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Friday, September 12, 2003

A little boy's feelings were hurt today.....

As you all know I love to hit the garage sales. On Friday's I usually get to a couple before work, on my lunch hour, & after work! So this morning before dropping the kids off at mom's we stopped at a sale. The kids LOVE to go too. HUGE sign on garage that says "AFTER 4:00 pm, EVERYTHING IS FREE" Ok, so we are there at 8:30 am. Didn't find anything, but Nick saw a baggie of golf balls. Marked $5.00. Way too much. Also had a bucket full, no price. So we left. I told him that we could stop after work & see if they still had them because the sign said they'd be free.

So, of course he remembered this & when I picked them up, says "can we go to that one garage sale?" So we stop there & it's about 4:15pm. They are packing everything up. I told Nick to go ask about the golf balls. Well, no one approached him, so he just came back to the van & said they weren't there. So as I'm turning around, I roll down the window & say to this lady "he was looking for the golf balls. We were here earlier this morning, are they still here?"

"yes, I still have the golf balls, but they aren't free" Um, ok, then WHY does your sign say EVERYTHING is FREE?!?!? So we left. Nick was sad & says "now my feelings are hurt" I told him we will NEVER go to that garage sale again. The sign could have at least said "MOST EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE"

Phil said I should have picked up all the glass items & threw them down. Well, I never got out of the van, which is probably good because maybe I would have done that to the lady that made by boy so sad.


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