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Sunday, September 14, 2003

WOW, there *are* nice people in the world too!

To follow up on my last post about the garage sale incident. Saturday morning Nick & I went to some garage sales. We stopped at this one sale & they had a bucket of golf balls. $.25/each. Nick is digging through them. He had six picked out. He was heading to the lady to pay for them. The guy there says "little boy, I tell you what, after you give the lady your money for those, you can go back to the bucket & take as many as you want" MADE HIS DAY. (went home & counted them, he had 30 balls :-)

Another sale we stopped at had Sega games. They were $.50 each. He picked out two of them. He is digging in his coin purse for four quarters. He had three out to the lady & she says "that's fine" Then she says "I tell you what, you give me one more quarter & you can go take ALL the games that are over there" So he digs out another quarter & proceeds to get the rest of the games. The lady looks over & says "you forgot one" Nick says "I already have that one" Another person that made his day!

So there ARE nice people out there too!


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