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Saturday, September 06, 2003

What the HELL is this about????

It seems like the thing to do these days is have a BLOG. When I first heard this word, I thought "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" For those of you that are unsure, here is an informational site about what they are......they are also called WEBLOGS. Basically a diary on the web......for everyone (or whoever I give the link to!) read!

So anyhow, after having numerous of my Nov '98 buddies start their own blogs, I have been inspired to do my own too. Our most talented friend Melissa has me laughing everytime I read her blog. I got a chance to meet Melissa this past March in her favorite city ....Las Vegas, NV!! (Before going on this trip, Melissa claimed she would rather "poke her eyeballs out, than go to Las Vegas" Well, after spending the weekend there, she now says she would like to go back someday with her man Logan. Go figure. Anyhow, I LOVE Las Vegas & am ready to go AGAIN! There were 5 of us Nov '98 mommies that met up. It was such a wonderful time....I am hoping we can do it every couple of years. Maybe next time we'll let the husbands come with!!

The name of my blog comes from the user ID I have on Ebay. I am not very creative & of course couldn't think of what to title this blog. My dear husband picked ITS*NOT*CRAP for my ebay user name & I thought I'd just use it here. As I have so many user names, ids, passwords to remember, this will help to keep it the same! LOL That is a another WHOLE topic. User names, passwords & the such. That is the world we are now living in. I have so many different ones at work to remember, I had to tape a couple of them to my screen in case I forgot. How secure is that!?!? When you hit 30, you lose part of your memory. Shoot, I lost 1/2 my brain giving birth to my first child. When the doctor said PUSH, it appears I pushed out 1/2 my brain cells along with my son Nicholas. Now THAT is why the child is so darn smart!!

This blog will mostly be about my family & work. That is pretty much my life. I am working about 32 hrs a week doing Credit & Collections. A glamours life, let me tell you. I can come up with every excuse in the book as to why that bill has not been paid yet. The new one I like is this. First off, my company was sold in April to Parker Hannifin. I am now a part of a BILLION dollar company. Whooopie Do Doo. So in calling customers as to why they haven't paid there bill from March (yes I am a little behind in my calling) they respond with "well, we sent the check & it came back to us stating the Lock Box was closed" Um, ok, don't make an effort in CALLING to see where the check SHOULD be mailed too. Just hold on to it for a few months & see if anyone calls you on it. Ya, I know I would probably do the same & wait for someone to call ME, but geesh, it would be nice if people took matters into their own a little.

This is suppose to be my introductory post & it seems as if it is getting longer than I wanted!

My husband & I just celebrated our 10 yr wedding anniversary on 9/4. 10 years! Wow! We have been together for 13 yrs total. We have two beautiful children. Nicholas is 4, will be 5 in Nov. Lexi Rose just turned 2 in Aug. We are expecting #3 to come in March, 2004. I have already told the doctor that this child needs to be born on the 2nd, as my other two both have bday's on the 2nd! So far I have NOT had the kids in the month they were due, they both came the following month. So w/ this one having a due date of early March, maybe I'll get lucky this time & have a baby come EARLY!!! Ya, right. Get real Lisa. I'm predicting I will be a week late. Oh, & I'm thinking it will be a baby girl ;-)

Here is the reason Phil & I LOVE to get up in the morning.........They are a blessing from God.

Ok, I better end this now or I won't have anything else to BLOG about!!!


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