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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Phil's GOLF Tournament

Our internet was down yesterday & so I was sitting here trying to remember what I wanted to blog about from yesterday. Phil says "phil's golf tournament that he dominated"

Ok, I said I'd give him 2 lines to talk about it ;-) He had his 6th annual (that he has played) Kraft golf tournament. His team took 1st place AGAIN. His team has taken 1st place for 4 of those & 2nd place the other two. Yesterday they had a NU Country Club record score of 61. Our cousin Nate Richter was on his team this year. But it sounded like (from Phil) that PHIL carried the team. Phil also had longest putt. So he got to spend $70 at the club house. Got a new pair of Nike Air golf sandals.

His friend from work lives on the golf course & during the tournament has a table set up & sells golf balls that he finds. Phil said his collection is over 18,000 balls. Phil helped the cause & bought 50 of these balls for $25 - Titleist Pro V 1. I thought that was a LOT of money for golf balls. But he is telling me that the club house sells these balls for $4.50/ ball. And he claims they have helped his game. Ok.

Well, that was more than 2 lines. GOOD JOB PHIL!


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