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Monday, September 22, 2003

Weekend update.....

This past weekend we went to Lewiston to celebrate Marcie's 25 years as a kindergarten teacher. We really had a nice weekend......except for me feeling like crap. I am on day 6 of this horrible cold. Lexi is on day 2. She was in pretty good spirits today, was funny to listen to her horsey sounding voice. Hopefully we both get over this soon. We are both druggin' ourselves up at night to sleep better ;-)

The Fischer house was FULL this weekend. There were 7 adults & 7 kids. Shannon had to work the weekend so she was unable to attend. We thought the kids played really well together. After Nick was mean to Jackson w/ in the first five minutes we were there, he improved.

Here is a picture of all the kids at lunch...Lexi, Nick, Indy, Madison, Kennedy, Savannah, & Jackson.

Saturday afternoon the kids got a surprise.......look what came to the house! Lexi & Nana The kids even got to ride the horses! Here is Madison & Lexi having a great time! Poor Nick missed out on this as he was with the guys doing....you guessed it.......GOLFING!

Sunday was the special service & program aftwards for Marcie. Here are some pictures from Sunday.

Marcie, David, Kennedy.

goofing off as usual. Marcie with her gift from the church & faculty.
See the fish Lexi is standing by?? Isn't that cool?
See the glass candle in front of Lexi? It was on the floor in pieces 5 mins later. JUST when I turned by head for a minute she pulled the tablecloth & broke this. Didn't get hurt, but embarrassed me!

Madison. You never know when Phil is gonna take your picture! He got India!

I look half way decent, the least Lexi could have done was SMILE!

All the grandkids.......Madison (6, 7/Dec), Nick (4, 5/Nov), India (4, 5/TOMORROW!), Jackson (4), Kennedy (2, 3/Oct), Phil (OLD), Savannah (2), Lexi Rose (2).

The Fischer Family........David, Marcie, Angie, Loren, Kennedy, John, Savannah, Lexi, Lisa (LOOK AT THAT BELLY STICKING OUT!), Phil, Madison, Jackson, India, & Nicholas.

My FAVORITE pictures were the drive home.......aren't they just precious???

Oh, I can't decide which of the following is the BEST picture from the weekend.........it's really between the last two, but I threw in the first one just because.

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