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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Doctor appointments update!

I had two doctor appointments this past week. This past Monday I had my regular OB visit. I've lost 1/2 lb since last month. It would be nice if I could go another month without weight gain. I'm starting to wear maternity clothes now so my weight must be moving around a bit! Everything is looking fine. He said that he could give me something for the cold but by the time it would start working, I'd probably be over this sickness. I'm thinking I should have asked for it cause I STILL have this horrible cold/cough. The last few days the cough has been the worse. I've coughed so hard a couple of times I actually threw up.

My other doctor appointment was yesterday in Edina for my eyes. Not the best news there. With both eyes I am seeing 20/20, with my right eye 20/20, but my left eye has gotten weaker. It was 20/40. I think at the last appointment it was 20/25 or 20/30. This change could be from the pregnancy. Instead of going back in 3 months, I have to go back in 6 weeks & see what the left eye is doing. If there is a need for an enhancement, it would have to be done after the baby is born. Knowing how easy this surgery was, that doesn't bother me at all. So we'll wait it out & see what happens. I can see just fine w/ both eyes. And I believe that legally (for driving) you have to pass the eye exam at 20/40. So I'm fine there ;-)

So, back to the OB doctor in a month (and then a week after that for an ultrasound. I thought the ultrasound would be sooner, but he said around 21 weeks so they can see more of the anatomy & stuff). And back to the eye doctor in 6 weeks. I suppose I am also due to see the dentist during that time too! Doctor, Doctor, Doctor!


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