming for a home visit. I am pretty sure Nick will get help w/ Speech again this year, but I'll have to ask tomorrow to verify that. Mom will come here tomorrow to watch the kids so I know the house will be clean for the visit at 4:30 ;-) Mom likes to clean & decorate our house when she is here. It's so nice to come home to a clean house after being gone all day. Now if I can just get her to have supper in the oven for us, wouldn't THAT be nice!??!

Back to Parent Night. Nick is almost 5. Some of these kids are 3 1/2 & 4 & this is their 1st year at preschool. Out of the 10 kids that were there tonight (1/2 the class), three of them cried when the parents left the room for our own meeting. Not Nick. One of the boy's just SCREAMED. We left & went down the hall & around the corner to the library. After a few minutes we heard this SCREAMING! I felt so bad for the parents. I don't think this kid was ready yet. Well we'll see what happens on the first day of school.

Nick started mid-year last year. Started in Jan. I remember one day dropping him off & a girl was outside the door CLINGING to her mom & crying. Not sure how I would deal with that. My kid just goes in & barely looks back to say good-bye!

Now we'll see how Lexi is in a couple of years. She cried tonight when I left her w/ grandma. Why does she do that?!?! Once in a while she'll pull that where she will cry when we leave. Most of the time she says "bye mommy" & occassionally she'll hold on & cry. And it's GRANDMA for goodness sakes!

Maybe Grandma didn't give her enough candy today..........


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