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Friday, July 18, 2008


Dearest Husband,

Well I was right...you came home with some new *GREEN* books from the library. You keep trying but you can't get me to read them can you?? I figure you will just start doing all the things you are reading about & teach me so why should I read them all!??

I do like some of the ideas you are coming up with, even find some funny. I'm sure you don't remember but 3 months ago or even before that when we heard we were getting a stimulus check, I said I would like a new washing machine. Your reaction..."why, we can use the one we have until it dies" My thoughts in getting a new one was I would like something BIGGER since I do 18 loads of laundry every day. Well you won that one & I said fine, I'm happy with what I got. Then today....as you are reading your book & ask how old our machine is...well it's going on 15 years & you stated it wasn't ENERGY EFFICIENT. Ok, fine with me, let's get a new ENERGY EFFICENT washer & as long as we are looking, let's make sure it's got EXTRA EXTRA large capacity.

I bet you were surprised I got the question right on how much it costs to dry a load of clothes. I got that from my mom you know....she'll call & ask what I'm doing & if I mention I just hung out a load of laundry she'll say "good, you saved fifty cents"

Then you mentioned our deep freeze. No idea how old that is but we know it's old. It works but we now need something that is ENERGY EFFICIENT there too. Ok, let's go shopping for a new one, that's fine with me. See, so far I'm liking these couple of things you are reading!

I bet you would like to see Julia Roberts house....she spent 30 MILLION on making her house *green*. We don't quite have a budget like that, but I'll be very happy with the new appliances ;-) Oh & I'm glad to hear that it is pretty cheap to use the garbage disposal cause I'm not near ready at all to start the worm composting thing.

This blog is getting boring with no pictures so I'm gonna play with the new camera that came this morning & get something uploaded. Hopefully it'll be easy to use since most of the keys look like our old camera.

I think I might go for a little run although it's warm out already. I can't believe I did the 5 miles yesterday..well ok 4.7. I should say I can't believe Zander biked that whole way with me! He was quite the talker all the way too which is good cause all I can do is grunt a little when I'm running!

Dearest Wife


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