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Thursday, September 11, 2003

Men *CAN* keep secrets.....

Phil picked up his new wheels tonight. He upgraded his Park Avenue. So if anyone is looking for a good, used, luxury car at a cheap price, we have a 1989 Buick Park Ave for sale. For family/friends, we'll give it to you for $1000. It has 125k miles on it & as you know Buicks can go 200k+ miles. There isn't anything wrong w/ the car, but my boss was selling his. We bought the '89 Park Ave from my boss four years ago & have been very happy with it. So when this deal came up, we took advantage of it. They take very good care of their cars & we know the history on it.

So anyhow, back to the title of my post. We went to their house tonight to pick it up. Tim (my boss) was gone & so just Sandy (his wife) was home. We brought the kids with & she commented at how big they are getting, blah, blah, blah. So then I said to her "you know we are expecting again?" NO, she said she didn't know. I was VERY surprised Tim didn't tell her! I told Tim a LONG time ago....before we went to Alaska. Probably 6 weeks ago or so. It kind of slipped out. I wasn't going to tell him so soon, but when we were talking about my future....well I let him in on it. I asked him not to tell anyone yet since it was so early. Well, I *meant* not anyone at WORK. I certainly didn't mean he couldn't share it with his WIFE!! Anyhow, I found this kind of funny. I share everything w/ Phil. Even stuff my friends tell me not to tell anyone. I just assume *anyone* means anyone besides your husband!

This pregnancy has been so different as far as *sharing the news*. It seems as with the first child, when word got out, word got OUT! I still have days now where I am telling people. I think we lost all of our gossip people during the layoffs at work. I know w/ the one pregnancy, when I told one gal, it was all over before lunch!! I've told a few people at work. One lady asked me the other day if it was common knowledge yet. I told her I have told a few people but it's not like it used to be that's for sure! She was like "I haven't heard anyone talking about it" She works in the production area where she finds out more than I do. Of course I am upstairs pretty much by myself.

Not for too long. Just got the news today that we will be moving downstairs. The four of us that are upstairs. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I like it where I am. Nice & quiet. Moving to be w/ all the other people will just mean I'll probably come home w/ headaches every day. Things are so crazy at work. It's mainly do to the conversion of all new software & basically everyone having to relearn their jobs. It makes people crabby. I will be getting more training in a couple of weeks. We tried over the phone training. That wasn't working, so the gal from CA is coming here to train me. Yee haw.


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