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Saturday, September 06, 2003

Golf Golf Golf

As most of you know, my son's absolute FAVORITE thing (besides his daddy) is golf. He is as addicted to golf as my brother Marty is to the MN Vikings.

The other day I took Lexi to the clinic for her 2 yr check-up. What does Nick do? He checks out the magazine rack & comes back w/ all the golf magazines. Golf Digest, etc. He sat down with 3 magazines & paged through ALL of them. I just had to laugh to myself. It's funny too because when Daddy is watching golf on Sat or Sunday, Nick won't watch. He wants to watch PBS Kids instead. BUT, if Phil is not around, Nick will watch golf or baseball or a sports channel. He does this when Daddy isn't around.

So today a tee time was set up for 4 pm for Phil, Nick & Fred (Uncle Mark). Golf day is usually when we can get Nick to take a nap. At 2:00 I told Nick to lay down for awhile & we'd wake him up when it was time to go. He comes about 1/2 hr later & says he can't sleep. Ok, fine, go watch TV for awhile. Then of course the kid falls asleep! He got about 45 mins - 1 hr nap.

The thing with Nick now is that he loves to LOOK for golf balls on the course rather than actual golfing. I'm not sure exactly when this happened. Probably right away this year. Uncle Fred & Aunt Barb got Nick a golf ball retriver last X-mas. So I think that could have been what started it. Fishing those balls out of the water. How fun is that?!?!

I kid you not when I say our spare bedroom is filling up with golf balls. I think they have about 4 or 5 BOXES full in there. Phil thinks they are up to about 1000 balls.

Nick's favorites are the ones with logos on. And this kid remembers where he found what ball. It's insane.

So I saw my sister Barb today. She said that Mark's new hobby now is to *look for golf balls* I guess he doesn't need Nick with him anymore to do it. He goes by HIMSELF to look for balls. We think Fred needs to get a job!! I think he is trying to get a larger collection than us. He thinks he has about 500 balls now & he JUST started this new hobby a couple of weeks ago!! Nick will have a blast the next time he goes to their house. He can spend hours just looking at all his balls & seeing what he got!!

I guess both Phil & Fred did very well golfing today. Sounded like Nick had some great shots too. When he came home he said "mommy, I got a birdie"


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